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Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Construction – a complicated matter, it has been known since ancient times. And it starts with the design of the structure, with the basic idea of what should be the building. Since ancient times, architects simply traced the contour of the land of the future structure and Guided only by his intelligence and experience, creating masterpieces for the ages. For 3-5 the last centuries has been paid to design issues very seriously. There were skilled architects designers who began to create images of their future buildings on paper, but now – on a computer screen.

There was a lot of programs that can help you create a layout, and volume presentation of the project, including the visualization is made possible with the help of textures and materials, that is, one can see on the computer screen, lifelike picture of the future project (interior of a room, building, landscape etc.). Now faced with the task scheduler to what the same program to choose to implement their ideas. In today's market a lot of programs that you can implement your ideas, but some of them are too complicated to learn (Eg 3D Max), some do not perform all the functions that would like such a program only to build a two-dimensional drawings, there is only three-dimensional, for example, or only for the calculation of the foundation, etc. The program also ArchiCad does seem to me, all the functions that are required for the project. The program can be built ArchiCad and two-dimensional (plans, sections, parts, components and so on) and three types of drawings (3D model of the building), as well as possible creation of various reports and presentations.

Compilation of documentation occurs simultaneously with the development of the project, because the program keeps a full range of information on future building – plans, sections, perspectives, list necessary materials. as well as all the comments of the architect, made during the operation. ArchiCD can at any stage of the project to see it in three dimensions, in section, in the long term, to select the most suitable materials and calculate their consumption. It is even possible to create animated clip depicting a building designed in conjunction with its location, to the customer through the building, looking at each floor and in every room, as well as bypass or circumnavigate around the building. Thus the project will become more visible and understandable to the customer. And the most important achievement, in my opinion, so it ArchiCad to add to your project ready 3D models and objects, which in sufficient number appeared on the Internet, which is why many designers and architects use this particular program. Virtual construction provides great opportunities, because the system uses intelligent sites for construction. Each object has a similar behavior and intelligence inherent in this element. For example, the behavior of wood and doors made of wood is different. The real model allows necessary inquiries to shade, the heat, the cost of materials, as well as edit the data. ArchiCAD helps automate the operation of the plans, perspective views, cross sections, as well as animation.

Qualified Computer Help

Thursday, August 4th, 2016

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Crystal Display

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

Most of the CRT (Cathode Ray Tube)-monitors support high resolution display, flexible in its modifications, and in contrast to LCD monitors do not require work in the original resolution. Although the close position of power cables, they may be affected by electromagnetic interference. Flicker and refresh rate of CRT (Cathode Ray Tube)-port monitor your eyes and causes rapid fatigue. For this recommend using a monitor, which provides for better resolution of the frequency of 85 hertz. Image of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)-monitors made of fine microcrystalline elements. The main advantage in size, it is easy and flat, and also had no harmful radiation. However, ideally a decent picture, they reach only one, the recommended resolution.

When purchasing, pay attention only to the 'factory' permission, switching to another, just degrades the image quality. Relative brightness and contrast, the more these values, the finer the image detail and saturation. For the new matrix Brightness: 240 – 450 cd / m; Contrast 350: 1 – 700: 1. Response Time display must be no more than 30 milliseconds or even less, or much worse dynamic images, the effect of blurry motion. In the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)-monitors, color and brightness of the matrix is totally dependent on angle, it is necessary to pay attention to. No need to purchase a model, the viewing angle is less than 160 . Displays LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)-displays because of its matte surface minimally exposed to light patches compared even with a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube)-monitors have an anti-glare coating. Summing up, forming a conclusion, there are no perfect monitors.

Solved only by you. But no matter, what kind of monitor you are tempted, it is necessary to take the best of those that allow your wallet. Most likely, it will be a modern liquid crystal display, cathode ray tubes – yesterday. To date, the minimum diagonal screen is 17 inches, but the play or work behind the monitor with a diagonal of 19 inches is much more comfortable and pleasant. If this monitor for yourself, and you want to watch videos or movies, here came a more wide-screen model, and certainly more diagonal.

Start Winamp

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Legs buckled LEDs and soldered the power wires to them (the long leg of the LED – plus, the short, respectively – minus). Welded together? Then collect! Backlit center is finished. Typically, light fan consists of four LEDs located on the corners of the fan. I decided to make a backlight consisting of eight LEDs. For this necessary to drill (now take advantage of their knowledge of arithmetic, 8 – 4 = 4) four holes in the middles of the edges of the fan, drill diameter 4.8 mm. In my old fan walls were very thin, and drill and and paste after the LEDs, I did not work.

I had to make sleeves of nylon tube, an inner diameter of 4.8 mm. I have prepared eight sleeves, each measuring 1 cm Trims bushes. After fitting sleeves, glue them (For this purpose I used a glue gun). With the fan, we completed the job, now go to work with lumiere. To do this, take the 8 LEDs, LPT port (the one that connects to the LPT-port on the motherboard), 8 ohm resistors 470 and All welds on the scheme here: Double-check whether you are welded together! Since the LEDs are in the best case would refuse to work, well, at worst you have to walk to the store for a new motherboard. For your convenience, I numbered each LED.

