Sewing Curtains

Sew curtains for over 10 years. Many times, faced with a lack of information on technology, sewing curtains and swags. Most training courses are focused precisely on the theory. So as a practical part of the course, the most costly. Selection teachers, as problematic, the teacher must have practical experience.

Explore technology sewing curtains on the books pretty hard. After studying this issue, I came to the conclusion that in the first place, should be practical training. In order to bring this practical part of lessons for beginners, were created video tutorials, sewing curtains and bedspreads. As well as a site where published articles and answers to frequently asked questions. In the video courses are explanations for all questions clearly and shot all things as from the cutting of tissue, resulting in a finished product.

Displaying it in practice. You turn and drive from home are studying, sewing. Along with the lessons is a set of full-size patterns, cutting the classic soft lambrequin. In the lessons are given all the explanations for working with patterns. All calculations of tissue. Price of video training courses are much lower than comparable full-time courses tailoring. In addition to the video courses are patterns, so students do not need in their search. Well, the fact of learning at home is convenient. Usually after a week studying send photos of their early work on me e-mail. These defects, if any, and explaining how to fix them, I send a photo with the recommendations of the back. And after a while, I get a picture of the corrected, usually not more questions arises. That's the distance learning sewing curtains, bedspreads. Judging by the comments of students, is quite effective, especially since some of the students in the video lessons were held before the traditional courses and not learning to sew. But now, many are taking orders and sew your own.

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