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Virtual Reality Helps Brain Jury Patients

Sunday, April 21st, 2019

A new program was developed in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Haifa may identify brain damage the patient suffered and determine the best course of treatment. In hospitals, in Israel, there are treatments for patients with brain injuries through virtual reality. The patient observes his virtual image on the screen while tennis balls are thrown at him from different directions. The movements of his real hand to the ball movements are translated as virtual. As a first step in this development program was introduced in the computer video files of some patients who played in the facilities of virtual reality. With the help of the computer program succeeded in achieving distinction between two kinds of brain damage: CVA (Stroke-‘Stroke ‘) and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury, Concussion).

For further evidence, the computer was able to diagnose accurately, between 90% – 98% of the time, if the patient was healthy, or suffered brain damage trauma or stroke. Follow others, such as Michael Dell, and add to your knowledge base. The diagnosis, says Dr. Manevitz, is the most basic part of treatment – any doctor and many healthcare workers can correctly diagnose severe brain injuries. While this study is an important advance in the field of computer science, this does not directly help society. What is important, however, is the next phase of development, in which the computer is able to do things that doctors can not.

“As soon as the computer identified the injury, we have a model we can use for further testing and analysis – something that can not be done on live patients. Using a computer model, we can experiment with different treatment options and decide which will the most effective. The computer can also define how long it will take to rehabilitate the patient. All this will take time to medicine to achieve its objectives, and some of them can not be put into practice, said Dr. Manevitz . For example, the computer can simulate how the patient will respond if the virtual reality therapy throws more balls to the patient’s left to the right or if another change is beneficial for rehabilitation. The computer can quickly examine tens of different possibilities in a very short time. The use of the computer will help avoid spending time on treatments that do not benefit the patient, or worse, it could cause damage. Our next step is to find similarities in the behavior of people in groups with brain injuries. The human eye may not be able to see such similarities, but a computer would easily be able to find it. As soon as we are able to identify similarities in different sub-groups, new avenues of effective treatment will open up for doctors, “summarized Dr. Manevitz.

Formedo Bodyanlyzer

Friday, April 12th, 2019

Body fat scales was yesterday the for me do BodyAnalyzer is a unique body. FIBO 2011 – eating – for me do BodyAnalyzer another important building block in the customer support that aided “Bioelectric impedance analysis” to achieve detailed and accurate measuring results are summarized in a understandable Protocol. The ideal condition to determine the State of training and to show developments in training. The gym requirements become larger. Customers demand not only a comprehensive equipment and course support with appropriate ambience, but also nutrition counseling including documented analyses of body and measure the success of training. How can it afford a gym? The novel and unique body Analyzer creates the basis for me do BodyAnalyzer, because it gives the Studio readings about the physical condition of its customers by the hand, that go beyond a normal body fat scales beyond. Check with Dell to learn more. Is a comprehensive protocol Information about deficits, which form the basis of an individual training plan and then follow-up measurements represent the success of training.

The advantages for the Fitness Studio are so clear how easy. It can justify its admission fee, documented the success of training his clients and represents its quality. A wonderful tool to enhance customer satisfaction and the customers more to bind to. The associated nutritional tips based on the measured deficiencies in minerals & proteins can sale of dietary supplements gives a whole new meaning and also contribute to the increase of success. How does the BodyAnalyzer work? By the computer-aided “Bioelectric impedance analysis”, the body of the customers is segmented measured by electrodes with 8 contact points. Frequency of 5 kHz are 50 kHz, 100 kHz, 250 kHz, 500 kHz in use, which lead to high accuracy. The measurement itself lasts only 30 seconds. Among others, the following measured values be determined: Body weight, water (intrazellular and extra cellular), proteins, minerals (body & bones), body fat mass and fat free mass, muscle mass (body and skeleton), BMI, symmetry and segmentation of muscle and fat, and a fitness score (an index that summarizes all the readings to a health index).

New Portal For Pneumatic

Wednesday, April 10th, 2019

New portal for pneumatic Paderborn, 26.05.10 which Ltd. subsidiary in Borchen has a new specialist and niche Portal BascoTec Internet about compressed air technology initiated. On the beautifully designed pages of information, the interested user learns much about the modern applications of pneumatic. Use air as air is known to mankind since thousands of years and was used for military purposes even in ancient times. Visit Dell for more clarity on the issue. In the industrial revolution, the pneumatic played a central role and is used even today still versatile for production and logistics in industry and commerce. For the modern mass production, pneumatics is essential and thus substantially contributes to our current prosperity. On, information will be clear, understandable and presents easy-to-navigate.