LEDs are putting into place, turn on the computer and see what we came out of it. After turning on the computer I was disappointed by one thing: the center was really very bright. The problem I have decided to simply cut out two circles, one of Whatman paper, and the other of the mirror film. For a start put the circle of the mirror film, and after that, and the circle of Whatman paper, and collected in the impeller fan. Revised, highlighting the center has become softer. We insist in our light-fan. Proceed to the final part of the article, namely to set up and zapuskusvetomuzykalnogo fan. To adjust the light-you must copy the folder vis_leds.dll Fail Plugins, she located in the directory Winamp. After the download UserPort, run and type in the value of 0x378-0x378 in the left text box, copy the file to a folder userport.sys WINDOWSSystem32Drivers, the program click on the button ADD, then Start. Now you can close the program. Start Winamp, press right mouse button, find the visualization -> select plugin -> visualization and LED'sflashing machine, select the mode, press the Start button and look at the light and charmed fans in all its glory. More information in the pictures you find on: Portal with handles

DVD Laptop

Friday, March 9th, 2012

When choosing a laptop, we as users often look for those models that use the processor Pentium. Guided by this, they often view "knows" who said that the Pentium is better than the Celeron. The question: "Which is better?" As a general rule, put in deadlock. With laptops situation is not as simple as it seems. First, the processor laptop affect battery life. That's a lot I do not think. Secondly, laptops are divided into classes according to their functional characteristics.

A sometimes the situation is as follows: a model of an economy class, especially the valuable low-cost, frequently purchased with Pentium. And what is "full" Pentium in a laptop? Let's see: Setting up the notebook manufacturers are usually based as follows: top line price – a model with minimal CPU performance notebook, the lowest to date, the amount of RAM and hard drive, no built-in wireless modules, and At least one complete set (bag, mouse, etc.), often with a free operating system (DOS or Linux), with a device that can read DVD, read and write / rewrite CD. The next line is the price list at the beginning, for example, large amount of hard disk and RAM more. Then, using the same algorithm. Bottom line, we see already the most "weight" model: the maximum disk and memory, licensed Windows XP. was about 70S (the OEM version), optical drive, allowing for order entry / RE-DVD, as well as a complete set of additional elements, which are certainly important and necessary, but can significantly increase the total cost.

Repair Notebooks And Monitors

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Laptop Repair – the main causes of breakage Modern laptops mean mobile life of their owners and the fact that these devices are often used on the road. So the laptop is designed for resistance to vibration, frequent inclusion and power outages and other minor mechanical effects. However, the laptop itself – rather fragile structure, which must be treated gently and carefully. Despite the prevalence of devices, repair of laptops so far – a costly exercise, and better protect your purchase from damage than to repair it. So let's consider the most common causes of failure noutbukov.Zhidkost spilled on the keyboard.

Hosts laptops often run the table and do not let your "friend" even during meals. Therefore, the ranking breakdowns spilled on the keyboard of coffee, tea and juice take the first mesto.Povrezhdenie LCD-screen. The most common cause of damage to the screen is a drop in the laptop to land or attempt to close the lid, leaving the keyboard packages. This failure is in the ranking Laptop Repair mesto.Na second third place of honor – Notebook battery overheating and rapid discharge. If you leave your laptop on, putting it in a bag, pouch or other container, restricting access of air, expect that after a while you'll have to repair the device. Also, overheating of the battery can facilitate the accumulation of dust inside noutbuka.Mehanicheskaya damage the keyboard.

If you prefer to rattle the keys of the laptop, then soon some of the keys can simply fly away, you will need replacement keyboard. Damage to the hard drive. If you regularly work with a laptop in public transport or places where the vibration is strong, then problems may arise with hard disk – in particular, are beginning to demagnetize the surface of the media and formed the so-called bad-blocks. The most dangerous bad-blocks so that they are almost impossible to arrest, and with time, the hard drive completely fails. Seeing the looming threat of a hard disk it is better to zamenit.Neispravnosti socket power supply and USB-ports. If you carelessly treat ear plugs or other, then Sooner or later they will "come loose", and other devices not podklyuchatsya.Profilaktika breakdowns Let the first step in servicing the notebook will be familiar with the manual. The laptop, like any other device, subject to the accumulation of dust and pollution. Every six months you can open the laptop and carefully clean it up – either alone or in a specialized workshop. In addition to dust and dirt in your laptop you can find the crumbs from bread that had fallen hair, animal fur. Therefore, you should pay particular attention to the operating conditions of your device. The most common mistake that laptop users – instead of opening it, they try to "shake out" garbage, turning down the laptop keyboard. Do not in any way is impossible, if you do not want to hit the garbage workers of the laptop. Also be careful with the spilled liquid. If you see that it gets inside the laptop, then the best solution – a laptop to get wet, then leave to dry for several days, not including. You can then open and try to replace burned-out part.

