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The Motivation

Monday, October 29th, 2012

If the technology already is not problem, if the inflation is relatively controlled, everything would have to be better and it is not being. It is as soon as the people are now gaining prominence place, therefore relative the failure alone can be occurring because probably they are the main problem. With this trend of revalorizao, much has searched and writing on the subject of the motivation. These new proposals have flooded not only the organizacionais theories clearly, as well as the practical ones of management in administration in a generalized manner. All these terms are hypothetical internal processes that seem to explain the behavior, but cannot directly be observed or be measured. The Motivation is everything what it stimulates the person to act of definitive form or at least of the origin to a behavior I specify.

It can be provoked by I stimulate external (proceeding from the environment) and can also be generated internally in the mental processes (system of cognition of the individual what it thinks, believes and foresees) the reasons are studied in the following categories: : Basic impulses? They are stimulatons that activate the behavior that it aims at to satisfy necessities related to the survival? oxygen, water, food, to prevent pain, sex. B: Social reasons? They appear to satisfy the necessities of the contact with other human beings? as to feel itself loved, accepted, approved and esteem. C: Of sensorial stimulation? The people and the animals need stimulation to brighten up some discomfort, when activities auto-stimulants are abandoned, the routine become tedious and laborious, appearing irritability, the depression and stress, diminishing the spontaneous creative actions? the search of the leisure for the satisfaction. D: Of growth? Necessity of auto-accomplishment, to develop abilities and to carry through the potential. E: Ideas as reasons? Search of values, beliefs, goals and plans to guide the behaviors. The ideas or ideals can be intensely motivadoras.

The Theoretical

Sunday, October 7th, 2012

To the same, in many cities quarters submissive even apartheid form almost and that, of when in time, explodes, producing generalized destructions. The problems are intermingled, since they make migration and urbanization. Since they do everyone with the environmental deterioration that is pronounced in the seas, the air and the Earth. It seems to show itself ethics like high-priority task. The globalisation advances like phenomenon that is justified to itself, a indetenible advance, while the policy stagnates, or better it submerges, to take passage to authoritarian tendencies, a possible generalized bud of totalitarianism.

There are lawyer by an encounter of cultures, a respect to the plurality and the diversity. Only with technology not it can, we use although it for the good of the knowledge and like a unique opportunity to learn to respect us by the knowledge that we acquire of the other. III Escasean the world inventors. Protagonists of the theoretical vision of the policy require themselves. Here the truths have demolished and is necessary to go on the new forms of the social organization. What presides to the world is the incredulity. The old woman speeches are deslegitimados. Somebody has spoken of ahistrico sky.

If emancipatorio in the sense to equip the dream with a corpus of ideas is not no philosophical-political exposition either there will be emancipation of the serious problems that us they affect. Nobody speech of a confinement. The philosophy for of theory and praxis. It is necessary to desconstruir the old woman paradigms and to realise the new models being started off of the reality of the today. Those that is dedicated to cultivate the past lose the capacity to think. This intelligent human being is about to raise itself of the terrestrial package towards the search of a new house and must reorganize itself towards the appearance of a new social order.

Drol Wall Ironing

Monday, October 1st, 2012

A really important information of the article mentions to it; ‘ peso’ ‘ it equaled to the one of aluminum, since this age one of the great disadvantages of the steel in relation to aluminum, as it was seen in the report of the BNDES. Although the new technology used in the process of manufacture of cans DWI (Drol Wall Ironing), the CSN does not intend to enveredar in the production of aluminum, being preferred to keep its established strategy in order to extend the reintroduo of the steel in the market of metallic packings for drinks. Leg in such a way, counts on the northeast Metalic, headquarters in the area Metropolitan of $fortaleza, that continues being the only manufacturer of cans of beer and cooling that it uses the steel as raw material. On the other hand, the Metalic invested to more US$ 15 million to extend its productive capacity of 600 million cans/year for 900 million cans. The Metalic intends, also, to direct its production for the Southeast, creating a new unit, whose investments will be of the US$ order 60 million, as form to conquer 12% of the national market, the equivalent the 12 billion of cans.

In a longer stated period, the goal is to reach 50% of the national market, as information given for the direction of the CSN. Plus an advance obtained for the CSN/Metalic partnership it was to become the so reciclvel steel as aluminum, therefore as sena research of 1998 of the BNDES, this age another impediment for the biggest competitiveness of the steel. Given the technological advances implemented by the CSN, the steel, differently of 1998, more delay 10 years not to degrade, but only five years, whereas the aluminum and the PET continue needing the 100 years for its entire decomposition (as if it saw in the report of the 1998 BNDES).