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Bakery Confectionery Bush

Thursday, June 6th, 2019

The implemented system has allowed visitors to the dining room to pay bills through a fingerprint. Thus reads the daily limit for meals. Such an alternative paper coupons accelerates payment of the order, and specialized solution for food service improves the speed and quality of visitors' dining room. "Bush" has been working in St. Petersburg since 1999. The company is a manufacturer of high quality bakery and Pastry European level.

Bakery-pastry "Bush" repeatedly became prize winners of the Russian bakery and the International Kremlin Cup in confectionery excellence. Need for Automation dining "Bush" has arisen in connection with moving the company into the new building, where the bandwidth was changed to a system of biometric – fingerprint. Specialists have finalized BIT Industry software-based solution with 1C the needs of the dining room, have developed special plates, connected scanner biometrics. Then the industry solution was combined with a biometric system, which allowed a reliable alternative food stamps. Employees now have a virtual account, payment of which is removed through a fingerprint. Also been trained workers canteen. For full functionality of the system in the new dining room BIT specialists have set the required Equipment: Touch POS-Monitor 15.1 'Posiflex TM-7115-N Scoreboard buyer POSUA LPOS-II-VFD-2029D Vacuum Fluorescent Receipt Printer SPARK-801T As a result, the scheme of the dining room is is the following system: every employee selects the desired dishes, after which, distributor records all the positions in the program using the touch screen.

To pay employee simply puts his finger on the scanner and the amount order is subtracted from the daily limit from his virtual account. Thus, the industry solution for public catering enterprises, combined with biometrics, automated tellers allowed canteen "Bush" to serve Visitors to two times faster and better, preventing the appearance of large queues. In addition, managers are able to quickly get a detailed analytical report on the work of the dining room, including access to the records with POS. Thus, the organization of the dining room became transparent and effective management to increase profitability. Automation dining "Bush" had a positive impact on employees' work the enterprise, saving them time and increasing work efficiency.


Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Construction – a complicated matter, it has been known since ancient times. And it starts with the design of the structure, with the basic idea of what should be the building. Since ancient times, architects simply traced the contour of the land of the future structure and Guided only by his intelligence and experience, creating masterpieces for the ages. For 3-5 the last centuries has been paid to design issues very seriously. There were skilled architects designers who began to create images of their future buildings on paper, but now – on a computer screen.

There was a lot of programs that can help you create a layout, and volume presentation of the project, including the visualization is made possible with the help of textures and materials, that is, one can see on the computer screen, lifelike picture of the future project (interior of a room, building, landscape etc.). Now faced with the task scheduler to what the same program to choose to implement their ideas. In today's market a lot of programs that you can implement your ideas, but some of them are too complicated to learn (Eg 3D Max), some do not perform all the functions that would like such a program only to build a two-dimensional drawings, there is only three-dimensional, for example, or only for the calculation of the foundation, etc. The program also ArchiCad does seem to me, all the functions that are required for the project. The program can be built ArchiCad and two-dimensional (plans, sections, parts, components and so on) and three types of drawings (3D model of the building), as well as possible creation of various reports and presentations.

Compilation of documentation occurs simultaneously with the development of the project, because the program keeps a full range of information on future building – plans, sections, perspectives, list necessary materials. as well as all the comments of the architect, made during the operation. ArchiCD can at any stage of the project to see it in three dimensions, in section, in the long term, to select the most suitable materials and calculate their consumption. It is even possible to create animated clip depicting a building designed in conjunction with its location, to the customer through the building, looking at each floor and in every room, as well as bypass or circumnavigate around the building. Thus the project will become more visible and understandable to the customer. And the most important achievement, in my opinion, so it ArchiCad to add to your project ready 3D models and objects, which in sufficient number appeared on the Internet, which is why many designers and architects use this particular program. Virtual construction provides great opportunities, because the system uses intelligent sites for construction. Each object has a similar behavior and intelligence inherent in this element. For example, the behavior of wood and doors made of wood is different. The real model allows necessary inquiries to shade, the heat, the cost of materials, as well as edit the data. ArchiCAD helps automate the operation of the plans, perspective views, cross sections, as well as animation.

