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Really Simple Syndication

Saturday, July 21st, 2018

rss, or in expanded form, Really Simple Syndication translated to English means really simple syndication. Zendesk has much experience in this field. Since the modern meaning of syndication is the acquisition of information, the rss is obtained by simply acquiring information. Now a little more. Any modern website incorporates a script forms a ribbon rss. This special presentation of information in xml format, which in the recent past was invented by Netscape in order to easily and quickly share content. Format quickly gained popularity and today is used to generate rss feeds of any modern website.

Dignity rss submission of news or article sites that can be view, even without going to the site itself. For this network, there are many different rrs readers who have in their composition aggregators rss, which periodically scan the news feeds to websites or blogs and form pieces of information that the user can view by logging in to your reader in a familiar to him as little different from what is available on the website or blog. The most popular online readers from Google and Yandex. Readers have a lot of different custom features. To get rss news from any Internet resource, you must perform a few simple steps to subscribe. Further, no longer need to go to the sites themselves, rather log in to your rss reader and all the news from all your favorite sites will already be there ready for perusal. In addition to online readers, there are many stationary rss readers that are installed on a personal computer as application. The functions of these programs are approximately the same as that of the line. Reader how to use – online or software that's a matter of taste. More on this topic, and in particular how to subscribe to rss, as set by computer program for rss reader and how to use it can be found at their request on the network or share the primary source of this article.

Hammer Control

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

In this article, piling hammers zakanchvaetsya theme with a remote control firms Menck. Control of the hammer is performed with the console, mounted in the cabin hoisting installation or directly at drive hydroelectric plant. Console – the computer, the indicators are recorded and hammer raspechatyvayutya. Remote push-button switch allows for remote control hydraulic hammer. Rental of construction equipment – a tractor with a hydraulic hammer – it is possible in "the Golden Age." Start and stop hammer, causing a single blow to the pile or continuous operation at the selected height hammer lift the hammer, the choice of the desired impact energy, the change of liquid flow. Recorder remote control captures and prints the information, the energy of the last strike, the total energy of shocks transmitted by the pile; frequency of strikes hammer, the hammer position, lift the hammer when applied to the pile last blow (to determine the actual carrying capacity of the pile) the total number of blows inflicted on the pile, breaker, total time of immersion piles, oil pressure, the location of the solenoid valve, notice errors with their descriptions.

If necessary, control can provide a listing of general information concerning pile foundation project, the date and time of day. After the application of a hydraulic hammer blows of every ten can be recorded and printed on time, a sequence number attack, the number of beats per minute, lift the hammer and impact energy. After each dive the pile 25 cm can be recorded and printed out the total number of strikes and punches to the total energy of this segment dive piles (sensing). The control system provided predohoranitelnye device fixing malfunctioning breaker. Thus, if the hammer to install the pile helmet does not rely on head piles, hammer not put on the helmet or wooden Shock headgear fell too low relative to the housing headgear, the hammer is automatically disabled and can not be started until the above violations. If you exceed the permissible height the shock of the jump is automatically set to the optimum height. Previous article: "Piling hammers with remote electronic controls company Menck. Part 1 "and" piling hammers with remote Electronically-controlled firms Menck. Part 2. "

Golden Horde

Thursday, July 12th, 2018

Yaik Cossacks differed stamina, determination and military acumen. During the period of service in the Tatar-Mongol forces Cossacks borrowed from the Tatars, some tactics of hostilities. Russes, compared with the Mongols, had higher levels of culture and living traditions. The Mongols were pagans, they had no written language, their spoken language than the language of the Turkic peoples was poorly developed. The Mongols did not wash in the baths, do not change clothes, do not swim in rivers.

