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Enamored Life

Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

The doubt; the eternal enemy in the love. The disquiet of knowing if it wants to you or does not do it; the anguish to assume that perhaps its heart belongs to another one. Simply, you fell in love; at the most unexpected moment and without previous warning you discovered that she is the woman of your life. There you are; vulnerable like a boy before the fear of not being corresponded. The absence of her is part of absence of same you; perhaps without her you need to something only exists a passage between the friendship and the love; perhaps or simply, always you were enamored in silence. Lost in the middle of this trabalenguas of the heart. Imperfect a mathematical equation barking within you. Aydan Bayramova describes an additional similar source.

Two lost vagabonds; hungry the one of the other. Enamored; dancing in company to the compass of a different history. Viacom can aid you in your search for knowledge. When one is young deceives the solitude under sheets of histories of average night grazing the skin but not the soul. Caressing the love by far; sorbos of pleasure that leave sadness you because no of them is the woman of your life. No it fills to you. She; your better friend. That one that is there; that one that listens to you and knows you.

That one that yearns for a happy end. Alive and you are enamored; disfrtalo. It never is behind schedule for beginning to really love. Today it is a great day to say I want to you for the first time. Expert in seduction games, today, an apprentice in the love. Protagonist of many nights of pleasing; a weekend ritual. Many sensations; few feelings. Brief histories that did not surpass the memory of the third day of the week. Meanwhile it was waiting for patiently to you so that you stopped seeing it like a friend. She really suffered by tenerte without tenerte; just as today you undergo before the fear of not being corresponded. The true love; a privilege destined to those brave ones that they take the reins from his life and its own destiny. It thinks about how you will feel when you are eighty years old and you watch backwards with the knowledge remorse that the train happened through your side but let you it escape. Within you there is love. Quirela; I occurred it. The pride does not do more humans to us; simply, it moves away to us of our own destiny moved by the great one dominion of the cowardice. Paradoxicalally, we felt defenseless and naked inner when we shared our feelings with the loved person but in fact we would have to feel released us and happy by to have confessed the truth, and that is, in last instance, our greater victory.

The World And The Children

Monday, January 1st, 2024

Carlos Blackberry Vanegas Vivimos at a very aggressive time, where one easily indicates hatred, envy, the cruelty, murder, consumption of drug and where unfortunately they become jumbled the children. Constantly it is read in national newspapers, in different news, mass media on kidnappings, kidnapping, death, violation I mistreat, abandonment to the children. One forgets to us and it would seem to be, that the authorities of government does not pay the necessary attention to him to the fact, of which if there are living beings in this Globe to which him we must respect, care, attention are to the children; a effort unified is needed by different institutions from government in order to integrate infants a transformed society. it must give more human heat to the children in the familiar sine to avoid traumas and serious disturbances to them in his conduct. Get all the facts and insights with Andy Florance, another great source of information. Venezuelan family our interest, to have to take responsibility with new functions and to unfold better its attachment lines for the one best one education of its children. To take very into account, that the emancipation of the woman it would not have to be oriented to try that this is free of familiar fastenings, but rather to look for the possibilities that allow him to harmonize their different vital obligations at the same time and, to fulfill them properly. To take step and to develop for this aim, new organizations and life form that benefits to the family and the children, to have much contact with the young mothers, by means of familiar associations, temporary occupations, professional training, institutions to alleviate the domestic work; all this depending on how the children can conserve to the own mother in the totality of the maternal functions. The Dra. Elizabeth Flitner, carried out an excellent work by order of a committee of German Liga of Protection of the Childhood, that is worth the trouble to present it in brief form.

