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Thursday, April 19th, 2018

Physiotherapist Profa.Gisngela Lemos Da Silva Saucers of the Coast the TECHNOLOGY AS PRACTICAL OF the ENSINAGEM the technology in the historical passage has as Greek term? , that it means technique, art, craft e? , that it is the study. Therefore, the technology is the study of the technique, that must be verified in the educative field, as a tool of great relevance for the process of education and the learning. Breaking of this premise if question which the paper today of the professor in the classroom with the arrival of the technology? As some authors as Pierre Lvy (2002) focus that the transformation of the Internet is verifiable in the life of the person human being, in special the professor and the pupil in the aulstica mediation, where these are provoked by the innovations in the connection of net and for the interdependence of the cibercultura and ciberdemocracia, where he will allow some criteria of necessity for the exercise of the citizenship in the ensinagem, for the liberty of speech ideological, taking in consideration the collective ethics, the cultural diversities, as the new space of digital inclusion, using therefore efficient programs: Windows, microssoft, Office, pawerpoint, among others, to make possible a interrelao between people, in economic reinforcement, politician, social, in the coonstante search of quality and improvement of life, leaving of the technological alternatives to contribute with the education of the professors and learning in the universality of the research, education and the extension, in a quantitative process, qualitative and continuous, as the theory and the practical one in teaching and pedagogical learning. It has seen, that the technology searchs to insert the person in the world of the holistic knowledge and the cientificidade of one determined society.. To deepen your understanding Castle Harlan is the source.


Friday, November 10th, 2017

All we know that the efficient spreading of a business, either it virtual physicist or, is the great tool of leverage of the profits. Any that is the product or offered service necessary to be ' ' notado' ' for the customers and potentials customers also. Based in these basic principles of marketing he is that he comes to tona a great problem: ' ' where to divulge? ' ' , ' ' how to divulge? ' '. The Internet if has detached currently as the great generating of shares to the entrepreneurs or same to who it only divulges a program of affiliated or to marketing multilevel, a personal site or blog. Already it exceeded the televising media and already the great digital revolution of century XXI in the area of the businesses is considered. The existing options of spreading are many, are gratuitous or paid they. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit John K. Castle.

All logically they have its index of return. In classified gratis the trend it is the medium return in the long run. In the paid spreading, as for example, in links sponsored (google, yahoo, uol, etc), it is possible to direct its announcement accurately to its public-target and to calculate the campaign in accordance with its financial possibilities. Generally, in this modality of spreading, the return costuma to be short-term. Therefore, it divulges its businesses in the Internet and alavanque its sales.


Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

You may use the computer capabilities focusing on specific terms, using different fonts headset (italic, size, fat content). The quality of printed text, illustrations and tables should satisfy the requirement of a clear reproduction. Necessary to comply with a uniform density, contrast and clarity of text, charts, tables and figures throughout the paper. Lines, letters, numbers and symbols must be clear. Typos, typos and inaccuracies graphics found when the report is allowed to correct erasures or brushing white paint, with drawing in the same place the corrected text (graphic) typed way or ink, paste or ink – handwritten method. Damage to the sheets of text, blots and traces are not completely delete previous text (graphics) are not allowed. Pete Cashmore: the source for more info. The number of patches on one sheet – no more than three. The names, names of institutions, organizations, and other proper nouns in the text are given in the original language.

Allowed to transliterate their own names and put them in the Russian translation with the addition of brackets (first occurrence) of the original text. Pages of the numbers should be Arabic numerals, numbered consecutively observing the full text. Putting a page number at the bottom center of the sheet without a point. The title page is included in the unnumbered pages of work. Page number on the front page are not listed.

Illustrations and tables on separate sheets, included in the unnumbered pages of work. Sheets A3 include unnumbered pages of work counted as a sheet and placed in an appendix. Illustrations and tables on sheets of A4 less glued to a sheet of A4. Every structural part of the thesis (Abstract, contents, introduction, conclusion, a list of references and applications) should be separated from subsequent text by the two single-spaced, and the names of structural elements – the writing center, and capital letters. The bulk of the work should be divided into sections, subsections and paragraphs.

