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Overall Job Satisfaction

Friday, March 30th, 2018

First they are referred to the conditions of work in the amplest sense, such as the wage, the policies of company, the physical surroundings, the security in the work, etc. According to the bifactorial model these extrinsic factors only can prevent the labor dissatisfaction or to avoid it when this one exists but they cannot determine the satisfaction since this one would be determined by the intrinsic factors, that would be those that is consubstantial to the work; content of the same, responsibility, profit, etc. Get more background information with materials from Viacom. Successful accomplishment of the work. Recognition of the success achieved on the part of the managers and companions. Promotions in the company, etc. Lack of responsibility. Routine and boring work, etc.

Insatisfactores? High status. Read more from Goop, New York City to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Increase of the wage. Security in the work, etc.? Bad relations interpersonal. Under wage. Bad conditions of work, etc. The model raised by Herzberg indicates that the labor satisfaction only can come generated by the intrinsic factors (to which Herzberg called ” factors motivadores”) whereas the labor dissatisfaction would be generated by the extrinsic factors (to which Herzberg gave the denomination of ” factors higinicos”). Many later investigations exactly do not corroborate the dichotomy between factors that Herzberg found in its investigations, but it has verified that the distinction between intrinsic and extrinsic factors is important and useful, and that important individual differences in terms of the relative importance granted to one exist and other factors. General scale of satisfaction the General Scale of Satisfaction (Overall Job Satisfaction) (to see Anexo.1) it was developed by Warr, Cook and Wall in 1979.

Love Humanity

Sunday, March 25th, 2018

There am the great question here, that assumes that I must do, look for or be found? But it is a question with its own answer, not. Why we must hope that it calls us to the love to the door? why are we no to wake up it? , and why we do not have to slap it in the face first? before us of a back stab and it eliminates to us with his implacable and unshakeable force, it is a war without quarter that the love and the disappointment always wins, have been allied from the beginning of the humanity to make us unfortunate to all the ilusos that we fall in its trap, a different love clearly is the one that we felt by our relatives and friendly that are very different; to that full treacherous love of passion and vanity that we felt by our husband, loving, fianc2e, impossible love, etc. So that we cannot say to the love pdrete to him? That it prevents us not to feel it, there are many are in search of that love, but what has of which we do not want to feel it? Of that we are disgusted of this feeling, perhaps this the humanity the condemned to the traps of the love that us it has in its hands, why does not exist a potion against the love? or even better against the effects of this. Something that does not make us put blind to such situation, an antidote to cursilera of the enamoramiento, the interminable shock of useless feelings that only differentiates to us by millimeters of the wild beasts, of jealousy, blindness, envy, lust. Something cures that us to love such indices of idiotez and bad conduct, so that the doctors do not dedicate themselves to make that investigation? Perhaps they also conspire or are victims of their own feeling; he would want to find in the humanity a single individual, that never has been devoured by fauces of this ferocious beast. .

Commercial Real Estate Vologda

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018

Overview of commercial real estate market Vologda Vologda Office property Office space in the market town of Vologda is currently represented by the following main groups of buildings: office buildings industrial enterprises, commercial non-residential buildings, nonresidential and residential Remodeled funds; built premises (currently occupy the largest market share). A certain portion of office space sold in the form of Small detached buildings (often wood), usually require a significant investment to bring them in proper technical condition. Also popular are the apartments located on the first floors of the houses, translated from the status of "living" in the non-residential premises and a large number of "advance" on the real estate market of Vologda. Viacoms opinions are not widely known. It should also be noted that in Vologda built and runs a lot of small business center area of 300-500 square meters, built in the old part of town. These marginal cost BC and built by companies for their own use. In this case, it is the only format of business houses, allowed the construction of the old part of town. Ali Partovi has compatible beliefs. As mentioned earlier, the construction of large formatted BC in the central part of Vologda limited high-altitude regulations, and "cutting" of land. In Vologda are several unformatted BC area for 2-3 thousand square meters of buildings converted from the design organizations: Chelyuskintsev Kozlenskaya 9, 35 Batyushkov, 11 Recently, in Vologda was built a few objects that would fit the category of formatted BC (P): BC "Sphere" at the Leningrad street. (12-storey building, rooms – for rent, 650 p per square meter) BC on the corner Herzen Str.

Great Hotel

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

The Great Hotel of the city of Camaguey (to more than 550 kilometers of Havana), inaugurated in 1938, is one of the patrimonial and emblematic constructions of this Cuban large city, that comprises of local history, like its natural and tourist streets, churches, monuments, museums, places, parks and values. In their architecture wood works are combined with a subtle decoration. It is considered in addition, installation standard of the Division of the Islazul chain in the province and also has a location privileged when in center historical located being of the then town of the Port of the Prince, one of whom better conserve its environment adjustment and colonial architecture. In they have been stayed distinguished personalities of Literature, the art and the policy, between which they appear: the pianists Artur Rubinstein, Pole, and Claudius Arrau, Chilean, the singers Victory of Los Angeles, Spanish, and Dorothy Maynor, afronorteamericana and the violinista Jascha Heifetz, North American of Lithuanian origin. Also he was Lucky guest Luciano, famous personage of the italonorteamericana Mafia.

