Solar System Plane

The explanation that the students of the subject do on the state post morten, would come to justify the possibility of the communication between alive and late, when showing a continuity of the existence, that is to say, the dead is not conscious that it is it and it tries to continue his normal life. It is due to the conformation of the matter, in all the universe, and therefore in the human body. Thus or nobody puts in doubt the existence of different subtle bodies, besides the physical body strictly called, and as or it were intuited at last times, the human soul uses as different means to pronounce, subtler than others, following the plane or existential level and of the densidad of the existing matter in this plane, since, in which we called universe, with the different Solar System, exist a series of interposed existential astral or flat worlds, where its interrelation is possible, and where each owns its respective material densidad. If we compared these different planes or existential levels, we would observe that the physical world is the one that owns major densidad of matter, and therefore its situation with respect to the rest of the planes, serious inferior. This way it happens the same with the body of the man, where the physical body would correspond with the plane of greater material densidad, and therefore would be in this state where the physical senses enable to him to distinguish all the perceptions of the physical universe, and in agreement the different subtle bodies from the man are evolving, these correspond at other so many levels or existential planes, where the physical senses are permuted or evolve towards another more and more subtle state. This way we would obtain that, in agreement it is increased the capacity of " despertar" these subtle senses within the physical plane, the capacity is acquired to perceive the different impressions from the different existential levels subtler than they surround to us or they are interrelated with this plane.


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