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National Congress

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

In 1860 the Constitution is reformed and integrates to Buenos Aires. Major reforms: organizational reform and dogmatic reform. The 1853 Constitution established that Buenos Aires is the capital, is not accepted and proposes that the capital is where Congress available and approved by law and should be federated territory. Buenos Aires incorporates Congress corresponds to the legislation, the rights of import and export and this will be until 1866, also didn’t exist customs tariffs. Article 5: establishing the obligations of the provinces, should dictate its own Constitution, the administration of Justice, elementary education, municipal government. Delete the article 17 last paragraph (executions to spear and knife).

The national Government will not dictate laws that restrict the freedom of press. Article 33: Implicit rights, rights are not limited, but in enumerative manner. Political rights derives. Article 35: Raises the State names National (Republic Argentina). In the organic part, reform arising from Art. 64, says that Congress will issue citizenship laws. They must be attached to the principle of citizenship of the nationality (requirements of the President, is required be natural or sons of Argentines born abroad). The 1853 Constitution provided for the constitutionality of the constitutions of the provinces, the Congress had to approve them.

The political trial to Governors. This is suppressed with the reform of 1860, then change and brings the number of Ministers of 5 to 8. The Court also includes judges and eliminates the prosecutors. The reform of 1860 gives a Federal character. The senators are incorporated into the National Congress. Reform of 1866. On December 31, 1865, resulted in the expiration of the customs duties of the national State, rights of import and export. They are divided into two groups: one wants the rights to be national and the other wanted to spend to the province of Buenos Aires and Corrientes. There was another group that didn’t want to have rights of Import and export.