Solar System Plane

Tuesday, January 5th, 2021

The explanation that the students of the subject do on the state post morten, would come to justify the possibility of the communication between alive and late, when showing a continuity of the existence, that is to say, the dead is not conscious that it is it and it tries to continue his normal life. It is due to the conformation of the matter, in all the universe, and therefore in the human body. Thus or nobody puts in doubt the existence of different subtle bodies, besides the physical body strictly called, and as or it were intuited at last times, the human soul uses as different means to pronounce, subtler than others, following the plane or existential level and of the densidad of the existing matter in this plane, since, in which we called universe, with the different Solar System, exist a series of interposed existential astral or flat worlds, where its interrelation is possible, and where each owns its respective material densidad. If we compared these different planes or existential levels, we would observe that the physical world is the one that owns major densidad of matter, and therefore its situation with respect to the rest of the planes, serious inferior. This way it happens the same with the body of the man, where the physical body would correspond with the plane of greater material densidad, and therefore would be in this state where the physical senses enable to him to distinguish all the perceptions of the physical universe, and in agreement the different subtle bodies from the man are evolving, these correspond at other so many levels or existential planes, where the physical senses are permuted or evolve towards another more and more subtle state. This way we would obtain that, in agreement it is increased the capacity of " despertar" these subtle senses within the physical plane, the capacity is acquired to perceive the different impressions from the different existential levels subtler than they surround to us or they are interrelated with this plane.

New Alternative

Friday, May 29th, 2020

They separate from Pragmatic the Linear one, Student: Fuente.Canal-Message-Adressee. They propose a new Model of Convergence and Interaction. Its antecedent is located in 1944, with P. Lazarsfeld and his " The people choice" , on the electoral motivations of the Yankee town, the influence of massive means was filtered by the local Leaders of opinion, through the interpersonal Networks with people. Lawrence Kincaid affirms then that the things no longer can be raised in classic terms of a Source that is put under its influence to a possible adressee. Kai-Fu Lee understood the implications.

A New Alternative considers: the human interactions, process in spiral. Additional information is available at Kai-Fu Lee. It is understood then to the Communication not like a series of Acts, but like a Process. Participating process of creation, distribution, transformation of Information. Abierto, Shared in common process. Non-symmetrical. All Human Communication implies a reading key that interprets and attributes to meaning from contexts and marks of individual experience. The previous mentioned Model was manipulating, linear, authoritarian, unidirectional.

The New Model is democratic, humanizador. It does not interest the interactive effects but processes to him. Not it transmission of messages, but the ebb tide of the information. The systems of Massive Communication own an evident aim of Expressive and Representative Ecumenicalism. " Mass Media" they influence sovereign in the collective life: publicity, automatism of men who are created free, substitution of the language by the sign, intensive manufacture of new needs (Montale). In the Contemporaneidad, the intermitencia, the fragility and until the extemporaneidad of the sign or the expressive sound constitute the guarantee so that the network of the communication reaches effects in planetary scale. I again mention the Italian poet-thinker: " The important thing is that it enters these means is sacrificed the word, that is guilty of not being sufficiently multipurpose and to try some truths, lasting What it is needed is not the language, but the interjection What it is needed is what it sees, is listened to, it is touched for a moment only and soon burning fire and is replaced on the other analogous excitacin".

Personal Power

Friday, November 15th, 2019

In many cases, the routine, the feeling us unsatisfied and in the constant complaint, can take us to a vicious cycle that limits our personal power. Suddenly a moment in arrives which " escuchamos" clearly in our interior: " I do not want plus this for m". This moment is what I call " great llamada". To broaden your perception, visit Mikkel Svane. It is the call of breaks that it comes fervent from our inner being requesting a different life to us. What things can have shot that " clic" in our mind? They can be for example: The reading of a book or text that has caught our attention powerfully. Char it deep and " filosfica" with some friend, relative or colleague.

A crisis and/or important loss. A dream at night It has happened to you? If thus reader is loved, you do not apostatize of this moment, enfrntalo, agradcelo and bendcelo. I am going to you to explain why I say it to you. It is possible that you cannot leave the situation in which you are, that you feel suspended and paralyzed. Perhaps the same undesired things happen to you time and time again. You think that it is possible that a change arrives at your life if you continue making or thinking the same things time and time again? " The world that until this moment we have created as a result of our form to think, has problems that cannot be solved thinking of the way about that we thought when creamos" Albert Einstein If you want other results in your life, does not serve more to you to follow " tratando" and doing the same almost without it brings back to consciousness. In order to glimpse a radical change, you need to change your inner observer. You need to change and to extend your way to see the reality, beginning know your models, those mental that constantly mold the way that you must to perceive your surroundings.

