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Ubisoft has

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Ubisoft has shown new catches his second title of the franchise for Wii Shaun White, Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage, an exclusive game that came from the white Christmas. A second episode caused by more than 3 million copies sold of his predecessor, and also with your Wii Wii Balance Board adds a touch more original and realistic. The game developed by Ubisoft Montreal, we took evidence as well known in countries like France, Canada, Japan or even be in the city of New York. Fans will be able to purchase the next November 17 in their favorite stores.

News, Activities or Events

Friday, September 25th, 2009

NEW! EDUCATIONAL OFFER SECOND NATIONAL CALL 250.000Tecnologia formulation Projects: Training program focuses on training professionals entrepreneurs with knowledge based on the development of relevant projects, viable, productive and innovative and high technology. Tecnico in Multimedia Development : special focus on the design and development of multimedia solutions with quality graphics and interactive. Tecnico Developing Logistics Operations in the supply chain: coordination and management of distribution and clearance processes. Tecnico in Coating with Paint on Wood: training emphasis on wood coating processes and materials, color tones, among other techniques. Tecnico Grafico Developing construction project: training focused on the interpretation, graphic design and architectural solutions. Tecnico-making and contemporary furniture Modular: focus on design and manufacturing of modular wood furniture and materials. Tecnico Modular Homes Building in Wood: Effective planning and organizing human resources, technical and technological matters involved in the construction process of a modular home out of wood. NEW! Specialization in Management Process Constructive Housing ModularesFechas Registration: 23 and July 24, 2009 Time: 7: oo am 7:00 p.m. On the web: EVENT DISCLOSURE TECNOLoGIC0 SENA-PEGAUCHO-TABLEMAC’NUEVOS MATERIALS AND PROCESSES FOR THE PREPARATION OF FURNITURE ‘::::::::::::: The wood is probably the only renewable raw material that is used on a large scale and in which its use will not harm the environment. It is a material that has permanently and continuously present throughout the history of civilization in almost all human activities. Today, thanks to the development of new technologies have been improved products and new materials that allow to develop different application fields, which is why the Furniture Technology Center Sena in companies with enterprise Pegaucho companies recognized as industry leading adhesives specializing in produce, industrialize and commercialize solutions paste, sealants and complementary products and Tablemac a leader in innovation and development of particle board wood, always committed to the protection of nature, took place one day in technology Withdrawal of the town with business sector with the aim to sensitize participants to the use of new materials and new processes with new environment-friendly in the manufacture of furniture. Thus the Furniture Technology Center to continue with the upgrade of industrial timber company in the industry. CONFERENCE ON DRYING TECHNOLOGY ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: homogenizing and SANETIZACIoN OF WOOD: When we speak of wood drying we are referring to the relationship between the wood and moisture, no doubt, is one of the most important topics of the technology in question, that is why the Furniture Technology Center of the Seine Regional Antioquia, updates on topics to trainees of great importance, through international experts. With the support of the Forestry Engineer, Universidad Nacional del Nordeste (Argentina) Atencia Maria Elena, who has devoted his life to studying the drying process was carried out on a day that technology with our apprentices shared concepts and experiences valuable to our industry. So as apprentices on training, especially in the productive process technologists Wood and technologists in the primary processing of the Wood Technology Center Furniture, are becoming more competitive and take the world face the challenge of working with criteria clear on each of the processes involved in wood processing.

Riding along the canal

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Spring brings a chance for horseback riding along the Whitewater Canal into Metamora .

Ladies and

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen: At this time I will not talk about politics, not engineering, nor travel to mountains and beaches. At this time I need help in finding a missing person. Our blogs, internet pages, TV and radio programs, newspapers, social networking and everything that is available to serve for a large network of search on this occasion, and beyond. Please Help. Ozuna Yuleisy Perez, 16 years, approximately 5 feet in height, this missing since June 4 2009. He was last seen between 5 and 6 pm that day.

