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High Definition Screen

Monday, August 24th, 2020

You pass a few simple tips: It is more economical and efficient, a curtain over a window, whose light falls on the projection screens that claim to have a video projector with a powerful light to counter it. The minimum brightness of most current projectors allow for a quality vision without the need to keep the lights on. Although the light, or luminosity, focusing on a screen one meter by one meter, is the same as it is projected on a screen 10 by 10 feet, in the latter case, the points that form the image would be much farther apart, so that the apparent brightness would be much lower, (as if we focus the beam of a flashlight to a meter, or if we do a hundred). So we should not get too excited, though we have space (with a screen too large, it must be proportional to the distance we see a lot more quality and with screen 180 x 180 cm, with a 400 X 230 cms., for it is very bright projector. What resolution do I need? The resolution is determined by the number of dots (pixels) that form the image, the more points forming the image better, but we must take into account , which is what we'll see, you may not need the higher resolutions, because what this project will not necessarily defined. Let's see how many resolutions between those seen in our market: Resolution SVGA (800×600) XGA Resolution (1024×768) Resolution UXGA (1280 x 720) resolution WUXGA (1920 x 1080) to project images normal television SVGA resolution would suffice, if what is planned (some DVD), is called "High Definition" from UXGA. To enjoy a video game console, or a flight simulator with 1024 X 768, is more than enough, in the same way that if we project images from a computer

Fernando Alonso New Silestone Presents Series In Milan

Thursday, August 20th, 2020

“Two-time formula 1 – world champion is Godfather of the latest collection of world market leader for countertops: ‘ Silestone sport series’ Milan, 8th 2010 Fernando Alonso, two-time formula 1 – world champion, took on the task the new Silestone collection sports series by Fernando Alonso” to present. Inspired and this innovative new series from the colour Rosso Monza, White Platinum and Cemento Spa was supported by El nano”, as the Spaniard is known. Part of the launches in the modern Nhow hotel in Milan was inter alia a discussion board where the formula 1 – driver together with international personalities from the design and architecture world as Santiago Miranda and Michele Capuani debated about innovation, technology and design. The discussion focused on the latest trends in the fields of design and decoration. While the participants focused on the theme, such as high-tech innovations in the technology market for consumer products too can be applied. Originating from Seville. realizes his professional projects in Milan together with the British designer Perry King Santiago Miranda. Miranda received the Spanish national design award 1989 and is best known for his unique designs of machines and devices, lighting systems, Office equipment. Michele Capuani in product design, architecture and spatial planning is an important name in Italy and everywhere in Europe. Dell has firm opinions on the matter. In addition, he has chaired of the Instituto Europeo di Design Group and positions and is an honorary member of the Science Panel of ESAG (ecole superior of the Artes Graphique) in Paris. Highlight of the evening was the musical contribution by Fernando Alonso. On a traditional folk instrument, made of Silestone, he gave a small piece of music to be the best entertainment of the present. Also Eduardo Martinez Cosentino, commercial Director of Cosentino group was among the high-ranking guests. Under his leadership, cooperation between Silestone and Fernando Alonso was initiated, which is now three years. Silestone : Silestone, a brand of the international Company Cosentino, the most extraordinary buildings in the world is present, such as the Burj al Arab hotel in Dubai, the Wembley Stadium in London, the Carrousel at the Louvre in Paris, the Torre Agbar in Barcelona, and the new reference store of Telefonica in Madrid in some. Silestone is the first Spanish brand which promotes the United States when the American Super Bowl, the biggest TV event. Also has Silestone 2008 personal sponsor of the two-time formula 1 – world champion Fernando Alonso and Almeria works with the Houston Rockets in the NBA, as well as the team of UD in the top flight of Spanish football. The Cosentino group: Currently the Cosentino group in more than 50 countries represented, maintains 6 works, 14 stone quarries and 17 processing plants. At the headquarters in Macael (Almeria), directs and manages the company and international branch offices: Cosentino Belgium Cosentino, Cosentino Germany, Cosentino France, Cosentino Ireland, Cosentino Italy, Cosentino Mexico, Cosentino Netherlands, Cosentino North America, Cosentino Austria, Cosentino Portugal, Cosentino Switzerland, Cosentino Scandinavia and Cosentino UK. Almost 70% of the turnover is generated on international markets.

Projection Screen Size

Monday, August 17th, 2020

Moreover, most modern video projectors are not designed to fit sideways – violations of the heat transfer power of projection lamps. Besides the usual form, shaped ‘vertical-overs’, where one can hardly find. Most often, this special promotional or entertainment projects, sometimes – the placards. So, if the screen we just need to play normal video, sd or hd, it remains to choose between 4:3 and 16:9. Usually, in such cases, the recommended 4:3 ratio as the most versatile. ‘On the 4:3 screen is always possible to display a 16:9 image, filling the screen width. And if you have a collapsible screen, you can deploy it so much as needed to play a specific format. ” Arguments are not indisputable. Firstly, if you align the format and the width, the size of individual pixel sd increase by 2.67 times relative to the pixel in hd. In the case of alignment adjustment, the projected increase is only 1.88 times. But the larger the pixel on the screen, the greater the probability of grain images. Second, keep the mobile screen is not deployed until the end – it is necessary try.

If the screen is stationary and easy to take any intermediate position, it would still have to lift the optical axis of the projector in HD-mode. Seems more reasonable solution: to choose the format of the screen basic format of the projector. The very same format is chosen so that it matches your needs: 16:9 – if largely expected to show large-format videos (movies or HDTV) and 4:3 – if the major television will format. Ca. auth. Projection Screen Size is usually chosen so that its breadth was not more than half the distance from the screen to the viewer. If the source is in favor of standard video quality is fears that the pixilated image will be too noticeable, you can use the ‘rule of three diagonal’ – the diagonal of the screen should be three times less than the distance from the screen to the audience. Matte and gloss What type of coverage to prefer? Screens with a matte finish give a uniform diffuse scattering of incident light. The image can be clearly seen from any angle, the screen lit more evenly. These screens are simpler, cheaper and more universal. Glossy screens are mirrored and reverse reflection (reflective). The first act like an ordinary mirror: the angle of incidence equals the angle of its reflection. The projector is placed under the ceiling, and screen image is reflected down to the audience. Reflective coating comprises reflecting microspheres. The reflected beam returns to the same point, where he was sent to the screen – the projector is located on the shelf before audience. Both types of coatings tend to reduce the angles of viewing comfort and an increase in uneven illumination of the screen. Instead we get a more vivid and sharp image, but is what they say about the coefficient light amplification shield.