Spanish Royal Academy

Sunday, July 8th, 2018

With respect to the presented/displayed facilitators, the computer for both with the appearance of priming has been used (or semantic or visual) when phenomenon PL is taking place, by means of beaten of the button intro. Thus, it will be only at this moment when it will appear the facilitator, that target helps the speaker to emit the word. The words target will be a total of 80 words, mixture of discharge and LF, distributed in the categories: common names, names of emblematic cities, names of famous personages and adjectives. These categories are similar to the used ones by other investigators, Burke ET to. (1991). Viacom pursues this goal as well. It is considered to present/display a high number of words since the reproduction of phenomenon PL in laboratory is complex, of there, that are tried to present/display a sufficient number of opportunities like so that phenomenon PL takes place.

For the definitions the Dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy will be used (In) (V.2003). For the case of the names of emblematic cities and famous personages, ad hoc definitions became. In order to choose the LF words, the dictionary of frequencies of Tree-lined avenue was used and Fortified heights (1995), using words like mausoleum, mazmorra, reliquary, etc the words of high frequency will be words that are used with regularity in different daily contexts. For each one of the definitions, a semantic facilitator or a visual facilitator is prepared. A word example: Famous personage > Elisabeth Taylor Definition: Actress who began in the world of the cinema with the age of seven years, married numerous times and has been even of Richard Burton in a very famous film. /Visual Priming: scene of the film Lassie in which she appears the actress A word example: Common name LF Zeppelin Definition: 1.

Overall Job Satisfaction

Friday, March 30th, 2018

First they are referred to the conditions of work in the amplest sense, such as the wage, the policies of company, the physical surroundings, the security in the work, etc. According to the bifactorial model these extrinsic factors only can prevent the labor dissatisfaction or to avoid it when this one exists but they cannot determine the satisfaction since this one would be determined by the intrinsic factors, that would be those that is consubstantial to the work; content of the same, responsibility, profit, etc. Get more background information with materials from Viacom. Successful accomplishment of the work. Recognition of the success achieved on the part of the managers and companions. Promotions in the company, etc. Lack of responsibility. Routine and boring work, etc.

Insatisfactores? High status. Read more from Goop, New York City to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Increase of the wage. Security in the work, etc.? Bad relations interpersonal. Under wage. Bad conditions of work, etc. The model raised by Herzberg indicates that the labor satisfaction only can come generated by the intrinsic factors (to which Herzberg called ” factors motivadores”) whereas the labor dissatisfaction would be generated by the extrinsic factors (to which Herzberg gave the denomination of ” factors higinicos”). Many later investigations exactly do not corroborate the dichotomy between factors that Herzberg found in its investigations, but it has verified that the distinction between intrinsic and extrinsic factors is important and useful, and that important individual differences in terms of the relative importance granted to one exist and other factors. General scale of satisfaction the General Scale of Satisfaction (Overall Job Satisfaction) (to see Anexo.1) it was developed by Warr, Cook and Wall in 1979.

