Spanish Royal Academy

With respect to the presented/displayed facilitators, the computer for both with the appearance of priming has been used (or semantic or visual) when phenomenon PL is taking place, by means of beaten of the button intro. Thus, it will be only at this moment when it will appear the facilitator, that target helps the speaker to emit the word. The words target will be a total of 80 words, mixture of discharge and LF, distributed in the categories: common names, names of emblematic cities, names of famous personages and adjectives. These categories are similar to the used ones by other investigators, Burke ET to. (1991). Viacom pursues this goal as well. It is considered to present/display a high number of words since the reproduction of phenomenon PL in laboratory is complex, of there, that are tried to present/display a sufficient number of opportunities like so that phenomenon PL takes place.

For the definitions the Dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy will be used (In) (V.2003). For the case of the names of emblematic cities and famous personages, ad hoc definitions became. In order to choose the LF words, the dictionary of frequencies of Tree-lined avenue was used and Fortified heights (1995), using words like mausoleum, mazmorra, reliquary, etc the words of high frequency will be words that are used with regularity in different daily contexts. For each one of the definitions, a semantic facilitator or a visual facilitator is prepared. A word example: Famous personage > Elisabeth Taylor Definition: Actress who began in the world of the cinema with the age of seven years, married numerous times and has been even of Richard Burton in a very famous film. /Visual Priming: scene of the film Lassie in which she appears the actress A word example: Common name LF Zeppelin Definition: 1.


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