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Digital Albums

Friday, June 30th, 2017

The personal memories, mainly those that we kept in fotolibro, allow us to recall happened pleasant experiences throughout our lives. There is one who does not spend nor a minute in taking photographies consequently and, has a reduced fan the more of memories that to contemplate and to savor. Other people as soon as they go of vacations and do not hoard memory objects nor buy suvenires when they go of trip. Who do not remember their camera of photos and they do not buy suvenires will have a fan of memories much more limited. Over the years, these objects serve as reminder and allows us to revivir moments with friendly and relatives; and they are often the cement of our personal bonds. The cameras are relatively economic, so parents with small children do not have to forget to remove photos to the pequeuelos. If at some future date they are whereupon as soon as they have photographies of his children, it will be sad as much for the parents as for his children. When the children always become adults they show a great interest in to see how they were during his first years.

The reminders kept in albums of photos offer the opportunity us to enjoy these unique moments. As the parents we become majors, we every time hoarded with more affection the photographic memories. In the same way, the marriages can revivir their happier moments and share their memories, either are in the form of photographies, suvenires, special letters of love, gifts or other personal objects of memory. The memories are very important. It is certain that there is to enjoy and to know new experiences in the present, besides thinking about new goals for the future, but the past also has its meaning and we would not have to forget it. When a dumb family to a new city or region, not always is possible to maintain the contact with the old woman friendly and known.

International Air Transport Association

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

Madrid, February 27, 2007. From June all will be electronic. Learn more about a measure that will affect air travel globally and that will make the traditional paper ticket is a museum piece. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced that within three months-from June 2008 – all sold in the world will be electronic. (A valuable related resource: Ali Partovi). Thus, the traditional paper ticket will become a museum piece and the airlines can save 3,000 million dollars (2,000 euros) per year. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Ali Partovi.

The purchase electronic airline tickets and is a growing trend around the globe. In fact, since four years ago, IATA announced a gradual elimination of paper and electronic ticket rose from 18 per cent of all tickets issued in 2004 to 93 percent today. Thus, specific numbers on paper ticket rose from about 28 million units per year to just three million. The e-ticket not only improves, but saving costs and benefits the environment, since, with the elimination of paper, would save about 50 thousand trees per year. To bury definitively the paper ticket, IATA 150 experts try to implement this system by June in the regions where the penetration of e-ticketing "is still below the rest of the world.

These countries include Africa (where it represents only 83 percent of the total), Middle East (with 84 percent) and Russia plus the former Soviet republics (with 54 percent), plus a few small islands. Areas represent only 8 percent of total tickets issued. The sales have revolutionized the airline and each purchase is increasingly common across the Web without leaving your office or home, in queues or waiting to be treated in a travel agency. In turn, new technologies and facilities in the speed of booking and payment offered by different airlines largely reduces the stress of organizing a trip. The portal can be very useful if you want to travel. You'll find all the information, and European and intercontinental. Victoria Molnar (Source: For more information:

Technological Schools

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

For this reason it consists of one of the formadoras dimensions of the professional in ample integration with the social aspects and politicians, therefore it is applied in one determined surrounding social one. Beyond oportunizar the empregabilidade, it favors the reflection, to the analysis and the evaluation of the different performances of the professional in the work market. In elapsing of the period of training, the lived deeply activities value the practical theory and of the pertaining to school environment exciting the development of the autonomy, the cooperation and the individual and social responsibility of educating. So that this activity of Obligator Curricular Period of training occurs, the formalizao of accords between companies is necessary/public agencies in the diverse spheres with the SEDUC, having its apex the publication in official gazette when it will start to have validity. Legalized the accord, it will have to be celebrated commitment term, enters the institution of education, the company and the pupil. For the celebration of the commitment term, the purchase of personnal accident insurance on behalf of the pupil becomes necessary, indispensable purchase for the beginning of such activity, as determined for the current law. Such insurance, normally offers to covering for death or permanent invalidity (total or partial) caused by accident.