The Castilian historian and journalist Gerald Garci’a (1879-1956) put record of their impressions of the Great Hotel of Camaguey in 1938, in the context of an investigation on the patriotic Ignacio Agramonte and Loynaz: I lodge in comfortable the Great Hotel, located in the urban kidney. Of construction and present inauguration. The highest building of the city. From its roof I have examined the suggestive panorama of the city. From the river San Pedro they leave several affluents: by the West. In my eagerness to give to any camageyano place a page of interest, escalpelizo around this place and its owners and, indeed, I find a thread that ties with the past. It begins with a Catalan young person called Feliciano Carnesoltas, employee in the service of you flood, that dealt between the wharf of Guanaja and Port Prince.


Friday, March 16th, 2018

Empacar your properties and prepararte to store them in a miniwarehouse of rent must be easy and simple. With these tips you will take maximum advantage of the portable storage. It remembers that the main thing is ahead of time to plan all your process of packing before beginning a to load your properties in the truck. Passages for ayudarte to glide: It identifies what you are going to empacar. It begins to identify the piled up elements that will be empacados in boxes and. Under most conditions Samsung Electronics would agree. It prioritizes in the box the elements that you use most frequently and ponlos in the front part.

It groups by fragility or weight. Heaviest or more robust you must put it as it has supported of a battery of boxes. The ponlos fragile articles in the part superior. It examines what you cannot pile up well and thinks about the frequency whereupon you use those things. It chooses the correct size. Nobody wants to pay by the storage that does not need, but you have more space you could desplazarte with greater freedom. In addition this gives the opportunity to add the elements you nonplanned that usually arise. The administrators of the company of miniwarehouses can ayudarte determine how much space you need.

It organizes and it packs your articles with a plan in mind. If you order your packings of efficient way, it will take time and concentration you. Nevertheless, the effort will be worth the pain. These are some advice for the packing: a) It invests in provisions. It uses boxes, plastic nonbags. The boxes resist more, you can pile up them and occupy less space. Many companies of moving bodies require that the merchandise are packed in boxes of transport. The plastic bags can catch humidity, which could cause the birth of fungi. b) It invests in boxes of good quality and resistant materials of packing.


Thursday, March 15th, 2018

Investigations realised by Brian M. Fagan, professor of anthropology in the university of California, and world-wide authority with regard to prehistory. The Shroud of Turin is a great linen fabric of 4.3 meters in length, by 1.1 meters in later width that has the previous image and of a man who apparently died crucified. This fact already provoked the interest; but in question affirmation of the true mortuary mantle of has turned it to Jesus Christ into a magnet for the controversy. The same affirmation has brought about a meticulous scientific examination and the celebration of international conferences. In 1978, a exhibition of the Shroud attracted three million people. Some think that the history of the Shroud of Turin began in 1357, when Geoffrey II of it exposed it to Charney in Lirey (France).

Previous mentions of images of Jesus are known. In century IV a source tells that Thaddaeus or Addai painted an image of Jesus in Edessa (Syria). Another source of the century I SAW relates that Jesus dried itself the face with a towel and in her was printed its image. Christ gave that image to an emissary of king Abgar de Eddesa; as of the year the 944 Byzantine troops took the image to Constantinople (Istambul), the image remained there until year 1204, when the horsemen of fourth crossed sacked the city and took their treasures, including the image. This would explain as it arrived at France and was exposed there in century XIV.

When we watched the image of the Shroud that is seen? ; a yellowish silhouette is seen on a white bottom, is a negative image of a crucified man of face and back. Tridimencional information can also be seen. The image shows an incredible amount of details; like being: the human anatomy is represented with great presicin, including injuries caused by whips, we can appreciate blood that leaves the wounds done by the nails in the wrists and the feet, blood in the hairy leather and details of the hair and the beard.

New Contracts

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

The norm includes other measures, between which it emphasizes the elimination during two years of the temporary contract limit that can be chained. Also the term is extended until 2012 so that the temporary contracts can become contracts of promotion of the indefinite use. In addition, the creation of the bottom for the capitalization of the dismissal is posponed. Click Ali Partovi to learn more. This Wednesday will in force enter the decree-law approved by the Government the past Friday that includes the new contract of formation that, until 2013, will be able to be realised minors of 30 years. The Government reporter of Estado (BOE) publishes east Tuesday the decree of " urgent measures for the promotion of the use of the young people, the promotion of the stability in the use and the maintenance of the program of professional requalification of the people who exhaust their benefit by desempleo".

All the measures including in the decree will in force enter Wednesday, with the exception of which it prorogues the aid of 400 Euros for the unemployed who have exhausted their benefits, that have ctos from the 16 of August. The norm it includes other measures, between which it emphasizes the suspension during two years of the obligation to make the workers fixed who in a period of 30 months have chained temporary contracts by 24 months. Also term extends until 2012 so that the temporary contracts can become contracts of promotion of the indefinite use, that count on an indemnification of 33 days per year worked in case of inadmissible dismissal, against the 45 days of the conventional fixed contract. In addition, the decree pospones the creation of the bottom for the capitalization of the dismissal, that was predicted in the labor reform, because it requires an investment that is nonviable in the present economic situation. In order to compensate it, the assumption on the part of the Bottom of Garanta Salarial (FOGASA) of the payment of 8 days per year worked in the dismissals by objective causes will be extended until 2013 that are just and that entail an indemnification of 20 days per worked year. Also, the FOGASA will be integrated with the Public Service of State Use in only organism within six months from the approval of the decree-law. Source of the news: This week in force enters the new contract of formation until the 30 years