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How To Create A Web Site

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

In napchale necessary to determine for what purpose we need a website. DLlya definition of a site, you must clearly understand what will engage the site, decide on his theme. 1) You want to create a website for yourself, do not investing? 2) Do you have a company and you need a site card, so to speak for a solid organization and all? 3) You make some or merchandise, sell or provide services, while giving a description of your services on site for review and do not use your site to advertise and attract new customers. 4) Do you manufacture goods, sell or provide services, and a description of your goods and paid services on site for customers and want to use its site to attract new customers. 5) You are creating a blog site, where share their skills with others (a website about computers, style, cell, comparison service operators, software, cars, recipes, etc.). And while you want to earn revenue from advertising on the site. Advertising revenue is a necessary incentive to create high quality website design, clear materials, maintenance, and filling the site useful (have to) content.


Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Leveling puttying produced by grinding or with self-leveling compounds. In recent years, frequently used access floors (for the controlled lag). Their variety is the system of raised floor for cable management, which is used in conjunction with carpet tiles and allows maximum efficiency to solve the problem of laying communications and installation of carpeting. An example of such a system is the sex Intercell company "interface". Laying in small rooms or free spreading of bonding? In small rooms up to 25 m2 square method can be applied free the spreading carpet. It lies in the fact that the carpet is fixed only on the perimeter and along the junction of double-sided adhesive tape. In large rooms, especially where there are higher loads (a large flow of people furniture on wheels, etc.), carpet should be glued over the entire surface.

Professional tool or a kitchen knife? If you decide to lay carpet on their own, it is wise to stock up a special tool. Laying carpet becomes a pleasure if you use a professional carpet knife and a special template for cutting edge. In the beginning it is important carefully to fathom the premises. When planning a purchase, add to each of the dimensions of 5-10 cm Please note that in places fixing an adhesive tape surface must be dry, clean and grease free. Previously a cut with a small tolerance of carpet needed to expand and carefully smooth out from the middle of the walls. Template for cutting edge put on the floor and pulls to the wall.

Olga Besha

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

When we are in each team roles and was appointed principal in order to encourage those who have worked long and well – the effect was awesome. They began to compete among themselves for more lucrative and less complex objects, always find out the relationship. As a result, had to return to the previous scheme, "- said Sergey Kapustian, manager of one of Kiev Internet service providers. In order not to encounter this problem, it is important to clearly describe the conditions under which a "rise", and delineate the scope of responsibilities and authority of each employee. With regard to criteria for "better", it can be quantified assessment (profit margin), quality (the results of evaluation, customer feedback), employee performance, formal data (length of service in the company), etc.

In addition to establishing clear rules, the use of different criteria for the nomination allows employees to properly sort out that first of all appreciate the company, motivating staff to improve achievement and personal effectiveness. Big secret for a small company need to introduce additional intermediate positions primarily occurs in small local companies, which are limited opportunities career development ", – says Olga Besha. Similar view is shared by Paul Litwin. "The bigger the company, the more difficult to apply it, this method of motivation. It is particularly difficult to introduce changes in the structure of companies members of international groups, when such changes are necessary to coordinate with headquarters or a requirement to have an identical organizational structure in all business units. On the other hand, the company is less mobile than closer top management involved in the management and operational decisions, the easier and more efficient can be a method ", – said the source," wa ".

However, despite this, not all managers of small companies perceive a fictitious career as an effective way to increase loyalty and motivation. "Democracy and the flexibility of small companies, too, attracts people a certain type. Those who like their versatility, almost family relationship in the team, the ability to tap on the shoulder, head, need to feel indispensable, "- says Oksana . With regard to large companies that, according to Paul Litvin, the introduction of new positions in the organizational structure associated with certain difficulties, because the need to make changes to the document, to transfer the zone responsibility between professionals. However, if such a complication thought out and allows the best way to motivate staff, such efforts are fully justified.