The Cessation

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

From this it follows that, even without changes on your site, it is still every 15 minutes, the cache will be recreated from scratch. Consequently, there will be extra and database queries. The cache manager will be able to extend the cache only increases its life. This will help reduce all the queries to the database that are not necessary. Many experts believe that the best time of life is the time of the cache updates. For example, if you add the news about a twice a day, you spent an hour in the process of adding, then life in the CMS Joomla cache can be extended to 23 hours.

– Lacks a long caching We already told you that with the help of CMS Joomla mambots you can make many manipulations with the text, but without making any real changes in the text. You can select any words or terms in the text, replace references to documents that do inaccessible parts of the text. Let's say you run a cache, but lined more time, then you are setting a new boat, you can simply not notice the change. This happens due to the fact that Joomla is no longer display older data that resides in the cache. At each change of the object is to regenerate the cache for a particular object, not even including the time the cache, the changes will be displayed correctly. But here's modules in the same operation you may a little lie, because the cache only after dropping the zeroes your settings. Experts believe that for sites that use the modules, the information must be updated 80 – 90% of the time to add news.

Most often it is used in the newsflash, displaynews and others. Let's sum up, all of the above. We have learned that caching allows you to reduce the load on the database server, it also positively affects the download speed the site for users. Before defining the lifetime of the cache must be considered an update of the material on your site. Also, try not to forget that the cessation of caching in the site settings can lead to cache the matter here, but in order to prokeshirovat modules should go to the menu editing module parameters and set the parameter Enable cache on YES.

Preset Manager

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

On the Internet there are many places where you can download brushes photoshop. Download a set of brushes you get abr Fail, which is intended to be used in this program. To install the brushes from abr file go to the Edit menu – Preset Manager, click UPLOAD, find the desired file (it should be on your computer) and load brushes in Photoshop. If the brushes are in the archive files (. Zip,. Rar …) we must first extract the files.

An example of a set of brushes: But that would use them effectively, nadostatochno download download Photoshop brushes, you must also configure them. For this we use the Brushes palette, which has eight tabs. Each tab is designed to change a particular setting the brush. 1. INSTALLATION OF HAND used to select the type of brush. 2. FORM prints allows you to change the size and other parameters. On the right side of the middle part there are elements of the settings selected on the basis of a sample library, and the bottom tab of the window we see a thumbnail of the print.

– Parameter size (in pixels) change by moving the slider or by entering the desired value in the field. -Stiffness parameters used to define the extent Feather the edges of the print. Changes as well as the size of the brush by moving the slider or by entering the desired value in the box. The greater the stiffness, the more clear-cut edge is an imprint.


Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Entered amount will be used in the system 'Biznes.Personal' in all calculations where applicable amount of subsistence for the period from the date of its of the date of commencement of the next record amount of new living wage. 2. Definition of calculation involved in calculating the amount to be indexed. To determine the list of charges involved in the calculating the amount of wages subject to indexation in an automated complex 'Biznes.Personal' a system of accounting registers. Register account – a concept that combines certain characteristics of different objects in single group of records.

Signs of combining objects on the register of records, generated by a table reentrant. Accounting registers user who has specific access rights can create yourself to work with various objects in a convenient form of grouping of these objects. To form the register on account of indexation in the form of payroll viewing algorithms necessary to: – Select a bookmark 'Registers of accounting. " – Using the rules of the form view tree structure, add an entry to the register records. – In the edit form to enter the name of the account register Register account the indexation of income and select from the drop-down list the category of 'indexation of income'. – The tab 'accounting registers' special action to cause the edit form Table reentrant and positioned on a column entered Register account the indexation of income. – Double click on the intersection of the rows of charge to the column index register in revenue noted by 'X' those kinds of charges, which are involved in forming the sum for indexing.


Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

One of the most popular issues in the transition from Windows to Ubuntu is that Ubuntu is out of the box does not accept rar archive format and 7z. But even if you have opened it instead of the usual you get a set of Cyrillic kryakozyabr are not very pleasing to the eye to the user … ie you. The reason for this – part support UTF-8 format. But as always in Ubuntu is the solution to this problem. Namely the use of new versions of the archives.

And I recommend using 7zip. 7zip – a powerful archiver with high compression ratio. Under a mixed license: GNU LGPL + restriction unRAR. You can use 7-Zip on any computer, including commercial organizations. You do not need to register or to pay for archiver 7-Zip. 7-Zip works in Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista. There is also a port for command-line version of Linux / Unix. Its main features are: Packing / unpacking: 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2 and TARTolko Unpacking: ARJ, CAB, CHM, CPIO, DEB, DMG, HFS, ISO, LZH, LZMA, MSI, NSIS, RAR, RPM, UDF, WIM , XAR and Z.i t.d.Dlya ZIP and GZIP, 7-Zip provides compression ratio that is 2-10% better than ratio provided by PKZip and WinZipPereveden 74 language As you can see a fairly wide range of formats and to extract further problems should arise. To install the command line, type: sudo apt-get install p7zip p7zip-full p7zip-rar If you will need to archive it in RAR format then this tool should be used RAR. To install it, execute: sudo apt-get install rar but in my experience it does not use recommend. After installing it on Ubuntu 10.

Transfer Data

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

This article shows how to transfer data between model configurations 1C 7.7 and 1C: Enterprise 8 standard means. If the configuration was finalized, there is no guarantee that the transfer is successful; advised to consult a specialist. It is assumed that you already have a blank knowledge base 1C Enterprise 8. The information base 1C: Accounting 7.7 is on the same computer. Open empty database 1C Enterprise 8, which is planned to transfer data. Find the top menu item "Tools" – "Transferring data from information databases 1C: Enterprise 7.7". In the first phase need to select the type of Transfer: Load data from a data base; Load data from file Select the first option, since the base 1C: Accounting 7.7 is on the same machine, so the program can connect to the database and read all the necessary data.

Push the button "Next" and proceed to the second stage. Here, the program offers to us to choose what data we want to move. 1. Only directories – only directories are subject to transfer; 2. Residues at the beginning of the year – if you choose this option in the data base 1C Enterprise 8 in addition to directories will be moved to the top of the remains of the year. 3.

Residues at the beginning of the year and turnover for the period – choosing the third option, we will be able to upload the new data base reference, the remnants of the beginning of the selected year, and turnover for the period that precedes the selected year (for example, remains at the beginning of 2010 plus rpm with April to December 2009). In the "Information Database 1C: Enterprise 7.7", select the data base 1C Buhgateriya 7.7. Again press the button "Next" and proceed to the next step. At this stage, the direct data transfer. On the indicator to judge the speed of the process and determine the approximate time to complete the transfer operation. 1C in a strict sequence has five steps: 1. Connecting to the information base program attempts to connect to information on 1C: Enterprise 7.7. If the attempt fails – the next step will not happen. 2. Upload data if connection is successful, data from the source database will be uploaded to an intermediate file to your hard drive. 3. Loading data disembarked at a previous stage, the data are loaded into a new data base 1C Enterprise 8. 4. Carrying loaded documents program attempts for each downloaded document, which is not always possible. The most common error – blank field of some type. If of the document is not successful, in the lower window "service messages" warning will be provided. In this case, locate the document and correct it manually. 5. Checking the downloaded documents at this stage to scan the downloaded data. All discrepancies will also see information in the "service messages." At the end of the five stages above the bottom of the the message "Data transfer completed successfully." This literally means that all data was successfully loaded in accordance with the selected settings. All we have to do – to check the downloaded data visually. Create oborotki (turnover balance sheet) in both information databases and compare the figures for the same period. If the balances and turnovers of all accounts of the same, you can be sure that all necessary data has been completely Perez in a new information base.