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Artistic Cast Iron

Sunday, May 19th, 2024

It would seem – cast iron … Which immediately raises the notion of objects made of iron? Cast iron or cast-iron pot – a metal pot, cooking utensils, has nothing in common with the work of art in metal, cast-iron sewer pipes. But a half century ago at the World Exhibition in Paris, art products made of cast iron was surprised by its elegance and beauty – watch-chain, weighing only 20 grams of something, bracelet, consisting of 100 units, a miniature sculpture, cast-iron lace dishes … Cast Iron – is smelted iron from ore mixed with carbon, more fragile and less malleable than steel. Sandra Akmansoy is actively involved in the matter. However, it would seem rude material can be cast real aesthetic masterpieces. Artistic cast iron – too versatile work. This lot is not only the master of casting. Little cast on some models of the product.

Without ownership chased art caster is not a work of art. Cast iron sculpture, or other product will be dead without touching the check, without decoration. In general, production technology art objects made of cast iron is almost similar to the creation of products from other metals and alloys – from the same bronze, brass, silumin, silver and gold. Master of Arts must have the ability to cast molding embossing and decoration, as founder – and that's coiner, and decorator. To implement his plan, to elect the appropriate form for any foundry work. Shaping – also great art. Since forming, in fact, started the whole complicated process of product development.

Investment ring is made in the same way as with other types of casting (metal square or rectangle with the walls of the necessary height.) Wax or bronze zaformovyvayut model in sand-clay mixture in the flask with the sprue and riser. Next to the already known technology. If the sculpture is of complex shape, then it is collected from several flasks. The complexity of molding is to Plural model surface with protrusions and recesses may split into fewer parts zaformovki – this largely depends on the quality of casting products. Multi-figure compositions are cast parts, and then compose the group. As already mentioned, the casting needs prochekanivanii. Prochekanivanie smooths the surface, removing unnecessary protrusions and depressions, and forming a relief products, giving precise details, the general outline. It is the harmony of detail and the solution composition as a whole do foundry work expressive. Of a complete product gives it color. Certain color is organically connected with the peculiarities of material, its plastic and color features. The perfect color – a fine art. In short, the master art of casting – and it moulder and caster, and engraver, and a specialist in color, and even a sculptor. All these specialization combines real masters – the artists on the metal. Today is being developed and this kind of cast iron, as iron architectural moldings – Landscaping products. This is a cast-iron garden furniture fences for houses, trellises, columns, bowline and other attributes of landscape architecture. These items are cast parts, which allows an individual to produce their own master.

Engineering Requirements

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

If 21 these requirements will not be satisfied, the system will be able to become impossible to operate. 2,2 Activities of the Engineering of 2.2.1 Requirements Study of Viability the beginning of the ER process must start through a feasibility study. Through this it will be possible to conclude if it is or not viable, of the technological and organizacional point of view, the accomplishment of the process of ER and the development of software. As Sommerville (2003), the feasibility study has the objective to answer to the following questions: . The system will contribute for the general objectives of the organization? Obs: If the reply to this question will be negative, will not have justification for the construction of the system. b. Inside of the restrictions of cost and stated period and with the technology currently used, the system could be developed? c.

Is possible the integration with other systems already in operation? For its accomplishment, beyond the participation of the software engineers, it is necessary the presence and participation of stakeholders, such as responsible for the areas/the departments that need the system and its final users, end to guarantee a trustworth collection of the information on what software will have to make and the imposed restrictions it. 22 2.2.2 Survey and Analysis of Requirements If the project will be viable, will become it second activity, known as survey and analysis of requirements, which will search to together identify with stakeholders which will be the objectives of the system, that type of service it will have to supply, which the information that englobam the domain of the application, the existing restrictions, the desired performance, among others equally necessary things for the development of software. The analysis of requirements detects and decides the conflicts between requirements and discovers the limits of software and as it must interact with its environment.

Projection Screen Size

Monday, August 17th, 2020

Moreover, most modern video projectors are not designed to fit sideways – violations of the heat transfer power of projection lamps. Besides the usual form, shaped ‘vertical-overs’, where one can hardly find. Most often, this special promotional or entertainment projects, sometimes – the placards. So, if the screen we just need to play normal video, sd or hd, it remains to choose between 4:3 and 16:9. Usually, in such cases, the recommended 4:3 ratio as the most versatile. ‘On the 4:3 screen is always possible to display a 16:9 image, filling the screen width. And if you have a collapsible screen, you can deploy it so much as needed to play a specific format. ” Arguments are not indisputable. Firstly, if you align the format and the width, the size of individual pixel sd increase by 2.67 times relative to the pixel in hd. In the case of alignment adjustment, the projected increase is only 1.88 times. But the larger the pixel on the screen, the greater the probability of grain images. Second, keep the mobile screen is not deployed until the end – it is necessary try.

