High Definition Screen

You pass a few simple tips: It is more economical and efficient, a curtain over a window, whose light falls on the projection screens that claim to have a video projector with a powerful light to counter it. The minimum brightness of most current projectors allow for a quality vision without the need to keep the lights on. Although the light, or luminosity, focusing on a screen one meter by one meter, is the same as it is projected on a screen 10 by 10 feet, in the latter case, the points that form the image would be much farther apart, so that the apparent brightness would be much lower, (as if we focus the beam of a flashlight to a meter, or if we do a hundred). So we should not get too excited, though we have space (with a screen too large, it must be proportional to the distance we see a lot more quality and with screen 180 x 180 cm, with a 400 X 230 cms., for it is very bright projector. What resolution do I need? The resolution is determined by the number of dots (pixels) that form the image, the more points forming the image better, but we must take into account , which is what we'll see, you may not need the higher resolutions, because what this project will not necessarily defined. Let's see how many resolutions between those seen in our market: Resolution SVGA (800×600) XGA Resolution (1024×768) Resolution UXGA (1280 x 720) resolution WUXGA (1920 x 1080) to project images normal television SVGA resolution would suffice, if what is planned (some DVD), is called "High Definition" from UXGA. To enjoy a video game console, or a flight simulator with 1024 X 768, is more than enough, in the same way that if we project images from a computer


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