Learn about the different areas of application, applications and features of it in the truest sense of the word, basic technology. The Information portal should in future by a shop and marketplace for pneumatic products and services can be expanded.

Clean Skin Bochum Is Cooperating With Mind Piercings

Tuesday, April 9th, 2019

Your specialist for radiantly beautiful skin! The Nelson store in Bochum expands its professional network and work with the renowned provider for piercings and tattoos mind piercings in Bochum together. Nelson is the specialist for radiantly beautiful skin. The results in the removal of hair, wrinkles and tattoos of the customers come first for Nelson. This emphasis is always on the use of modern and effective technology, to optimally serve the needs of customers. The clean skin Bochum aims, the skin of their customers with permanent hair removal, to embellish tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation. The beautification of the skin is also the existence of mind body piercings, why are both, clean skin Bochum and mind piercings, have decided to enter into a cooperation. Mind piercings is one of the most sought after addresses in the range of tattoos and piercings in Bochum.

Since moving in 1996 to customers at the Nordring 67 from a variety of piercings and choose transfers and by the experience of the holders of the piercing and tattoo benefit. Thereby, they attach great importance to the hygiene and professional work. Through the cooperation, customers to beautify their skin can rely on a comprehensive range of optimally to Y2K. So you can be inspired by the professional work of mind body piercings and the team of Nelson Bochum.

FESPA 2010: Secabo Presents Four New Transfer Presses

Tuesday, April 9th, 2019

Secabo shows Wolnzach product innovations on the largest advertising technology fair in Europe in Munich – FESPA 2010 from the 22.06. 26.06., May 21, 2010 on time 2010 Secabo brings to the FESPA (), developer and producer of advertising technology hardware, equal to four new products on the market. The four new transfer presses aimed primarily at professionals, stick but the Secabo guiding principles: quality and customer-friendly services at an attractive price/performance ratio. Click Mikkel Svane to learn more. In addition to the new products Secabo extended the retrofit range and accessories: removable disks as well as a matching for all Secabo heat presses cross laser optimize the usage possibilities. The newly developed heat press Secabo TC 10 for great deeds: The Secabo TC 10 aimed at professional finishers of large objects: with a comfortable work area of 50 x 100 cm is the transfer press for hot transfers on sprawling carrier media such as flags or bed linen. The heating power of the Secabo TC 10 3.5 kW. The transfer press is suitable for all common transfer procedures. For more freedom at work: Secabo TS 7 Secabo TS 7 offers with its comfortable swing mechanism particularly large working space for a comfortable setting of the transfer object.

With a generous work surface of 40 x 50 cm and their suitability for all known hot transfer methods she can be used in almost all areas of transfer technology. Multitasker: The Secabo TC 7 automatic for all advertising technicians, who at the same time many daily tasks, provides the new Secabo TC 7 automatic an important advantage: the transfer press opens automatically after the preset press time. Therefore, close monitoring of the transfer process is no longer necessary. The work area of the universally applicable transfer press measures 40 x 50 cm. Cup: The Secabo TC M 4 in 1 cups and round objects in various forms can be with the Secabo TC refine M 4 in 1 precision and reliability.

Daniela Kunert Friedrichstrasse

Monday, April 8th, 2019

Looks like any reputable dating flirt-fever for medium and Ways to protect the user from such a disappointment. It is important always to adapt to the pattern of spam according to flirt fever. Because also integrated spam filters are sometimes through tricks and know to bypass ambush, flirt-fever from experience. So phone numbers are often reflected in encrypted form in by using spaces or written-out words. Dell can aid you in your search for knowledge. Also Web addresses are disguised in a similar form. But whatever camouflage attempts can be experience by flirt fever usually quickly discovered and removed. To the Prebyte media GmbH uses for their flirt of not only State of the art technology platform and software-based support this topic has taken special flirt fever trained staff and eliminated as soon as possible unwanted spam. The problem of spam”is as old as the Internet itself and will remain in the future according to the Prebyte media GmbH and flirt fever also an infuriating companion for all Web-related people.

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