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Saxony Conference

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

First joint project is the Jubilee Conference “125 years of shipping trade in Germany – the future is online” Leipzig. The insight E-commerce network and the network decided Leipzig-Halle logistics cooperation. In connection with the anniversary of “125 years of mail order in Germany” both partners under the auspices of Sven Morlok organize the Jubilee Conference “125 years of shipping trade in Germany – the future is online”, Minister of State in the Saxon Ministry of economy, labour and transport, from November 22 to 23. The network Conference will take place for the fifth time and is aligned on the occasion of the newly established cooperation for the first time in Leipzig. For more specific information, check out Peter Asaro. The insight E-commerce network combines nationwide 50 partners from the fields of IT, software development, e-commerce, logistics and fulfillment.

Since 2007, the met “who of who” of the German E-Commerce to the largest networking conference focusing on e-commerce in annual cycle at the technology location Jena. The anniversary of “125 years of mail order in Germany” moved the Conference in This year for the first time in Leipzig. For Kerstin Schilling, CEO of Leipziger Bestsidestory GmbH and organizer of the E-Commerce insight, yet another reason for the move was crucial to Saxony. Robotics has firm opinions on the matter. “Our initially strong technology-oriented partner network is growing currently especially in the areas of logistics and fulfillment. And in the network Leipzig-Halle logistics we have found a partner, with which we can in the future even better reflect the entire value chain of modern, international e-commerce.” The network Halle of Leipzig logistics, which recently celebrated its 3-year anniversary, is one of almost 100 member companies. In addition to pure logistics service providers, the cooperation network brings together companies in the field of logistics-related services and personnel services, associations, public administration, Chambers, as well as research and educational institutions. Terry White, Chairman of the Board of the network logistics Leipzig-Halle, sees in the cooperation Synergy and growth potential for the companies in the logistics sector.

Peer Software World Opts

Thursday, May 25th, 2017

Info@hand CRM replaces Microsoft Dynamics CRM Peer software is an international software company that provides solutions for data synchronization and backup for over 20 years with great success. Looking for a flexible, performance – based and client-capable all-in one CRM system with a fair price-performance ratio decided the company now to replace software Dynamics Microsoft CRM used so far for the international sales. The race made the (1) all-in one CRM solution info@hand of the Canadian software manufacturer 1CRM, successfully used for several years by the German subsidiary, the peer software GmbH, to control the distribution, management contracts, billing and reporting. The previous CRM no longer was software Dynamics planned transition on a cost effective and customizable CRM solution to the debate. Here especially the ongoing support and license costs fell by their height negative weight.

At the same time were, as often in proprietary systems, the desired individual extensions – in this case a more flexible personalization – were much more expensive than with open source CRM systems. In the task, the three branches of Peer software – as their own clients to map United States, Hong Kong and Germany -, info@hand anyway, convinced all along the line. Info@hand CRM – great performance at a small price Info@hand belongs to the extensive CRM systems. It is based on the open source CRM solution of SugarCRM. “” Thus, info@hand commercial professional solutions, such as SugarCRM Professional “or Salesforce”, is similar – however much easier extensible. As realistic in the CRM solution to represent the company’s internal processes, the respective workflows of the participating departments can be set in info@hand CRM according to own. In addition to management in the backend roles and access rights of for each user individually configured and applied personal reports. Based on specifications, the contents of the surface can be with the “Module Studio” easily user-specific fit. Furthermore, info@hand CRM easily resists any comparison with high-priced CRM solutions, but offers a much better ratio, what performance and price.


Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

Antagonistically we hug in them to the calabouos of our unconscious memories e, without searching ours eus Knows you it exactly you. To stop the good combat, in the incessant search to undertake new steps in search of God. After all mamon never was so on to the reading human being in technological modernity. E, after all, why we have as much difficulty to initiate the combat? I took the freedom to choose five characteristics, amongst as much, that finish for favoring us the discernment, much even so without a worthy order of assertive. To deepen your understanding Peter Asaro is the source. Let us see them: 1-Distanciamento and descumprimento of the Moral Laws (Laws of God); 2-Attachment to the corporeal properties (Materialism); 3-Adormecimento spiritual; 4-State Esquizofrnico and the social collections; 5-Will (to stop the Good Combat). The poem the ANIMAL Vi yesterday an animal In the filthiness of the Catando patio food between the debris. When it found some thing, it did not examine nor it smelled: Engolia with voracity.

The animal was not a dog, was not a cat, was not a rat. The animal, my God, was a man . The poem, without shade of doubts, supports a series of cabveis analogies around the constitution human being who in the contemporaneidade comes if fitting in an atmosphere self-centered, capable to portray the product of the distanciamento of the Moral Laws (joint of relative principles or rules to the behavior human being) conducted by God, for the man: Law of Worship Mostra the innate feeling that all the livings creature possess of the deity. Law of the Work Is a necessity. The necessity is the conscience of that the lack something.

