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The Horses

Monday, September 24th, 2012

When alluding to the notion of range or phantom, we give to understand that the possibilities are not run out nor in Domestic economy nor in the technology of the airships. But in the case of the airships – technology of which we analyzed its evolution from the beginnings of our communications – we glimpsed ample possibilities since with the same costs of traction of the transport by water (the means of transport of lower cost), they move to the speed of a helicopter (the means of more expensive transport), without needing harbor facilities and of dredging, as it demands navigation; and without needing airports as it demands the airplane; nor of rails as it demands the railroad; nor of paved ways, as they demand quick the automotive heavy transport and the omnibus. Kind the Argentine constellation of slumses; its potential for public policies or enterprise, familiar or communitarian activities of deconcentration, and considering that constellation was generated in substantiva way by the railroad. And also, considering the process of disarticulation of the railroad via closing and rise of branches, we understand that in each branch or section of nonoperable railroad at the moment, it will be necessary to think about the technology airships kind his increasing economization and its versatility (This is can be constructed and be designed an airship for each type of traffic). As we indicated " disruptividad" of the technology of " lighter than aire" , it is not run out in the transport but one extends to the telecommunications. That is to say, each airship to a noticeably smaller cost can support to the technologies of the communication and the information, including the modality WI- FI, that is the band ancha" , that uses the same modality of the cellular telephony. Although it caused the hilaridad of some friend at the time ours, the biotechnology applied to the horses percherones and the light materials type fiber of carbon, plastics or aluminum, applied to the construction of vehicles, can replace to the tractors that are used in the slumses for the benefit of certain services cleaning public.

Floor Plans

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

After working drawings as you approve the design solution and the concept of the interior designer will prepare a package of working drawings. Its composition may vary in each case. Typically, the drawings include plans for installation and dismantling walls, lighting, outlets and circuit switches. If necessary, the set can be replenished, and a full set of documentation consists of the following drawings: – Plan assembly / dismantling of walls and partitions – Floor Plan Coatings – Floor Plan of warm floors – Ceiling Plan – a plan plumbing – Lighting Plan – layout of outlets and switches – the layout of low-power networks – Scan the walls – Plan of arrangement of air-conditioners – Drawings Compounds complex parts – tile layouts. When finishing the walls or floor tiles may need to plan for its layout. It says where to start laying tiles and where to trim it. Designer Spaces on the plan switches, outlets for appliances and electronics.

Separately, the project may require electricians. Documents prepared for him by persons having a license, based on the designer made shemyrozetok and switches. The resulting plan electricians need to agree on the relevant authorities. Lighting in an apartment in a well-thought-out interior maximum benefit use daylight. Contribute to this sunny hallway is decorated with the play of light through the decorative window, stained glass or glass panel from the ceiling.

evening to replace the natural light comes artificial. Spotlights and chandeliers, sconces and floor lamps emphasize the coziness. Light – a great tool for zoning and management of mood. Imagine: a bright luster over the zone of reception, soft lighting niches, creating a bizarre spot of light and shade, floor lamp next to the armchair, where you can immerse yourself in reading a book Harmonization of redevelopment Keep in mind that you can not legislate any fantasy redevelopment of existing premises. A good designer immediately prepares project so as to minimize the coordination. And certainly not put you in a position where, in principle, ready to repair would be impossible to reconcile. Why do you need supervision? When you run a design project in workers there are always issues that must be solved quickly. For example, after equalization curves wall dimensions of the room change, and will have to adjust the entire plan, without violating the selected concept. For this designer regular visits to the object and resolves all issues, and if necessary change is in the documentation. Summary As you can see though, when repairing apartment or cottage design project you are involved only in the interesting – creative – side of the work. You say, why would want from the future apartment, as well as assess what offers designer. All the complex design, design, but then building and finishing of the work performed by specialists. Designer during the author's supervision ensures that our plans to become a real distortion-free.

Tamagotchi Phenomenon

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Japanese company Bandai has decided to revive old and "revive" Tamagotchi. Darling can inform the host about his moods through color screen and a large number of sound effects. Currently, the younger generation is difficult to bring something to the amazement – almost anyone has a mobile phone and a player, a lot of types of gaming consoles, no question arises where to buy a Tamagotchi, as you can get it everywhere. Still, zanimatelnyeTamagotchi, small toys, kids take as something alive. If the Tamagotchi no nurse, then he dies forever, and it encourages the child to think – for it is a real tragedy. Bandai produced toy slightly better, and managed to facilitate young hozyaivam "alien beings" to look after them. Now the high number of pixels on the display acquired shape and observe the picture has become very entertaining.

Toy manufacturers have taken note of tremulous sense of kids to their students, and launched new electronic games for children. New Tamagotchi game could now talk to each other through infrared port. They can raise a family, go to visit, give gifts to each other, get acquainted. Certainly adaptation of small aliens occurred. But until recently were relatively Tamagochchi adapting to life on Earth and, therefore, should be inside electronic eggs. His newfound owner Tamagochi squeak notice that he had the problem. At any time baby eagerly pressed the buttons, to feed or treat a capricious creature. In other words, kids learn to care for your pet, they realized that the poor attention, or even lack thereof, will result in illness or Tamagotchi or to his death, and this take on these responsibilities.

A resident of Hungary established a kindergarten for the Tamagotchi. This facilitated the care of a stranger, and he is in any case, was in charge, even at a time when the owner of Tama in school. The most amusing was that the first pupils "kindergarten" brought not the kids, and teachers. They were happy to look at solutions to problems that students are arranged. Virtual "graduate" sraval learning process, requiring participation in class. The world's first cemetery Tamagotchi was created in the same country. For these purposes, to arrange a special wall, and it has buried hundreds of 'dead'. And after a while some Tamagochi decided to slightly expand the area its habitat, and today you can find on the Tamagotchi phone virtual Tamagotchi on your computer, and of course, play online flash Tamagotchi. And they also demanded the withdrawal, they had to give food, treat, clean up after them for a walk. Today while some have expressed the view that the time Tamagochchi already passed, we now have children present other hobby, began to appear new requirements for toys. Of course the share of the reliability of this is, but only part of it. Buy your use later in life.