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Sunday, January 27th, 2013

As long as each infected user send in half the mail more than one sensitive user (i.e., the reproductive rate Basic is greater than one), the performance standards in epidemiology imply that the number of infected users will grow according to a logistic curve. Adds Wikipedia, that if each user sends mail to more than one sensitive user then in theory the campaign will last forever, or at least until all sensitive users have received the message. Even if the message is not sent as frequently, will continue being sent many more times than it was initially. For example, consider a campaign that begins by sending a message to 100 users. Not all of them forwarded the original message, but some of them may do so. This some can be tested by market research; Let’s say he turns out to be an 80%, and each of these forwarded it to just a friend specifically indicates the Wikipedia Encyclopedia, viral marketing or viral advertising are terms used to refer to marketing techniques that seek to exploit pre-existing social networks to produce increases exponential knowledge of brand (Brand Awareness) through self-replicating viral processes similar to the spread of a computer virus.

Are typically based on word of mouth through electronic means; use the effect of social network created by Internet and modern mobile telephony services to reach a lot of people quickly. The term viral marketing is also used to describe campaigns of undercover marketing based on the Internet, including the use of blogs, sites apparently amateurs, and other forms of astroturfing designed to create Word of mouth for a new product or service. The goal of viral marketing campaigns is often generate media coverage through unusual stories, by a value much higher than the budget for advertising of the advertising company. He insists to point out, that viral advertising refers to the idea that people will pass and share fun and interesting content.


Monday, January 21st, 2013

He is perhaps for many strangest of the types of conduct, because it would seem in first plane that is not member of the group. Nevertheless, they exist although the minimum motivations cannot notice always to belong to the group, although their attitude is the one of a remarkable indifference to which the others do like group. Usually they are less numerous than the types mass but for that reason one is not due to leave effort to incorporate them. Many can be the reasons take that it to that attitude reason why it is required of an approach of the leader and, with much understanding, look for strategies to stimulate their action and its participation. the discordant type. The leader must be kind to the appearance of this type of conducts, because its presence can become not only inconvenience factor during the meeting, but outside control it can get to cause dissolution of the group. This discordant type sometimes does not have more solution than the one of being eliminated of the group, although this can be a complex task according to the conditions in which it appears.

Generally, the attitudes characterize that it are the negative, systematic and a priori critic, loaded of touching reactions and expressions until cynical. Basic premises to direct meetings Having bring back to consciousness of which the general characteristics of the groups and of their members seen like individuals, are part of the factors critics to ensure the success any meeting, can be affirmed that the work of the leader in the diverse encounter of the group is not the one of simple witness who indicates to the errors and successes of each member and the colectivity. On the contrary protagonist must feel with one more a mission, as much by her roll of moderator of relations and reactions like by her stimulating roll of of feelings and encauzador of attitudes.


Friday, January 11th, 2013

I introduce then the echo notion? the distorted repetition of the sound, whose origin is doubtful? as one it saw to understand as history operates in the construction of the identity. Identity as continuity, coherence, historical phenomenon is a fancy that erases the divisions and discontinuities, eliminates the differences that separate the citizens in the time. The echo of the one brightness to the fancy, remembering to us that the identity is constructed, in relations distorted complex and. The identification (that it produces identity) operates as echo of a fancy, bringing up to date in the time and through generations, the process that forms individuals as actors social politicians and ' '. The author uses the term fancy and echo as a metaphor, and in this citation above if she can see that to deal with History, these new incorporated terms to the tools that we historians can use, she serves so that let us can see that the fancy to the times is distorted by the echo, and that nor always one ' ' boa' ' fancy has echo, however echoes and reverberaes have distorted many practical and speeches that could produce the difference.

We must remembering in them that the identities operate as an echo of a fancy and that the echo is the imperfect return of the sound. These resonances or echoes (distorted sounds) act directly in the constructions of the identity of the woman. We must lead in account that the task of the studies feminists is exactly to identify and to dislocate the production of these apparatuses that act in the constructions cultural that they produce the fixed differences, women as being the other, identities and regimes of truth sexual. A consensus enters all the authors mentioned here is the aversion to the identity and ' ' to buscas' ' of the absolute truth. Durval Muniz, as ferrenho ' ' destruidor' ' of identities in it will show the evil to them that this will cause the humanity, in the construction of fixed places where some citizens if refuse to occupy.