If it does not have to confuse work with job. Some work and they do not have job; others have job and they do not work. Relative law of Reproduction After the life, all we feel the necessity intuitivamente to progress and to perfect.

The Need for Cooperation

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

I would not go to consult a doctor if you do not trust him. Do not delegate a task to someone though suspicious of his ability, or work in a company if he did not trust that you will receive your payment as agreed. Confidence is not measured in black and white, but in degrees. A greater confidence, the greater the possibility of action. The lower confidence, the possibilities for action are reduced. The lower the confidence, the greater the need to implement controls to verify the action. The controls can, to some extent, compensate for lack of confidence, but not replace it. The trust does not mean credulity nor is it a matter of faith, if not the opposite.

The confidence comes from the assessment of the ability, sincerity, compliance and commitment of the individual. Trust is granted or denied, is built … or destroyed. Cooperation: Imagine a football team where the players instead of playing with the team, play for their own splendor. Imagine a company where people, instead of collaborating with others, acting on an individual basis according to their own interests. Imagine a political group where, instead of finding solutions to improve the quality of life for its citizens, seek to increase their power and personal wealth. Certainly you can imagine, as all these cases are commonplace in our society.

Cooperate means acting together with other to achieve a common goal for mutual benefit. Cooperate not mean aside individual goals. It is important to realize that cooperation is “good business”: find a space where individual targets drive the group goals and vice versa. Cooperation is a win-win between the interests of the person and the different systems that function in (computer, business, family, neighborhood, etc.).. Attitudes: We live in an era where personal communication is increasingly poor (despite the technological breakthroughs), where distrust is widespread (in politicians, institutions, companies, advertising …), and where individualism and competition seem to have triumphed over cooperation and collaboration. In turn, we invest money and time (personal and corporate) in technology development and acquisition of knowledge, downplaying the most valuable of human beings: their attitudes. Are the attitudes of the people that make great leaders. Are people’s attitudes that generate a large company. Are the attitudes of people who build a great country.

Social Networks

Sunday, May 21st, 2017

Ay, ay marketing in social networks. With regard to them, many like them, many give them headaches, to my I’m passionate about. They arouse so many different feelings; but the concrete is that when it comes to promoting your business, either on-line or off-line, social networks we open an unlimited number of new opportunities. Is it because? Well, let’s quickly see Facebook numbers: 500 million active users, each connected to an average of 130 friends, which all passed 700 billion minutes per month on the site. Imagine you have scope to a portion of this social cake, don’t think that it is worth trying the social media marketing? I believe that if. David S. Levine may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The new benefits that social networks we have today are endless.

Use them in the right way can increase traffic to your web site, simplify the relationship with your prospects and convert more sales. Conversely, bad mal utilizadas used they can destroy your image completely. Therefore, and for that you can squeeze all the possible value to your time on any network social, I’ll give 5 maxims or steps to dominate the social media marketing: 1 know yourself not invent titles, not images stories, forces any relationship. One of the advantages of social networking is that you can show as someone real. Do not break this wanting to do you pass by a millionaire. 2 Get a professional profile as much as you have to seem real, you can not look amateur. This goes against the marketing of attraction, since if your potential prospects see you as someone amateur and not as a leader, they will be not attracted towards you.

If they do not become prospects, less than less will become customers, isn’t it? The idea is a profile like this, with a professional picture of you only from the shoulders up. In addition, you must position yourself as a leader from first glance. Finally, your story must be attractive, boring, and not written using some copywriting. Visit my Facebook profile to see an example, and feel free to add me as a friend! 3 Establishes relationships, not sell or You acoses friends as a real person, you should not transform into a machine promote your opportunity/product. You must first establish some kind of relationship with this person, then send it to your blog and there they are convertiram automatically and naturally in your prospects. This is wrong, bad: you should contact someone, provide solutions if so needed. This is the objective of marketing on social networks. 4 Provide value or quality content constantly when update your status or twitees something, fret that this will best serve you for something to your connections (followers or friends). Prevents unnecessary and silly comments, and concentrate on offering tips, solutions or establish discussions (don’t be afraid to be controversial in your opinions, this will create motion around your name, and has much to do with being yourself.) Few do, so be part of this small group and make a difference) 5 directs all your traffic to your blog, your blog is the central core of your social media marketing. See because having a blog and direct all your traffic there is the smarter way to do business by clicking here. Well, I hope you enjoyed it. Original author and source of the article.

The Pole

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

The disagreements have begun, in terms of causal modalities and intensities to reduce or eliminate these emissions. These disagreements are of increasing intensity and how could it be otherwise subject to the eternal struggle for power, which in turn are necessarily biased ideologies or worldviews, in itself contradictory. In this context, the approaches to reduce emissions, are manifold. From our own limitations, in addition to monographic and informative nature of this crucial problem, we perceive that aside wills are located who believe that this is technology solution versus those who believe that this can only be solved with a "cultural change" . Some believe that this should be solved gradually and there are those who believe that there must be drastic and urgent effort, and without exhausting the statement that some believe can be addressed with market mechanisms and some believe that sustained public policies are essential active. If an attempt to understand cross the three dilemmas (reiterating does not seem to be the only ones) and characterize the three as a sort of range or spectrum, we can see that at least theoretically there is Mixed positions.