If the screen is stationary and easy to take any intermediate position, it would still have to lift the optical axis of the projector in HD-mode. Seems more reasonable solution: to choose the format of the screen basic format of the projector. The very same format is chosen so that it matches your needs: 16:9 – if largely expected to show large-format videos (movies or HDTV) and 4:3 – if the major television will format. Ca. auth. Projection Screen Size is usually chosen so that its breadth was not more than half the distance from the screen to the viewer. If the source is in favor of standard video quality is fears that the pixilated image will be too noticeable, you can use the ‘rule of three diagonal’ – the diagonal of the screen should be three times less than the distance from the screen to the audience. Matte and gloss What type of coverage to prefer? Screens with a matte finish give a uniform diffuse scattering of incident light. The image can be clearly seen from any angle, the screen lit more evenly. These screens are simpler, cheaper and more universal. Glossy screens are mirrored and reverse reflection (reflective). The first act like an ordinary mirror: the angle of incidence equals the angle of its reflection. The projector is placed under the ceiling, and screen image is reflected down to the audience. Reflective coating comprises reflecting microspheres. The reflected beam returns to the same point, where he was sent to the screen – the projector is located on the shelf before audience. Both types of coatings tend to reduce the angles of viewing comfort and an increase in uneven illumination of the screen. Instead we get a more vivid and sharp image, but is what they say about the coefficient light amplification shield.

Virtual Reality Helps Brain Jury Patients

Sunday, April 21st, 2019

A new program was developed in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Haifa may identify brain damage the patient suffered and determine the best course of treatment. In hospitals, in Israel, there are treatments for patients with brain injuries through virtual reality. The patient observes his virtual image on the screen while tennis balls are thrown at him from different directions. The movements of his real hand to the ball movements are translated as virtual. As a first step in this development program was introduced in the computer video files of some patients who played in the facilities of virtual reality. With the help of the computer program succeeded in achieving distinction between two kinds of brain damage: CVA (Stroke-‘Stroke ‘) and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury, Concussion).

For further evidence, the computer was able to diagnose accurately, between 90% – 98% of the time, if the patient was healthy, or suffered brain damage trauma or stroke. Follow others, such as Michael Dell, and add to your knowledge base. The diagnosis, says Dr. Manevitz, is the most basic part of treatment – any doctor and many healthcare workers can correctly diagnose severe brain injuries. While this study is an important advance in the field of computer science, this does not directly help society. What is important, however, is the next phase of development, in which the computer is able to do things that doctors can not.

“As soon as the computer identified the injury, we have a model we can use for further testing and analysis – something that can not be done on live patients. Using a computer model, we can experiment with different treatment options and decide which will the most effective. The computer can also define how long it will take to rehabilitate the patient. All this will take time to medicine to achieve its objectives, and some of them can not be put into practice, said Dr. Manevitz . For example, the computer can simulate how the patient will respond if the virtual reality therapy throws more balls to the patient’s left to the right or if another change is beneficial for rehabilitation. The computer can quickly examine tens of different possibilities in a very short time. The use of the computer will help avoid spending time on treatments that do not benefit the patient, or worse, it could cause damage. Our next step is to find similarities in the behavior of people in groups with brain injuries. The human eye may not be able to see such similarities, but a computer would easily be able to find it. As soon as we are able to identify similarities in different sub-groups, new avenues of effective treatment will open up for doctors, “summarized Dr. Manevitz.

Educative Process

Saturday, December 22nd, 2018

The technologies as mediating of the educative process Juliana de Paula Iennaco ' ' They always see the technology as an allied to the process to learn and to teach. It must be easy to use and adequate to the objectives of she uses who them. It always distrusts of what it is difficult to use or that the light a if to worry more about the technology that with otema of interesse.' ' Profa. Dra. Helosa Vieira of the Rock In times of full technological evolution, would be a desvario of the schools not to adopt the digital ways in favor of the education. The children and young interact with the digital ways in the tricks, in the pertaining to school research, the moments of leisure and many arrive at the school without motivation for the academic activities when they are confrotted with the lack of technology in the classrooms. Many schools have if equipped with computers, access to the Internet and other medias, however what it hears on the part of the professors is that they are not being prepared to use all this ' ' parafernlia' '.

