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From this it follows that, even without changes on your site, it is still every 15 minutes, the cache will be recreated from scratch. Consequently, there will be extra and database queries. The cache manager will be able to extend the cache only increases its life. This will help reduce all the queries to the database that are not necessary. Many experts believe that the best time of life is the time of the cache updates. For example, if you add the news about a twice a day, you spent an hour in the process of adding, then life in the CMS Joomla cache can be extended to 23 hours.

– Lacks a long caching We already told you that with the help of CMS Joomla mambots you can make many manipulations with the text, but without making any real changes in the text. You can select any words or terms in the text, replace references to documents that do inaccessible parts of the text. Let's say you run a cache, but lined more time, then you are setting a new boat, you can simply not notice the change. This happens due to the fact that Joomla is no longer display older data that resides in the cache. At each change of the object is to regenerate the cache for a particular object, not even including the time the cache, the changes will be displayed correctly. But here's modules in the same operation you may a little lie, because the cache only after dropping the zeroes your settings. Experts believe that for sites that use the modules, the information must be updated 80 – 90% of the time to add news.

Most often it is used in the newsflash, displaynews and others. Let's sum up, all of the above. We have learned that caching allows you to reduce the load on the database server, it also positively affects the download speed the site for users. Before defining the lifetime of the cache must be considered an update of the material on your site. Also, try not to forget that the cessation of caching in the site settings can lead to cache the matter here, but in order to prokeshirovat modules should go to the menu editing module parameters and set the parameter Enable cache on YES.

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