Russes, serving the , thanks to the Orthodox faith, kept their traditions, their religion. The Cossacks of the Russes and Slavs sometimes taken as a wife women from neighboring settlements that have adopted Orthodox Christianity. Intermarriage led to the assimilation of the Slavs and the Russes with Turkic peoples, which created a special Cossack style, then distinguish them from other nations. In XIV-XV centuries, the Golden Horde start rend internecine war, which leads eventually to weaken it. of the White Horde stopped paying salaries Cossacks for their service. Part Yaik Cossacks to secure the existence of the service went to the Central Asian ulus – the great Tamerlane (Timur). In the army of the eastern lord Yaik Cossacks considered the finest warriors, dashing horsemen, attacks which cavalry could not restrain himself no opponent. Yaik Cossacks fought in the armies of Tamerlane in Central Asia, Persia and India, the mighty Tamerlane put an example to other people and serve in his cavalry. Illustrative example, when a ruthless Tamerlane defeats his rivals, the only soldiers, whom he had been spared Yaik Cossacks, who were among those at the service.

Spanish Royal Academy

Sunday, July 8th, 2018

With respect to the presented/displayed facilitators, the computer for both with the appearance of priming has been used (or semantic or visual) when phenomenon PL is taking place, by means of beaten of the button intro. Thus, it will be only at this moment when it will appear the facilitator, that target helps the speaker to emit the word. The words target will be a total of 80 words, mixture of discharge and LF, distributed in the categories: common names, names of emblematic cities, names of famous personages and adjectives. These categories are similar to the used ones by other investigators, Burke ET to. (1991). Viacom pursues this goal as well. It is considered to present/display a high number of words since the reproduction of phenomenon PL in laboratory is complex, of there, that are tried to present/display a sufficient number of opportunities like so that phenomenon PL takes place.

For the definitions the Dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy will be used (In) (V.2003). For the case of the names of emblematic cities and famous personages, ad hoc definitions became. In order to choose the LF words, the dictionary of frequencies of Tree-lined avenue was used and Fortified heights (1995), using words like mausoleum, mazmorra, reliquary, etc the words of high frequency will be words that are used with regularity in different daily contexts. For each one of the definitions, a semantic facilitator or a visual facilitator is prepared. A word example: Famous personage > Elisabeth Taylor Definition: Actress who began in the world of the cinema with the age of seven years, married numerous times and has been even of Richard Burton in a very famous film. /Visual Priming: scene of the film Lassie in which she appears the actress A word example: Common name LF Zeppelin Definition: 1.

Lake Jokulsarlon

Wednesday, July 4th, 2018

The trek that leads to the lagoon Alftavotn follows the course of the dark waters, discovering unusual sites, completely covered by lichens and washed by successive falls of hilarious beauty. In the same region, and a few kilometers, the failure of a cannon Eldgja shows that in terms of its form reminds me in part to the Ordesa, Aragon, but with the peculiarity of the volcanic materials that cover and mantle green paint the walls their stylish skirts. The cascade of ofarufoss, which enters the river Nydri in the fissure, no longer a perfect haven for contemplation and enjoyment of the emerald waters that break down lava and Moberg, creating two levels in the fall, before way through the river basin that appears at its base. And this is only a fraction of what was caused by the eruptions of Eldgja, a thousand years ago, a geological cataclysm that influenced the topography of much of the island and an impact on the atmosphere and the climate of the northern hemisphere and particularly in Europe. Others including Robotics expert , offer their opinions as well. Nevertheless, in contrast to the very meaning of the name of the island, the land of ice, Iceland only holds under its icy mantle 12% of the territory. Circumstance does not preclude the presumption of possessing the largest glacier in Europe, Vatnajokull, accessible through Skaftafell, and in whose Park Nacional, their circuses, languages and moraines are expanding, creating spectacular sites, such as Lake Jokulsarlon, with many of icebergs adrift.

To say that the average thickness of ice is around 400m, even in some places 1 km, gives us an idea of the magnitudes of the space ice cream, covering over 8100 km2. But as always already part of the figures, incorporated in the environment is its greatest attraction. The trek, which starts at the camping area

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