The result is equipment if becoming obsolete without having been used it stops in fact to promote or to assist the learning. But of who it is the comprometimento of the formation of the professor? Of the facultieses? Of the government? Of the proper professors? Who knows would not be of an addition of all these segments? The quarrel has if warm and some researchers have if dedicated to this search. Brave affirms that ' ' the computers are propitiating a true revolution in the which had process of teach-learning, mainly, the variety of programs for aid of education and the learning. However, the biggest contribution of the half educational computer as happens of the fact of its use to have provoked the questioning of the methods and processes of education utilizados' '.


Thursday, April 19th, 2018

Physiotherapist Profa.Gisngela Lemos Da Silva Saucers of the Coast the TECHNOLOGY AS PRACTICAL OF the ENSINAGEM the technology in the historical passage has as Greek term? , that it means technique, art, craft e? , that it is the study. Therefore, the technology is the study of the technique, that must be verified in the educative field, as a tool of great relevance for the process of education and the learning. Breaking of this premise if question which the paper today of the professor in the classroom with the arrival of the technology? As some authors as Pierre Lvy (2002) focus that the transformation of the Internet is verifiable in the life of the person human being, in special the professor and the pupil in the aulstica mediation, where these are provoked by the innovations in the connection of net and for the interdependence of the cibercultura and ciberdemocracia, where he will allow some criteria of necessity for the exercise of the citizenship in the ensinagem, for the liberty of speech ideological, taking in consideration the collective ethics, the cultural diversities, as the new space of digital inclusion, using therefore efficient programs: Windows, microssoft, Office, pawerpoint, among others, to make possible a interrelao between people, in economic reinforcement, politician, social, in the coonstante search of quality and improvement of life, leaving of the technological alternatives to contribute with the education of the professors and learning in the universality of the research, education and the extension, in a quantitative process, qualitative and continuous, as the theory and the practical one in teaching and pedagogical learning. It has seen, that the technology searchs to insert the person in the world of the holistic knowledge and the cientificidade of one determined society..


Friday, November 10th, 2017

All we know that the efficient spreading of a business, either it virtual physicist or, is the great tool of leverage of the profits. Any that is the product or offered service necessary to be ' ' notado' ' for the customers and potentials customers also. Based in these basic principles of marketing he is that he comes to tona a great problem: ' ' where to divulge? ' ' , ' ' how to divulge? ' '. The Internet if has detached currently as the great generating of shares to the entrepreneurs or same to who it only divulges a program of affiliated or to marketing multilevel, a personal site or blog. Already it exceeded the televising media and already the great digital revolution of century XXI in the area of the businesses is considered. The existing options of spreading are many, are gratuitous or paid they.

All logically they have its index of return. In classified gratis the trend it is the medium return in the long run. In the paid spreading, as for example, in links sponsored (google, yahoo, uol, etc), it is possible to direct its announcement accurately to its public-target and to calculate the campaign in accordance with its financial possibilities. Generally, in this modality of spreading, the return costuma to be short-term. Therefore, it divulges its businesses in the Internet and alavanque its sales.


Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

You may use the computer capabilities focusing on specific terms, using different fonts headset (italic, size, fat content). The quality of printed text, illustrations and tables should satisfy the requirement of a clear reproduction. Necessary to comply with a uniform density, contrast and clarity of text, charts, tables and figures throughout the paper. Lines, letters, numbers and symbols must be clear. Typos, typos and inaccuracies graphics found when the report is allowed to correct erasures or brushing white paint, with drawing in the same place the corrected text (graphic) typed way or ink, paste or ink – handwritten method. Damage to the sheets of text, blots and traces are not completely delete previous text (graphics) are not allowed. Pete Cashmore: the source for more info. The number of patches on one sheet – no more than three. The names, names of institutions, organizations, and other proper nouns in the text are given in the original language.

Allowed to transliterate their own names and put them in the Russian translation with the addition of brackets (first occurrence) of the original text. Pages of the numbers should be Arabic numerals, numbered consecutively observing the full text. Putting a page number at the bottom center of the sheet without a point. The title page is included in the unnumbered pages of work. Page number on the front page are not listed.