The Cessation

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

From this it follows that, even without changes on your site, it is still every 15 minutes, the cache will be recreated from scratch. Consequently, there will be extra and database queries. The cache manager will be able to extend the cache only increases its life. This will help reduce all the queries to the database that are not necessary. Many experts believe that the best time of life is the time of the cache updates. For example, if you add the news about a twice a day, you spent an hour in the process of adding, then life in the CMS Joomla cache can be extended to 23 hours.

– Lacks a long caching We already told you that with the help of CMS Joomla mambots you can make many manipulations with the text, but without making any real changes in the text. You can select any words or terms in the text, replace references to documents that do inaccessible parts of the text. Let's say you run a cache, but lined more time, then you are setting a new boat, you can simply not notice the change. This happens due to the fact that Joomla is no longer display older data that resides in the cache. At each change of the object is to regenerate the cache for a particular object, not even including the time the cache, the changes will be displayed correctly. But here's modules in the same operation you may a little lie, because the cache only after dropping the zeroes your settings. Experts believe that for sites that use the modules, the information must be updated 80 – 90% of the time to add news.

Most often it is used in the newsflash, displaynews and others. Let's sum up, all of the above. We have learned that caching allows you to reduce the load on the database server, it also positively affects the download speed the site for users. Before defining the lifetime of the cache must be considered an update of the material on your site. Also, try not to forget that the cessation of caching in the site settings can lead to cache the matter here, but in order to prokeshirovat modules should go to the menu editing module parameters and set the parameter Enable cache on YES.

Preset Manager

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

On the Internet there are many places where you can download brushes photoshop. Download a set of brushes you get abr Fail, which is intended to be used in this program. To install the brushes from abr file go to the Edit menu – Preset Manager, click UPLOAD, find the desired file (it should be on your computer) and load brushes in Photoshop. If the brushes are in the archive files (. Zip,. Rar …) we must first extract the files.

An example of a set of brushes: But that would use them effectively, nadostatochno download download Photoshop brushes, you must also configure them. For this we use the Brushes palette, which has eight tabs. Each tab is designed to change a particular setting the brush. 1. INSTALLATION OF HAND used to select the type of brush. 2. FORM prints allows you to change the size and other parameters. On the right side of the middle part there are elements of the settings selected on the basis of a sample library, and the bottom tab of the window we see a thumbnail of the print.

– Parameter size (in pixels) change by moving the slider or by entering the desired value in the field. -Stiffness parameters used to define the extent Feather the edges of the print. Changes as well as the size of the brush by moving the slider or by entering the desired value in the box. The greater the stiffness, the more clear-cut edge is an imprint.


Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Entered amount will be used in the system 'Biznes.Personal' in all calculations where applicable amount of subsistence for the period from the date of its of the date of commencement of the next record amount of new living wage. 2. Definition of calculation involved in calculating the amount to be indexed. To determine the list of charges involved in the calculating the amount of wages subject to indexation in an automated complex 'Biznes.Personal' a system of accounting registers. Register account – a concept that combines certain characteristics of different objects in single group of records.

Signs of combining objects on the register of records, generated by a table reentrant. Accounting registers user who has specific access rights can create yourself to work with various objects in a convenient form of grouping of these objects. To form the register on account of indexation in the form of payroll viewing algorithms necessary to: – Select a bookmark 'Registers of accounting. " – Using the rules of the form view tree structure, add an entry to the register records. – In the edit form to enter the name of the account register Register account the indexation of income and select from the drop-down list the category of 'indexation of income'. – The tab 'accounting registers' special action to cause the edit form Table reentrant and positioned on a column entered Register account the indexation of income. – Double click on the intersection of the rows of charge to the column index register in revenue noted by 'X' those kinds of charges, which are involved in forming the sum for indexing.

Visual Studio

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Usually called when the save operation or when out of the work item form. This method can not be used if the user control object is set to the work item as soon as it changes. As a result of the new custom item, you must get a listing of which is shown below. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using dll-file that contains an extension, place in a certain place. All custom items for MS Visual Studio 2005 are in a special folder MicrosoftTeam FoundationWork Item TrackingCustom Controls, which the system determines the location in the following sequence: First, find the folder is on the way Environment.SpecialFolder.CommonApplicationData; Then on the way Environment.SpecialFolder.LocalApplicationData. If you are using MS Visual Studio 2008, user elements are placed in a subdirectory of "9.0" above the directory. Such approach is made for those cases when one workplace used MS Visual Studio 2005 and MS Visual Studio 2008. Note: If a job using MS Visual Studio 2005 and MS Visual Studio 2008, it is important to remember that the user extension should be recompiled for every environment in which it will be used.

This is due to different dll-dependencies for each environment. In addition, you must define for each custom extension special (. Wicc) file, which is description of the item. This file should be with the dll-file and have a custom item name as . Wicc. The description file extension is a xml-file and has the following structure: DependentComboBox.dll DependentComboBox.DependentComboBoxControl As can be seen from structure description file specifies the following: Name of the assembly (element) custom extension, full name of the class (element) in which this extension is implemented.