Golden Horde

Yaik Cossacks differed stamina, determination and military acumen. During the period of service in the Tatar-Mongol forces Cossacks borrowed from the Tatars, some tactics of hostilities. Russes, compared with the Mongols, had higher levels of culture and living traditions. The Mongols were pagans, they had no written language, their spoken language than the language of the Turkic peoples was poorly developed. The Mongols did not wash in the baths, do not change clothes, do not swim in rivers.

Russes, serving the , thanks to the Orthodox faith, kept their traditions, their religion. The Cossacks of the Russes and Slavs sometimes taken as a wife women from neighboring settlements that have adopted Orthodox Christianity. Intermarriage led to the assimilation of the Slavs and the Russes with Turkic peoples, which created a special Cossack style, then distinguish them from other nations. In XIV-XV centuries, the Golden Horde start rend internecine war, which leads eventually to weaken it. of the White Horde stopped paying salaries Cossacks for their service. Part Yaik Cossacks to secure the existence of the service went to the Central Asian ulus – the great Tamerlane (Timur). In the army of the eastern lord Yaik Cossacks considered the finest warriors, dashing horsemen, attacks which cavalry could not restrain himself no opponent. Yaik Cossacks fought in the armies of Tamerlane in Central Asia, Persia and India, the mighty Tamerlane put an example to other people and serve in his cavalry. Illustrative example, when a ruthless Tamerlane defeats his rivals, the only soldiers, whom he had been spared Yaik Cossacks, who were among those at the service.


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