Illustrations and tables on separate sheets, included in the unnumbered pages of work. Sheets A3 include unnumbered pages of work counted as a sheet and placed in an appendix. Illustrations and tables on sheets of A4 less glued to a sheet of A4. Every structural part of the thesis (Abstract, contents, introduction, conclusion, a list of references and applications) should be separated from subsequent text by the two single-spaced, and the names of structural elements – the writing center, and capital letters. The bulk of the work should be divided into sections, subsections and paragraphs.

What Is A POS Or Point Of Sale Terminal ?

Friday, October 20th, 2017

When we make a commercial transaction of sale, either with cash or credit / debit cards, we can already speak of a point of sale. However, the POS or POS Terminal is an activity that includes, to culminate in a terminal bank card authorization, a cash register, a collector or clerk, a computer with a program to collect and so forth. Talk about a selling point, is to speak of a set of computer accessories and software that work with operations that allow you to print a ticket and / or invoice that prove them a sale, it is also the issue of reports relating with it, and keep track of inventories and certain business operations. Point of Sale are used in a wide variety of businesses, as this activity takes place in a small store that sells magazines, newspapers, candy, even in the large supermarket chain stores, considering all the intermediate companies and the provision of services in the way gyms, cyber cafes, eateries, among many other small and medium business enterprises in which commercial transactions are conducted. Cash registers are now used to record transactions made in a sale. However, tools have been integrated computer peripheral to simulate the cash register, as the cash drawer, the ticket printer, the display to show the customer the amount to be ticking, In addition to the readers that make the operation more quickly and efficiently. Similarly, there are mobile computers with integrated reader barcode, which have led to the preparation of inventories is performed more frequently and almost automatically. This has been a savings, while optimizing the functions at the point of sale. Thus we can conclude very generally, that a POS or POS integrates: Point of Sale Program, cash drawers, Display, Ticket printer, printer reports,, Terminal portable capture, Scales, Bar Code Reader (optional scale). The more equipped to be the most efficient and effective TPV is its performance in managing the business.

Quilting Complit

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

First of all it is worth noting that 2325 is intended for quilting, and all of his 60 operations, has minimal sewing. Ergonomics machines let us down … Here, to be honest, QS separates “the abyss” of the other two participants. Illumination as incandescent bulbs, the inability to sew without the foot pedals, the absence of light-weight bobbin, weakly informative display, similar to the ancient cash register – it’s certainly clear cons of this unit. The choice of operation is generally enough, by pressing a button, for example, 15 times, if you want 15 line. Mark is necessary and that all functionality is divided into 4 groups, respectively, and 4 buttons that do not greatly facilitates the choice of operation. Read additional details here: Ali Partovi.

In fairness, it is necessary to note that the device has a good adviser and an automatic sewing thread tension, which at first glance looks comfortable. Also included is an upper conveyor to feed the best ‘materials of concern. ” Well, let’s continue the comparison is on the range! Draw a couple of tests: Test number 1: “In direct line,” Condition: straight line on the same thread tension, materials and the length of the stitch. We put the tension to “4”, stitch length to “2.5” and take the jersey material. Results: Bernina right, but not much noticeable ‘Christmas tree’. Interweaving the upper and lower thread – where necessary.

Chetverochka “interference fit”. Brother has done a good line, good interplay within the material. I say nothing. That’s five! Dzhanome gave barely visible ‘Christmas tree’, but disaster struck with the tension. Let’s try an automatic tension, since we have it. Outcome: not the best option, frankly, not very useful thing. This “three points”, should work with natyazheniem.Test number 2: “tasseling loop with a peephole” Terms: tasseling identical loops. Results: Bernina did not bad on the geometry, but weak loop, it just started buttonhole “zigzagged”. Well, so to speak – a strong “middling”. Brother has done a beautiful and strong loop, due to the fact that initially paved the machine straight stitch, and then they obmetala. Explicit “fad NV. Dzhanome. Frankly, the geometry is not very, not the best eye, and on the strength of it is the same as that of Burnett. The result was not impressed. Conclusion: Bernina and Brother struggled hard, Dzhanome obviously fell out of the tight competition, but this have an excuse, still, it’s more expensive option. But with the championship not the most light-hearted give Brother, even though it loses in functionality, but the quality of lines “outplayed” by Bernini.