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DVD Laptop

Friday, March 9th, 2012

When choosing a laptop, we as users often look for those models that use the processor Pentium. Guided by this, they often view "knows" who said that the Pentium is better than the Celeron. The question: "Which is better?" As a general rule, put in deadlock. With laptops situation is not as simple as it seems. First, the processor laptop affect battery life. That's a lot I do not think. Secondly, laptops are divided into classes according to their functional characteristics.

A sometimes the situation is as follows: a model of an economy class, especially the valuable low-cost, frequently purchased with Pentium. And what is "full" Pentium in a laptop? Let's see: Setting up the notebook manufacturers are usually based as follows: top line price – a model with minimal CPU performance notebook, the lowest to date, the amount of RAM and hard drive, no built-in wireless modules, and At least one complete set (bag, mouse, etc.), often with a free operating system (DOS or Linux), with a device that can read DVD, read and write / rewrite CD. The next line is the price list at the beginning, for example, large amount of hard disk and RAM more. Then, using the same algorithm. Bottom line, we see already the most "weight" model: the maximum disk and memory, licensed Windows XP. was about 70S (the OEM version), optical drive, allowing for order entry / RE-DVD, as well as a complete set of additional elements, which are certainly important and necessary, but can significantly increase the total cost.