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ERP Type

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Those companies with around 25 to 50 pcs where talk of technologies of information is talking about costs of operation for the company and not an investment that can help to increase productivity. It has been more often these past years with comes from Chinese products where workmanship and cheap material has allowed that they inserted in each of the markets that have interference and most worrisome of all the increased participation in the market. One wonders, what would happen if Mexican companies be more productive possible, if they had a strategic planning that does not allow this type of commercial attacks by Oriental products, also fits the question, how to attack this market so does not affect the Mexican industry. Undoubtedly one of those answers would be the increase of productivity, make the same number of pairs of shoes, the same number of pants or shirts in one shorter, with fewer resources and less people time. How to be productive if you don’t go to technology so that you help in that regard? The main problem they have in this type of business is vision, culture, little knowledge but on the little interest from senior management that generally are the owners, seeing this type of solution, perhaps age has anything to do, most people owners of small and medium-sized business owners more than 50 years and when they had their boom in your business did not require a single computer to get ahead.

The second problem is when already the possible solution which can give an ERP industry, when already has tested different solutions, different brands and different vendors that will deploy the solution was accepted. Definitely in relation with the ERP, the majority of companies agree that there are still challenges to increase flexibility and speed in this kind of tools. The company that has implemented the ERP knows your business, while he is an active contributor who cares about improving your business processes. Reference: Notes Professor managerial topics, quality and productivity management postgraduate program, Faces.


Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

There are different crops that can be used to develop silages, as well as by-products of fish and other animals making it possible to make efficient use of the production, we then relate a number of examples of this, with its technology for silage. Types of silages. Sugarcane silage: bud and harvest residues can be used. The cane is a type of farming that has advantages over others since this can remain in the field until you need without losing its nutritional value. According to Necenen 1990, world production of buds of sugarcane is estimated at 60 million t year, of which only 15% is used in animal feed systems, so it is easy to deduce that still is not given the proper use to this so useful by-product, due to the additional cost of storage, which is avoided if this Bud is used for the elaboration of silages. Technology: Chopped particles size cannot be greater than 20 – 30 mm on average.

During or after this tamping it should raise the temperature of 45 C. As additive you should be applied by each 0.002 Kg of chopped sugarcane a mixture composed by urea(0.00098%), salt mineral(0.00044%), sodio(0.00014% sulfate) and Zeolita(0.00044%), spread it evenly over layers of cane ground not greater than 10 cm thick. Fish silage: the edible fish yield is only 40%, so per T of fish 0.6T are obtained to be used as animal feed 4. Technology: you can use waste sliced or mashed before adding organic acids and minerals can also be mixed with carbohydrates like Yucca, sweet potato, honey, where the presence of acids from fermentation of carbohydrates reduces the pH thus achieving inhibit the development of microbes 5. Silage acid. Silage of Pope. Corn silage: the procedure is very similar to the cane but with the only difference is that the time of exposure to the Sun should be greater when he joins a legume.

North American

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Carl Sagan was one of the most famous and recognized North American artonomos, his books and theories in particular his book Cosmos would be translated and interpreted in many languages Grancia in all their successful approaches on important topics like the origin of life on our planet, the creation of the universe and extraterrestrial life. This great scientist, who felleciera in 1996 at age 62, always had very much in mind the importance of ethics in their work that is why all their approaches and theories should be based on a total and complete objectivity. According to this always was a supporter of concepts such as the formation and origin of life on Earth is completely linked with extraterrestrial life. This emphasizes that life will always have a corelacion inside the planet and beyond since its origin and formation depends on the sum of the same organic molecules. Moreover, Sagan theorizes about extraterrestrial life drawing on knowledge of life on Earth, its origins and subsequent evolution, to suggest that the substance of life is everywhere, and therefore, any life outside our planet could follow a process similar to ours. The greatest test of his theories about the origin of life on the planet are based that they go beyond the theory of Abiogenesis, refer to a test very specific of the evolution of life from organic molecules is the existence of Europe one of the moons of Jupiter, and Titan the largest satellite of Saturn where easily oceans of what can be very possibly could to be water. Today this theory is very accepted in the average scientific and astronomical, similarly with the evolution of technology aero space it has been shown the veracity of the deSagan approach by which his theory about the origin of life here and there outside is by no means outrageous, is more fairly resembles the natural and evolutionary facts that are really very significant at the time of talk about this complex subject. Always let the concrete plateamiento the origin of life on Earth and beyond is due to a fact known as cosmic inevitability in which the process of evolution and transformation at the molecular level is an inevitable fact, a consequence of the action reaction resulting in the emergence of microscopic life, which subsequently and with much patience will evolve to conceive what today we can see and touch.