What Is A POS Or Point Of Sale Terminal ?

Friday, October 20th, 2017

When we make a commercial transaction of sale, either with cash or credit / debit cards, we can already speak of a point of sale. However, the POS or POS Terminal is an activity that includes, to culminate in a terminal bank card authorization, a cash register, a collector or clerk, a computer with a program to collect and so forth. Talk about a selling point, is to speak of a set of computer accessories and software that work with operations that allow you to print a ticket and / or invoice that prove them a sale, it is also the issue of reports relating with it, and keep track of inventories and certain business operations. Point of Sale are used in a wide variety of businesses, as this activity takes place in a small store that sells magazines, newspapers, candy, even in the large supermarket chain stores, considering all the intermediate companies and the provision of services in the way gyms, cyber cafes, eateries, among many other small and medium business enterprises in which commercial transactions are conducted. Cash registers are now used to record transactions made in a sale. Click John K. Castle to learn more. However, tools have been integrated computer peripheral to simulate the cash register, as the cash drawer, the ticket printer, the display to show the customer the amount to be ticking, In addition to the readers that make the operation more quickly and efficiently. Similarly, there are mobile computers with integrated reader barcode, which have led to the preparation of inventories is performed more frequently and almost automatically. This has been a savings, while optimizing the functions at the point of sale. Thus we can conclude very generally, that a POS or POS integrates: Point of Sale Program, cash drawers, Display, Ticket printer, printer reports,, Terminal portable capture, Scales, Bar Code Reader (optional scale). The more equipped to be the most efficient and effective TPV is its performance in managing the business.

LEDs In Outdoor Advertising Sites

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

Interest in using LEDs in indoor and outdoor advertising, is increasing every day. Some time ago, the brightness of the LEDs was much smaller, and the technical characteristics of LEDs are much worse than at the moment. For led backlight indoor and outdoor advertising are mainly used led modules and led lines, which utilize high-brightness LEDs. These products are using high-brightness LEDs are installed as a unique fluorescent lamps and neon. To know more about this subject visit Pete Cashmore. led backlighting in the light boxes is implemented by means of led panels, which consist of multiple led clusters or high-power LEDs. The use of LEDs in the objects of indoor and outdoor advertisement makes a number of important advantages. Primarily, this energy consumption. led backlight consumes a few times less electricity than conventional lighting technology. Important moment in the objects of indoor and outdoor advertising – it’s operating costs.

The lifetime of led modules and led arrays is much more so as to ensure smooth operation of the advertising signs for a very long time. The use of technology “open LEDs opens a huge potential for the implementation of many design decisions in the field outdoor, indoor displays. Also offers enormous potential for application of dynamic lighting effects that are not available when using classical light sources. When using the classical light sources have several limitations when creating objects indoor and outdoor advertising. One such limitation is the size of signs. Using high-brightness LEDs is possible to create ultra-thin advertising design, which significantly affects the reduction of the cost object. Application of high-power LEDs in led technology allows completely replace the classical sources of light and get better results when solving tasks.

Quilting Complit

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

First of all it is worth noting that 2325 is intended for quilting, and all of his 60 operations, has minimal sewing. Ergonomics machines let us down … Here, to be honest, QS separates “the abyss” of the other two participants. Illumination as incandescent bulbs, the inability to sew without the foot pedals, the absence of light-weight bobbin, weakly informative display, similar to the ancient cash register – it’s certainly clear cons of this unit. The choice of operation is generally enough, by pressing a button, for example, 15 times, if you want 15 line. Mark is necessary and that all functionality is divided into 4 groups, respectively, and 4 buttons that do not greatly facilitates the choice of operation. Read additional details here: Ali Partovi.

