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The Origin Of The Life In Our Planet According To Carl Sagan

Monday, July 6th, 2015

Carl Sagan was one of the most made famous and recognized artnomos North Americans, his books and theories – especially his book ” Cosmos” – they would be translated and interpreted in many languages grancias to all right important expositions on thematic like the origin of the life in our planet, the creation of the Universe and the extraterrestrial life. Contact information is here: Douglas R. Oberhelman. This great scientist, who felleciera in 1996 to the 62 years, always very considered the importance of the ethics in his work for that reason all expositions and theories were based on a total and completes objectivity. According to this always he was in favor of concepts such as that the formation and origin of the Earth life are completely ligature with the extraterrestrial life. In this he emphasizes that the life always will have a corelation within the planet and outside him then its origin and formation depends on the sum of the same organic molecules.

It is more, Sagan theorizes on the extraterrestrial life resorting to the knowledge of the terrestrial life, his origins and later evolution, stops to suggest it substance of the life everywhere is, and therefore, any external life to our planet could follow a process similar to ours. The greater test of their theories on the origin of the life in the planet is based that they go beyond the theory of the Abiognesis, talk about to that a very concrete test of the evolution of the life from organic molecules is the existence of Europe – one of the natural satellites of Jupiter – and Titan – the greatest Saturn satellite – where easily the oceans can be found than it very possibly can get to be water. Nowadays this one theory is very accepted in scientific means and astronomical, of equal way with the evolution of the space technology aero has been able to verify the veracity of the exposition thus deSagan its theory on the origin of the life here and there outside is not for anything crazy, it is more is resembled natural and evolutionary the facts that enough they are really very significant at the time of speaking of this one complex thematic one.

It always left the concrete plateamiento that the origin of the life in our planet and outside him must to a fact known like ” Csmica” inevitability; in which the process of evolution and transformation at molecular level is an inevitable fact, a consequence of the action – reaction that gives like result the sprouting of the microscopic life, that later and with much patience will be evolving until conceiving what today we can see and touch.

Walter Friedel

Monday, July 6th, 2015

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