USB Wireless Modems

More than a year ago there was a need on the Internet, mostly for school, tired of constantly ask friends to look for information I needed. But since I live in a private house, then to the Internet to the private sector for a reasonable amount has proved problematic. Leased line (National Internet in a private house does not hold, different types of telephone lines or radio link VolgTelecom has simply not reached our street. Therefore, the choice was not wireless usb modem. Just in time for tv constantly advertise usb modems and the mts Billayn.

Megaphone at the time was not yet, but about SkyLink I just was not interested. Therefore, the choice fell on mts. has similar goals. Set the wireless usb modem mts bought for 1500 rubles. In set except the modem is still included usb cable and a usb flash drive microSD. It was necessary to purchase two more sets of SIM-cards mts. Declared modem speed – 2.8 Mbps. Unlimited tariff at that time was not yet. Therefore, one set was was necessary for me to use the modem day – MTS-Konnekt2, Price – 1.5 per mb.

The second set is needed for a night of unlimited Internet – for this purpose, fits any rate, except for the MTS-Connect, as it was not provided anlim. Of course it was not very convenient to use two Simcoe, but I was happy and that. Once there came at midnight, I rearranged Simka in the modem and the limitless expanse of the Internet were already in front of me.


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