Considering that the period of training is an exercise to the practical professional developed in work environment, the risks are innumerable by means of the work area, the insurance are a right and an instrument of tranquillity for the family and to the proper pupils, a security guard to the companies and the SEDUC, one public politics of valuation and practical humanizao of the educational one. The function of Coordinator of School-Company-Community Relation, assigned for the pertaining to school direction is part of the functional organo structure of the EETEPA, that is assumed by a professor with horria load specific to articulate the contact with the companies and to decide you move them to all procedural that it guarantees the vacant of period of training to the pupils of its determined Technological School. However, for requirement of the current law, the procedural formalizao to result in offers of curricular period of training is extremely bureaucratic and cautious, was demanded about 20 documentations between the company and the school that this in turn found much difficulty so that the companies delivered documents demanded for the SEDUC in the formalizao of accord, generating an impact of 3.669 pupils without period of training since 2007, of which about 45% of these they were of the management of the old OS-ETPP. With the advent of 25 of September of 2008 indefinies and incompreenses Law 11,788/08 had increased, by means of this situation, the COEP/SEDUC carried through ' ' I Meeting of Formation for Coordinators of Integrao' ' had also been invited the coordinators of education of the Technological Schools, carried through in day 09/06/2010 (to see photo below) having as guideline the legal aspects referring the accomplishment of obligator curricular period of training; procedures concerning the accords for the accomplishment of period of training between companies agencies and the SEDUC; the purchase of the accident insurance. Also, some visits had been carried through techniques in the EETEPAS for better orientaes and dialogue with pupils and community in general. THE COEP/AJUR/DEMP/SAEN/GAB. SECRETARIAT? SEDUC had developed research and elaborated instrumentalizao desburocratizando the formalizao of accords, thus reducing, the document requirement of the companies for only 04. The result had been the requests of 82 accords for the schools, in the stated period of 2 months, different

Internet Experience

Monday, June 19th, 2017

Select a computer and technical training, to demonstrate that you are aware of the latest technologies. Put all your achievements and experiences in the context of future service. A resume shouldn't read like the testimonial at your retirement dinner. But do not get carried away. Fear of age discrimination makes many 45-year-olds in general to remove the date in their resume. Bad idea. Bad idea. HR managers know all about this strategy.

HR-managers are aware of this strategy. Mashable wanted to know more. It's like saying 'I am concerned about my age' in bold letters across your resume. It looks as if you written in bold: "I am very worried about my age." Do not pretend to place young people. Pretend for a place for experienced and mature. Compete at home.

If your resume goes unnoticed by the employer, try to send a functional resume. It differs from the usual chronological resume is that the experience is not grouped by date and by function. The emphasis is on extensive knowledge and unique skills and solid practical work. For example: the applicant applying for a position of financial director, in a summary may appear such headings: General accounting, production accounting, management experience, Teaching experience. And in each paragraph should be presented in detail the relevant experience and achievements. Prepare for the interview Regardless of your age, prepare and train! You can do following. Insight into the company employing the Internet and media. If possible, via search engines collect information about people, who will conduct the interview.

Pelvic Toner

Sunday, June 18th, 2017

Today, the Internet can find many sites offering vaginal simulators of different configurations and promise great results. PelvicToner – the only modern simulator optimal design, the past clinical trials and gives real positive results in 87% of cases. PelvicToner recommended by leading physicians and gynecologists. In 1948, the famous American gynecologist Arnold Kegel first described muscle exercises pelvis (the crotch), ppednaznachennye for the treatment of women from . Add to your understanding with Today, doctors agree with the statement that regular Kegel exercises to strengthen pelvic floor muscles helps women with symptoms of incontinence. Exercises with resistance, and most importantly, the ability to measure the force of compression is the basis of Kegel exercises, and only a medical simulator PelvicToner allows you to do your exercises much more effective than simple and muscle relaxation. Recent clinical studies recommended exercises for the muscles of the perineum as the first and primary method of treatment of stress urinary incontinence, as simple exercises proved far more effective than electrical stimulation and the use of vaginal cones.

