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Legislative Decree

Friday, February 16th, 2018

The sanctioning Procedure default of authorization of elements of inafrestructura in telecommunications must initiate with a preventive notification, which must contain the following thing minimumly: (i) The facts that are imputed like possible infraction, (II) the expression of the possible sanctions, (III) the competent authority and (IV) the norms of competition, according to indicated by 3 numeral) the Article 234 of the Law N 27444. It is the case, that the Local Governments, come using this imputation, like the main one half to compel to the companies of telecommunications to the payment of the rights of rates, as in the majority of cases they constitute illegal bureaucratic barriers., often being denatured cel tributary concept of rate. In the notifications, the astronomical fines are placed in advance to which the companies would become creditors of not take refuging the unloading of the last ones. In our professional experience generally the preventive notifications default of payment of rate by elements of infrastructure of telecommunications has the following vices: They retroactively apply to the TUPAS and the effective EVENNESS to infractions committed prior to its use. They illegally invest the burden of proof, soliciing the administered one to credit that it has the corresponding authorizations. A correct identification of the facts infraction matter, whereas does not exist usually it is not individualized as they are the elements of external plant that lack identification. Thus, generally the imputation is reduced to the formula to lack authorizations of X posts, N linear meters of canalization, L cameras, etc.? An suitable motivation does not exist, whereas it is only fulfilled invoking the fact and to invoke the supposed applicable norms, nevertheless, does not exist an entailment between which it makes the imputation coherent. They contain a irrazonable calculation of the supposed infraction to impose in the case that takes shape a fine, harming itself the limits established in the Article 10 of the Legislative Decree N 1014.

Cecilia Rodriguez

Thursday, February 15th, 2018

An investigation realised by Argentine investigators lays the way for the natural product development (food technology) to prevent or to treat the gastritis. According to the experts, fermented milk could be the first step to solve this malaise. Although the symptoms of the gastritis depend on each individual, most common they are annoyances in the mouth of the stomach, acidity, nauseas, indigestin and loss of appetite, among others. And their causes are mainly alcohol, tobacco addiction or stress. The problem increases when medecines to alleviate the pain bring about in some people indirect effect like diarrhoea, abdominal pain or some cutaneous reaction, according to indicates an investigation realised by doctor Jannis Kontouras of the University of Salonica, in Greece. For this reason, the director of the Center of Reference for Lactobacilos, Graciela Font de Valdez and its work group integrated by doctors Fernanda Mozzi, Cecilia Rodriguez and Marta Medici, realised an investigation that aims at the development of natural alternative treatment with therapeutic aims to repair the damaged gastric mucosa (a hope source for which they suffer of the gastritis). The work demonstrated that fermented milk is effective in the therapeutic treatment of the induced chronic gastritis in an experimental model in mouse, by means of the administration of aspirina.

” The consumption of this probiotic food, that is to say, the milk fermented by this probiotic microorganism, had effect modulator of the immune response of the mouse and brought about an increase of the thickness of the mucus layer gstrico” , it emphasized doctor Font de Valdez. the results were correlated with the restoration of the gastric mucosa after the treatment with fermented milk as they demonstrated to the histopatolgicos studies and the observations to it of electronic microscopy, explained the doctor. Although the basic study is of science, the main author of the study emphasized that: ” the lactic probiotic objective is to develop a natural treatment using with specific properties, that do not exist at the moment in the market. The results obtained in this study mean a contribution to the development of new functional foods, segment in continuous growth in the market internacional”. ” In this particular case, the ingestion by the animal with gastritis of the milk fermented with lactic bacterium CRL 1190 and its exopolisacridos gave comparable results to the obtained ones with drugs of use common in this type of pathology, indicates of Valdez. The results of the work were published in the scientific magazine World Journal of Gastroenterology.


Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

Without doubts the Spanish society has reached a degree of brings back to consciousness social with respect to very particular the road security. Of first between the nations of the European Union in obtaining the goal of reduction of victims in road wrecks in a 50% when concluding to year 2010, contemplated main target in the European Letter by the Road Security subscribed by all members, 27 countries altogether. Less fort has not been the shared commitment of the political society and the iron will of the Spanish government to reach concrete goals that they ruin the high indices of road sinisterness. The President of the Government at the end of the past year expressed that ” one of the great priorities of the Executive one was the road security, because he has been one of the fields in which more lives are perdido”. It is simply because the fatalities in the routes have affected enormously the Gross Internal Product of that peninsular nation having forced to change the structure of investments in road infrastructures. The application of an effective policy by means of strategic plans has thrown positive results in the fight against mortality in highways with the inescapable commitment of the political parties, which day to day participate in the debates and altogether assume responsibilities in the plans like projects of nation with the government and other sectors of the society. We consider the Spanish model to which we give pursuit him because their experiences will have to serve in the future as examples as far as application of public policies, not only for Dominican Republic, but for those of the Latin American region. In fact, the Kingdom of Spain drives programs of expansion of the good practices and collaborates in the fortification of national plans in Ibero-America through its agencies, situation that not yet we took advantage of the Dominican ones, however yes the Argentineans and the Mexicans, who experience some institutional advances and in the numbers of victims to the year.

The estates of the organic structure of the sector that governs the matter have been very well defined and established the authority levels of the system, reason why the governing organism can carry out its works with total freedom once determined the policy to follow. A Security Council draws up the lineamientos and the Main directorate of Transit, under the subordination of the Department of the Interior, executes, always become attached iron to the spirit of the national and integral strategic plan elaborated and concensuado by the different social forces from Spain. At present the DGT this directed by Navarrese, parsimonious, obsessive and persistent Pere, reason why has obtained respect to the Spanish Kingdom of the European Community in the matter of road security, in spite of not being to date in the list of support to the plan of ” Decade of Action by the Road Security Global” that one will begin the 11 of May of this year.