The Pole

The disagreements have begun, in terms of causal modalities and intensities to reduce or eliminate these emissions. These disagreements are of increasing intensity and how could it be otherwise subject to the eternal struggle for power, which in turn are necessarily biased ideologies or worldviews, in itself contradictory. In this context, the approaches to reduce emissions, are manifold. From our own limitations, in addition to monographic and informative nature of this crucial problem, we perceive that aside wills are located who believe that this is technology solution versus those who believe that this can only be solved with a "cultural change" . Some believe that this should be solved gradually and there are those who believe that there must be drastic and urgent effort, and without exhausting the statement that some believe can be addressed with market mechanisms and some believe that sustained public policies are essential active. If an attempt to understand cross the three dilemmas (reiterating does not seem to be the only ones) and characterize the three as a sort of range or spectrum, we can see that at least theoretically there is Mixed positions.

But posts to take positions, we are inclined to the pole of "cultural change" for the pole "of peremptory and harbor reservations about the ends of the polarity "market-active policies." Even our preference for the pole of "cultural change" does not make us move along the path of "technophobia". We believe in incorporating critical, selective and localized technological inputs. This demonstrated that "technology is a double-edged sword," and that the modalities of what is known as "appropriate technology" can make significant contributions to the rapid elimination of carbon dioxide emissions.


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