Ltd Market

Friday, January 10th, 2014

Impact Crusher enrolls gravel aggregate market Recently, Zhengzhou Hongxing mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. introduces the new hydraulics crusher, it helps Hongxing freer the transformation from Made in China to Created in China! In order to better serve our customers and meet market demand, Zhengzhou Hongxing Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. joint with the German company to share the world s most advanced manufacturing technology, combining with China s domestic market demand and technology trends, Hongxing digests and absorbs the original impact crusher machines technical, recently introduce hydraulic series impact crusher, significant savings for the mining investment cost. Crusher has a longer history, compared with the traditional hammer crusher, they are similar in working principle, however, different in the structure and the process. In order to expand the market demand, Zhengzhou hongxing mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. enters the sand and gravel aggregate equipment market at home and abroad, on the basis of the original impact crusher and gravel aggregate crushing principle, it produces new hydraulic impact crusher series, which uses world-class manufacturing processes, selects the most high-end production materials, has heavy rotor design, as well as strict means testing, ensuring stablity and reliability, ensuring the quality of the rotor. Improved adjustment device reduces downtime and maintenance time, the unique plate fixtures makes board hammer hammer has higher reliability so as to simplify the process and save time and cost. The hydraulic series crusher machine is suitable for industrial sectors such as metallurgy, mining, cement, chemicals, refractory and ceramics, widely used in the field of highway construction, water conservancy projects, building rubble, sand processing mechanisms; It is ideal for coarse crushing, secondary crushing of various soft and medium hard ore; the unique design can be called a great breakthrough in mining machinery field.

Repair Your Reality While Sleeping

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

The human body never sleeps. You breathe all the time, your heart pumps blood all the time, etc. As well as his physical body works, so does his Mint. While you rest your mind you are creating what will happen to you the next day. While you sleep your mind seeks answers to what you want.

When your physical body sleeps, then repaired. Why is said I had a good night’s sleep. Do you have ever heard the expression so consult with the pillow? When your conscious mind sleep, then his mind repaired its reality, it fits their beliefs their reality. If you got an excellent job, where everything seemed perfect during the day then your mind works to fit the next day to your mental reality. If you think that you only find unfair bosses, then the mind seeks who play that game with you. And the next day you will find a bitter boss.

On the contrary if you found with a difficult client the day of Today, but if you think, that you all goes well, then your mind looks for aspects of the client that conform to their beliefs and the next day you will find what fits their reality, all goes well. At the end all is well. Now, if you have a reality that ole n like in some aspect, then means that you have some beliefs that no longer works for your current reality. Perhaps you believe that it is very difficult to change their beliefs, here is where a new technology will come to their aid. With this new technology you only must employ 20 to 30 minutes a day and then let your mind to repair its reality while you sleep. This technology is highly effective because it works directly on your subconscious mind and then while you sleep, your mind seeks that which conforms to their new belief. If you wondered cal is technology that snows, I reply that this is the powerful technology of subliminal videos. Household goods, which contain both spoken as writings and images that are beyond your conscious field but which are easily read and adhered by your subconscious mind. With the SUBLIMINAL VIDEOS you can achieve almost anything you want. As improve their relationships, make more money, have more success and everything while you sleep.