In fairness, it is necessary to note that the device has a good adviser and an automatic sewing thread tension, which at first glance looks comfortable. Also included is an upper conveyor to feed the best ‘materials of concern. ” Well, let’s continue the comparison is on the range! Draw a couple of tests: Test number 1: “In direct line,” Condition: straight line on the same thread tension, materials and the length of the stitch. We put the tension to “4”, stitch length to “2.5” and take the jersey material. Results: Bernina right, but not much noticeable ‘Christmas tree’. Interweaving the upper and lower thread – where necessary.

Chetverochka “interference fit”. Brother has done a good line, good interplay within the material. I say nothing. That’s five! Dzhanome gave barely visible ‘Christmas tree’, but disaster struck with the tension. Let’s try an automatic tension, since we have it. Outcome: not the best option, frankly, not very useful thing. This “three points”, should work with natyazheniem.Test number 2: “tasseling loop with a peephole” Terms: tasseling identical loops. Results: Bernina did not bad on the geometry, but weak loop, it just started buttonhole “zigzagged”. Well, so to speak – a strong “middling”. Brother has done a beautiful and strong loop, due to the fact that initially paved the machine straight stitch, and then they obmetala. Explicit “fad NV. Dzhanome. Frankly, the geometry is not very, not the best eye, and on the strength of it is the same as that of Burnett. The result was not impressed. Conclusion: Bernina and Brother struggled hard, Dzhanome obviously fell out of the tight competition, but this have an excuse, still, it’s more expensive option. But with the championship not the most light-hearted give Brother, even though it loses in functionality, but the quality of lines “outplayed” by Bernini.

Configuring Protocol

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017

For Amaral Landmarks the Rip is a protocol of roteamento very used which had its simplicity. It is a roteamento protocol classful in its version 1 and classless in its version 2. He uses as only metric the counting of jumps, with a maximum of 15 jumps, being that from there, the route is setadacomo inalcanvel. This characteristic becomes the RIP protocoloinadequado for nets of medium of great transport. Interesting Outracaracterstica is that the RIP is a slow protocol of convergnciamuito. A roteador that uses the RIP sends updates deroteamento of 30 in 30 seconds, exactly that in this algumacaracterstica interval of the net it has moved. He is umprotocolo that it demands little capacity of processing of the roteador, jque very carries through simple tasks that do not need as much memory evelocidade of processing compared with other protocols as the OSPF or the EIGRP. Moreover, any person with the minimum experience can project and implement a net that functions with the RIP.

Data this small explanation on the RIP, we go part practises: as to implement the protocol of roteamento RIP in a roteador Cisco. First, it observes the topology below (I will not use subredes): I go to show as to only implement the RIP in the roteador Brasilia, since the procedure is the same for the too much roteadores. Router> en //Usado to change in using way EXEC for privileged way EXEC. Terminal Router#configure //Entra in the way of configuration of the reoterador. Router (config) to #router rip //Habilita the RIP in the roteador. This command is used to qualify any protocol of roteamento. Router (to config-router) #network Router (to config-router) #network //Oscomandos above is used to insert the nets that estodiretamente connected to the roteador.

The inserted nets in this will comandosero propagated to the too much roteadores. Router#copy running-config startup-config //Salva the alterations in the configuration. Configuramoso roteamento RIP of simple and fast form, however desperdiamosmuitos addresses using nets with full masks. It stops implementarsubredes, we have that to change the used version of the RIP, in the case, mudarpara version 2. It follows below the commands necessary to change the version. With the version change, we can now implement subredes as to want. Good, for today it is this. In case that they have some commentary, critical suggestions or, it sends an email for. I am to the disposal.