Just completed a U.S. study confirmed that the software exercises PelvicToner play a major role in treatment of symptoms of incontinence and some of the physical components of sexual dysfunction. Studies conducted over 16 weeks. Pressure of the pelvic muscles (Kegel force or pressure Kegel) was measured at rest and during during active contraction. As a result, 87% of cases documented improvement in strength Kegel, in addition, among those who have achieved success in the exercises, the average gain of pelvic muscles at rest was 38%. Educate yourself with thoughts from Kai-Fu Lee.

Deutsche Telekom AG

Friday, June 16th, 2017

A forward-looking event concept enthusiastically in Serbia. Belgrade, September 2013 – with an unconventional event concept by the Cologne agency get the point on September 25 and 26 the third M2M partner event of the Deutsche Telekom AG took place. Under the motto M2Mission possible”saw around 250 loaded M2M the future of sector experts from all over the world and was followed by contacts. In the framework of the two-day event which took place this year in the Serbian capital Belgrade, top-class, international speakers gave insight into the developments of the M2M market and introduced reference projects. In addition the guests could deepen their knowledge in 16 breakout sessions, whose variety of topics from “how to bring Android to your car for professional use?” until “M2M in post soviet countries. “Red heat of the most emerging market” was enough. Suitable to the innovative content of the event, the Cologne agency get had ensured the point for a similarly forward-looking event concept.

There were total mobility and interaction with the audience in the Center. What the guests under the title of M2Mission possible”experienced, surprised, and set standards for comparable trade events. With a location on the 25th floor of the Serbian U? towers and a 360 look at Serbia. With a setting on a central stage, declined and instead brought all posts via a live stream on a total of 70 monitors. With two moderators who threw themselves to the balls and with speakers who were constantly moving around the room and were in the direct exchange with the audience.

A such ambitious concept poses many problems in the implementation. That was a lot of work and sometimes we thought this time it would be a M2Mission impossible”, as Wieland Schmoll, Managing Director of get the point. Belgrade, September 2013 – starting with the Serbian equipment that was not up to the concept, the logistics on the EU’s borders beyond, up to language barriers in the service providers on the spot. So had to for example the complete wireless camera system in Germany was hired and introduced to Belgrade be. A crew of 30 technicians, cameramen u.v.m and chart operator ultimately ensured that everything was smoothly implemented. There was the M2Mission possible for customer and guests”a resounding success, enthusiastically. Clemens Meiss, Managing Director and creative head of get the point again looking forward: the next challenge will be now be topped this experience next year. But I’m sure that it will succeed.” More information about the Agency can be found under: contacts: get the point GmbH. Luxembourg road 83 50674 Cologne.

USB Wireless Modems

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

More than a year ago there was a need on the Internet, mostly for school, tired of constantly ask friends to look for information I needed. But since I live in a private house, then to the Internet to the private sector for a reasonable amount has proved problematic. Leased line (National Internet in a private house does not hold, different types of telephone lines or radio link VolgTelecom has simply not reached our street. Therefore, the choice was not wireless usb modem. Just in time for tv constantly advertise usb modems and the mts Billayn.

Megaphone at the time was not yet, but about SkyLink I just was not interested. Therefore, the choice fell on mts. has similar goals. Set the wireless usb modem mts bought for 1500 rubles. In set except the modem is still included usb cable and a usb flash drive microSD. It was necessary to purchase two more sets of SIM-cards mts. Declared modem speed – 2.8 Mbps. Unlimited tariff at that time was not yet. Therefore, one set was was necessary for me to use the modem day – MTS-Konnekt2, Price – 1.5 per mb.

The second set is needed for a night of unlimited Internet – for this purpose, fits any rate, except for the MTS-Connect, as it was not provided anlim. Of course it was not very convenient to use two Simcoe, but I was happy and that. Once there came at midnight, I rearranged Simka in the modem and the limitless expanse of the Internet were already in front of me.