Hammer Control

In this article, piling hammers zakanchvaetsya theme with a remote control firms Menck. Control of the hammer is performed with the console, mounted in the cabin hoisting installation or directly at drive hydroelectric plant. Console – the computer, the indicators are recorded and hammer raspechatyvayutya. Remote push-button switch allows for remote control hydraulic hammer. Rental of construction equipment – a tractor with a hydraulic hammer – it is possible in "the Golden Age." Start and stop hammer, causing a single blow to the pile or continuous operation at the selected height hammer lift the hammer, the choice of the desired impact energy, the change of liquid flow. Recorder remote control captures and prints the information, the energy of the last strike, the total energy of shocks transmitted by the pile; frequency of strikes hammer, the hammer position, lift the hammer when applied to the pile last blow (to determine the actual carrying capacity of the pile) the total number of blows inflicted on the pile, breaker, total time of immersion piles, oil pressure, the location of the solenoid valve, notice errors with their descriptions.

If necessary, control can provide a listing of general information concerning pile foundation project, the date and time of day. After the application of a hydraulic hammer blows of every ten can be recorded and printed on time, a sequence number attack, the number of beats per minute, lift the hammer and impact energy. After each dive the pile 25 cm can be recorded and printed out the total number of strikes and punches to the total energy of this segment dive piles (sensing). The control system provided predohoranitelnye device fixing malfunctioning breaker. Thus, if the hammer to install the pile helmet does not rely on head piles, hammer not put on the helmet or wooden Shock headgear fell too low relative to the housing headgear, the hammer is automatically disabled and can not be started until the above violations. If you exceed the permissible height the shock of the jump is automatically set to the optimum height. Previous article: "Piling hammers with remote electronic controls company Menck. Part 1 "and" piling hammers with remote Electronically-controlled firms Menck. Part 2. "

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