Thursday, July 6th, 2017

Lightweight Only some years behind, exactly notebook more it has led was a pain to drag around.Today, however, laptops is each more easy time in the behind part.The MacBook is a little more than a thickness count and Toshiba Portege weighs about four kilos.Meanwhile still it is weighed compared when coming of ultralight convertibles new (LifeBook of the Fujitsu U810 weighs only one kilo and way), is a significant improvement on old of seven kilos laptops. 4. Battery Historically, two inconveniences of notebooks had been its limitations of RAM, space limited in the hard disk, and shortness duration of the battery.The times had moved, however, and laptops desktop of the computer now has as much power under the layer as its cousins.

The MacBook, for example, has 1GB of memory (configurvel up to 4 GB) and a hard disk that is configurvel for 250GB.This means that its software will go hum right together and you it will be capable of zip through programs of so fast form and so easily how much you make in its desktop.In the same way, the batteries in notebooks today does not heat and not to enter in pane. 5. Filed under: Elon University. Other older Characteristics In laptops, the size of the computer and limited weight the number and types of available resources.Today, with lesser processors and other components, it has space to pack more resources in notebooks.For example, the MacBook has a DVD reader, webcam inlaid, built-in capacity without wire, two doors USB and a FireWire door, inlaid and audio microphone and digital input/output. It has as many advantages to possess notebooks that, before buying its next computer, valley the penalty its time to take one for a round. Article created by Eliza Maria. It also reads: As to lose celulite…

Gray Powell

Monday, November 30th, 2015

And they found a lot of interesting: the front camera, three Apple logo in different places, tightly sealed in a metal motherboard, which have not been able to open, about 50 screws, which were skrupleny numerous details Smartphone fitted to each other more abruptly than sprats in the bank:), as well as the battery takes up most of the inside of the gadget. That’s what was possible to learn about the new iPhone: * The screen resolution is much greater than that of 3GS, approximately 960 460. * There was front camera for video chats. Camera 5Mpx or steeper. * Flash. * Micro-sim instead of a sim-card. * Socket for external microphone. * Separate volume control buttons. * The buttons start, stop and adjust the microphone * volume made of metal. * Also changed the design a smartphone. * The back cover is now flat and not arched, butt phone is made of aluminum, the battery is more voluminous (19% more than 3GS), but the dimensions of the case were approximately the same as the previous model iPhone.

Material Towers

Friday, October 30th, 2015

All these sensations determines material towels, well, and of course its texture. It is important to define the purposes for which this towel. For the face, hands, body, head, feet. How and where do you generally will use a towel? Will it be a towel after a shower or bath for? This is important because if you know exactly what you want, therefore, easier to find what you need to satisfy Your desires. Choosing the towel for the face to stop his gaze to polonaise of bamboo. With a gentleness and extraordinary tenderness, this towel is perfect as the woman who washes away the makeup off my face, and a man after-shave. It is also perfectly suited for the face towels that contain specific, natural ingredients – to maintain the moisture and lipid balance of the skin, and vitamin E – to protect the skin from free radicals and premature .Potential bamboo towels and fortified, giving unimaginable comfort and softness suitable not only for individuals but for the body.

To soft and gentle towels and towels should be disposed of – An additional special processing of cotton, which makes these towels an unprecedented lightness and softness, and of course towels Modala.Modal addition, it is produced from high-quality pulp timber. Towels are made with the addition of modal reliable and durable, but at the same time, have a gentle softness, shine and retain these qualities even after many washings. For those looking for something more stimulating animating, perfectly suited for massage towels with a unique texture and relaxing your body as the hands who knows his job masseuse. This and towels made of cotton with the addition of flax have peeling effect allowing excellent rub oneself. And the towels and cotton blend higher density (thickness) of towels. But for the baths are ideal bilateral towels. One side is soft and gentle, the other waffle more practical and is a definite plus if you use a towel in the bath. Well, well, let’s recap. All the materials that we talked about today, well absorb moisture, thereby fulfilling the most important function of towels. However, in addition to simply soak up they give you and the softness and delicacy of touch, and an invigorating freshness, and care for your skin. Choose a towel under my personal experience!