But posts to take positions, we are inclined to the pole of "cultural change" for the pole "of peremptory and harbor reservations about the ends of the polarity "market-active policies." Even our preference for the pole of "cultural change" does not make us move along the path of "technophobia". We believe in incorporating critical, selective and localized technological inputs. This demonstrated that "technology is a double-edged sword," and that the modalities of what is known as "appropriate technology" can make significant contributions to the rapid elimination of carbon dioxide emissions.


Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Construction – a complicated matter, it has been known since ancient times. And it starts with the design of the structure, with the basic idea of what should be the building. Since ancient times, architects simply traced the contour of the land of the future structure and Guided only by his intelligence and experience, creating masterpieces for the ages. For 3-5 the last centuries has been paid to design issues very seriously. There were skilled architects designers who began to create images of their future buildings on paper, but now – on a computer screen.

There was a lot of programs that can help you create a layout, and volume presentation of the project, including the visualization is made possible with the help of textures and materials, that is, one can see on the computer screen, lifelike picture of the future project (interior of a room, building, landscape etc.). Now faced with the task scheduler to what the same program to choose to implement their ideas. In today's market a lot of programs that you can implement your ideas, but some of them are too complicated to learn (Eg 3D Max), some do not perform all the functions that would like such a program only to build a two-dimensional drawings, there is only three-dimensional, for example, or only for the calculation of the foundation, etc. The program also ArchiCad does seem to me, all the functions that are required for the project. The program can be built ArchiCad and two-dimensional (plans, sections, parts, components and so on) and three types of drawings (3D model of the building), as well as possible creation of various reports and presentations.

Compilation of documentation occurs simultaneously with the development of the project, because the program keeps a full range of information on future building – plans, sections, perspectives, list necessary materials. as well as all the comments of the architect, made during the operation. ArchiCD can at any stage of the project to see it in three dimensions, in section, in the long term, to select the most suitable materials and calculate their consumption. It is even possible to create animated clip depicting a building designed in conjunction with its location, to the customer through the building, looking at each floor and in every room, as well as bypass or circumnavigate around the building. Thus the project will become more visible and understandable to the customer. And the most important achievement, in my opinion, so it ArchiCad to add to your project ready 3D models and objects, which in sufficient number appeared on the Internet, which is why many designers and architects use this particular program. Virtual construction provides great opportunities, because the system uses intelligent sites for construction. Each object has a similar behavior and intelligence inherent in this element. For example, the behavior of wood and doors made of wood is different. The real model allows necessary inquiries to shade, the heat, the cost of materials, as well as edit the data. ArchiCAD helps automate the operation of the plans, perspective views, cross sections, as well as animation.


Monday, May 1st, 2017

Carlos Mora Vanegas the path towards success and triumph becomes usually solitary and rugged because the vast majority of human beings are not willing to face and overcome the obstacles that are hidden behind them. The own ability to take that last step when we are tired and exhausted is what separates and distinguishes the winners from the other runners and competitors.Edward Le Baron considerations General all organizational behavior scholar knows the importance, relevance the organizational conflict generated throughout the Organization, which he represents, the consequences that this may cause and for this it is necessary to investigate the reason for its manifestation. Since then, management knows that the human resource is composed of individuals, each with his personality, conduct that manifests itself in behavior that does not know is you handle can lead to that conflict is of. Precisely, on the subject provides, that the conflict is an organizational feature. Their cause is caused primarily by the selfishness of men and tends to manifest itself with disputes or struggles between departments or levels with each other, it’s like they start to fight about who is better in every thing and that creates a conflict that is then reflected in the ultimate goal. A researcher discovered that these people that generate conflict are aggressive and react with anger to a situation of threat or frustration.

But what interests us particularly is the organizational conflict, i.e., who is born in the same organization and that produces differences in objectives, missions, etc.., departments, divisions and other units of the company. Coordination seeks to avoid or minimize the dysfunctional consequences of such conflicts Management knows that conflicts are manifested by the antagonistic action between two or more people, can be intrapersonal order (own ego) or interpersonal (characteristic of a group of people forming an organization). This antagonistic action can focus on differentiation of activities: objectives and different interests (including the) antagonistic, they tend to cause conflicts (Chiavenato, 1994) to the reality of the Venezuelan scenario, where SMEs presented serious weaknesses, in terms of handling conflict, climate and behaviour, as Ana Martinez investigated, coupled with other political, social and economic situation which passes through the country, it is necessary to take into account that many of the members of the Organization are in a State of tension as a result of the influences of the environment and therefore, it is crucial that companies focus the differences that may occur towards functional conflicts that according to Garcia (2000): it is a confrontation between groups that is positive for the Organization’s performance and on the other hand, avoid dysfunctional conflicts that generate a negative reaction in individual behaviour toward the achievement of the proposed objectives.