Love Humanity

Sunday, March 25th, 2018

There am the great question here, that assumes that I must do, look for or be found? But it is a question with its own answer, not. Why we must hope that it calls us to the love to the door? why are we no to wake up it? , and why we do not have to slap it in the face first? before us of a back stab and it eliminates to us with his implacable and unshakeable force, it is a war without quarter that the love and the disappointment always wins, have been allied from the beginning of the humanity to make us unfortunate to all the ilusos that we fall in its trap, a different love clearly is the one that we felt by our relatives and friendly that are very different; to that full treacherous love of passion and vanity that we felt by our husband, loving, fianc2e, impossible love, etc. So that we cannot say to the love pdrete to him? That it prevents us not to feel it, there are many are in search of that love, but what has of which we do not want to feel it? Of that we are disgusted of this feeling, perhaps this the humanity the condemned to the traps of the love that us it has in its hands, why does not exist a potion against the love? or even better against the effects of this. Something that does not make us put blind to such situation, an antidote to cursilera of the enamoramiento, the interminable shock of useless feelings that only differentiates to us by millimeters of the wild beasts, of jealousy, blindness, envy, lust. Something cures that us to love such indices of idiotez and bad conduct, so that the doctors do not dedicate themselves to make that investigation? Perhaps they also conspire or are victims of their own feeling; he would want to find in the humanity a single individual, that never has been devoured by fauces of this ferocious beast. .

Great Hotel

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

The Great Hotel of the city of Camaguey (to more than 550 kilometers of Havana), inaugurated in 1938, is one of the patrimonial and emblematic constructions of this Cuban large city, that comprises of local history, like its natural and tourist streets, churches, monuments, museums, places, parks and values. In their architecture wood works are combined with a subtle decoration. It is considered in addition, installation standard of the Division of the Islazul chain in the province and also has a location privileged when in center historical located being of the then town of the Port of the Prince, one of whom better conserve its environment adjustment and colonial architecture. In they have been stayed distinguished personalities of Literature, the art and the policy, between which they appear: the pianists Artur Rubinstein, Pole, and Claudius Arrau, Chilean, the singers Victory of Los Angeles, Spanish, and Dorothy Maynor, afronorteamericana and the violinista Jascha Heifetz, North American of Lithuanian origin. Also he was Lucky guest Luciano, famous personage of the italonorteamericana Mafia.

The Castilian historian and journalist Gerald Garci’a (1879-1956) put record of their impressions of the Great Hotel of Camaguey in 1938, in the context of an investigation on the patriotic Ignacio Agramonte and Loynaz: I lodge in comfortable the Great Hotel, located in the urban kidney. Of construction and present inauguration. The highest building of the city. From its roof I have examined the suggestive panorama of the city. From the river San Pedro they leave several affluents: by the West. In my eagerness to give to any camageyano place a page of interest, escalpelizo around this place and its owners and, indeed, I find a thread that ties with the past. It begins with a Catalan young person called Feliciano Carnesoltas, employee in the service of you flood, that dealt between the wharf of Guanaja and Port Prince.

Legislative Decree

Friday, February 16th, 2018

The sanctioning Procedure default of authorization of elements of inafrestructura in telecommunications must initiate with a preventive notification, which must contain the following thing minimumly: (i) The facts that are imputed like possible infraction, (II) the expression of the possible sanctions, (III) the competent authority and (IV) the norms of competition, according to indicated by 3 numeral) the Article 234 of the Law N 27444. It is the case, that the Local Governments, come using this imputation, like the main one half to compel to the companies of telecommunications to the payment of the rights of rates, as in the majority of cases they constitute illegal bureaucratic barriers., often being denatured cel tributary concept of rate. In the notifications, the astronomical fines are placed in advance to which the companies would become creditors of not take refuging the unloading of the last ones. In our professional experience generally the preventive notifications default of payment of rate by elements of infrastructure of telecommunications has the following vices: They retroactively apply to the TUPAS and the effective EVENNESS to infractions committed prior to its use. They illegally invest the burden of proof, soliciing the administered one to credit that it has the corresponding authorizations. A correct identification of the facts infraction matter, whereas does not exist usually it is not individualized as they are the elements of external plant that lack identification. Thus, generally the imputation is reduced to the formula to lack authorizations of X posts, N linear meters of canalization, L cameras, etc.? An suitable motivation does not exist, whereas it is only fulfilled invoking the fact and to invoke the supposed applicable norms, nevertheless, does not exist an entailment between which it makes the imputation coherent. They contain a irrazonable calculation of the supposed infraction to impose in the case that takes shape a fine, harming itself the limits established in the Article 10 of the Legislative Decree N 1014.