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Sewing Curtains

Friday, November 25th, 2011

Sew curtains for over 10 years. Many times, faced with a lack of information on technology, sewing curtains and swags. Most training courses are focused precisely on the theory. So as a practical part of the course, the most costly. Selection teachers, as problematic, the teacher must have practical experience.

Explore technology sewing curtains on the books pretty hard. After studying this issue, I came to the conclusion that in the first place, should be practical training. In order to bring this practical part of lessons for beginners, were created video tutorials, sewing curtains and bedspreads. As well as a site where published articles and answers to frequently asked questions. In the video courses are explanations for all questions clearly and shot all things as from the cutting of tissue, resulting in a finished product.

Displaying it in practice. You turn and drive from home are studying, sewing. Along with the lessons is a set of full-size patterns, cutting the classic soft lambrequin. In the lessons are given all the explanations for working with patterns. All calculations of tissue. Price of video training courses are much lower than comparable full-time courses tailoring. In addition to the video courses are patterns, so students do not need in their search. Well, the fact of learning at home is convenient. Usually after a week studying send photos of their early work on me e-mail. These defects, if any, and explaining how to fix them, I send a photo with the recommendations of the back. And after a while, I get a picture of the corrected, usually not more questions arises. That's the distance learning sewing curtains, bedspreads. Judging by the comments of students, is quite effective, especially since some of the students in the video lessons were held before the traditional courses and not learning to sew. But now, many are taking orders and sew your own.

The Cessation

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

From this it follows that, even without changes on your site, it is still every 15 minutes, the cache will be recreated from scratch. Consequently, there will be extra and database queries. The cache manager will be able to extend the cache only increases its life. This will help reduce all the queries to the database that are not necessary. Many experts believe that the best time of life is the time of the cache updates. For example, if you add the news about a twice a day, you spent an hour in the process of adding, then life in the CMS Joomla cache can be extended to 23 hours.

– Lacks a long caching We already told you that with the help of CMS Joomla mambots you can make many manipulations with the text, but without making any real changes in the text. You can select any words or terms in the text, replace references to documents that do inaccessible parts of the text. Let's say you run a cache, but lined more time, then you are setting a new boat, you can simply not notice the change. This happens due to the fact that Joomla is no longer display older data that resides in the cache. At each change of the object is to regenerate the cache for a particular object, not even including the time the cache, the changes will be displayed correctly. But here's modules in the same operation you may a little lie, because the cache only after dropping the zeroes your settings. Experts believe that for sites that use the modules, the information must be updated 80 – 90% of the time to add news.

Most often it is used in the newsflash, displaynews and others. Let's sum up, all of the above. We have learned that caching allows you to reduce the load on the database server, it also positively affects the download speed the site for users. Before defining the lifetime of the cache must be considered an update of the material on your site. Also, try not to forget that the cessation of caching in the site settings can lead to cache the matter here, but in order to prokeshirovat modules should go to the menu editing module parameters and set the parameter Enable cache on YES.

Preset Manager

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

On the Internet there are many places where you can download brushes photoshop. Download a set of brushes you get abr Fail, which is intended to be used in this program. To install the brushes from abr file go to the Edit menu – Preset Manager, click UPLOAD, find the desired file (it should be on your computer) and load brushes in Photoshop. If the brushes are in the archive files (. Zip,. Rar …) we must first extract the files.

An example of a set of brushes: But that would use them effectively, nadostatochno download download Photoshop brushes, you must also configure them. For this we use the Brushes palette, which has eight tabs. Each tab is designed to change a particular setting the brush. 1. INSTALLATION OF HAND used to select the type of brush. 2. FORM prints allows you to change the size and other parameters. On the right side of the middle part there are elements of the settings selected on the basis of a sample library, and the bottom tab of the window we see a thumbnail of the print.

– Parameter size (in pixels) change by moving the slider or by entering the desired value in the field. -Stiffness parameters used to define the extent Feather the edges of the print. Changes as well as the size of the brush by moving the slider or by entering the desired value in the box. The greater the stiffness, the more clear-cut edge is an imprint.


Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Entered amount will be used in the system 'Biznes.Personal' in all calculations where applicable amount of subsistence for the period from the date of its of the date of commencement of the next record amount of new living wage. 2. Definition of calculation involved in calculating the amount to be indexed. To determine the list of charges involved in the calculating the amount of wages subject to indexation in an automated complex 'Biznes.Personal' a system of accounting registers. Register account – a concept that combines certain characteristics of different objects in single group of records.

Signs of combining objects on the register of records, generated by a table reentrant. Accounting registers user who has specific access rights can create yourself to work with various objects in a convenient form of grouping of these objects. To form the register on account of indexation in the form of payroll viewing algorithms necessary to: – Select a bookmark 'Registers of accounting. " – Using the rules of the form view tree structure, add an entry to the register records. – In the edit form to enter the name of the account register Register account the indexation of income and select from the drop-down list the category of 'indexation of income'. – The tab 'accounting registers' special action to cause the edit form Table reentrant and positioned on a column entered Register account the indexation of income. – Double click on the intersection of the rows of charge to the column index register in revenue noted by 'X' those kinds of charges, which are involved in forming the sum for indexing.