Wireless Networks II

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

.- 1.5 RADIO FREQUENCY NETWORK On the other side for wireless radio frequency, the FCC allowed the operation of unlicensed devices that use 1 Watt or less power in three frequency bands: 902 to 928 MHz, 2.400 MHz to 2483.5 MHz and 5.725 to 5.850. This frequency band called ISM bands were previously limited to scientific, medical and industrial applications. This band, unlike the Mobitex and Ardis, is open to everyone. To minimize interference, FCC regulations stipulate that a transmission signal technique called spread-spectrum modulation, which has maximum transmission power of 1 Watt. should be used in the ISM band. This technique has been used in military applications. The idea is to take a conventional sign of banda and distribute their energy in a broader domain of frequency. Thus, the average energy density is lower in the spectrum equivalent of the original signal. In military applications the objective is to reduce the energy density below the level of ambient noise so the signal is not detectable. The idea is that the network signal is transmitted and received with minimum interference. There are two techniques to distribute the signal in an equivalent of the spread spectrum: direct sequence: In this method the flow of input bits is multiplied by a higher frequency signal, based on a fixed spread function. The original data stream can then be recovered at the receiving end correlated to the propagation of known function. This method requires a digital signal processor for correlating the input signal. The frequency hopping: This method is a technique in which the receiving device and issuers are moving synchronously in a pattern of a certain frequency to another, jumping at the same time and at the same frequency default. As in the direct sequencing method, the data must be reconstructed on the basis of the pattern of frequency hopping. This method is feasible for wireless networks, but the current placement of the ISM bands is not adequate, due to competition with other devices, such as bands 2.4 and 5.8 MHz are used by microwave ovens. USE OF SPACE, TIME AND SPECTRUM RADIO NETWORKS IN FREQUENCY. The method of access, such as radio modulation and bandwidth available, it is important to determine the efficiency and capacity of a radio system. The factors that allow the ability to maximize communication within a geographic area and spectrum bandwidth, are considered more important than how they are implemented as. The unique system design can define the use of space and time, and an approximation of the efficiency of the radio transmission technology. High efficiency designs have been avoided in radio systems and networks because their use is not very obvious in terms of speed and convenience. One of the most important aspects of the efficiency of the allocation of time is often consolidated and cargo traffic of unrelated users.

If you

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

If you are a lover of fontomontajes online or just want to know who is leaving on the cover of a magazine, a turn for better P gate Coverdude, a site where you can put any photo you have stored on your computer, at the top a choice of several journals. There are six types of themes selected by the user, who can be men, women, children, animals, entertainment or humor, but any photo can be used to make the photo. Clear that we do not remove a joda a friend and get a picture of him on the cover of a fashion magazine for example, so I guess the possibilities are much broader.

Current deployments

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

In the United Kingdom, the company British Telecom (BT) introduced the popular acronym 21CN (21 st Century Networks) as directly related to NGN and finish that really shows the initiative by the company to establish and operarar with new switches and networks for the period 2006-2008 (the target for the year 2008 will only switch to all-IP in their networks).
On the other hand, the first company in the United Kingdom which had been practiced NGN THUS plc in these fields whose beginnings date back to 1999. THUS’NGN comprises 10,600 km of optical fiber with more than 190 points of presence throughout the region. The core of the optical network uses DWDM technology (Dense Wave of the English Division Multiplexing) to provide scalability to hundreds of gigabits per second of bandwidth, in line with growing demand. Above this, the network uses MPLS technology responsible for traffic distribution. Services based on IP / MPLS traffic carrying voice, video and data over a converged infrastructure, enabling organizations to cost-savings and greater flexibility and functionality. Traffic can be prioritized with the so-called classes of service. The company THUS NGN Service accommodates seven classes, four of which are currently offered with MPLS IP VPN.
In the Netherlands, the telephone company KPN is developing in an NGN network transformation program called “all-IP.” This is another loose end to NGN potentially being used. Next Generation Networks will also extend into areas of messaging and Ireland, the company openminded Networks has designed, built and implemented a traffic control to address the demands and requirements of all IP networks.
In Bulgaria, the company BTC (Bulgarian Telecommunications Company) implement its NGN infrastructure for telecommunications services in a large scale project in 2004. The inherent flexibility and stability of the new network development resulted in an increase in services such as classic POTS / ISDN, Centrex, ADSL, VPN, as well as the implementation of better bandwidth for Internet metropolitan and long distance services VPN for data traffic, and to implement WebTV / IPTV.

With over

Monday, September 7th, 2009

With over 11 thousand people registered in the social network Facebook, the Mexican initiative to break the Guinness World Record for the largest number of people dancing “Thriller” by Michael Jackson in one place still gaining strength. On Tuesday, to draw media attention, a new trial on the esplanade opposite the Palace of Fine Arts in the historic center of Mexico City to practice briefly the steps most significant use in the Jackson music video for this song .

First and Second Class

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

In today’s world, things happen very fast and technology is an ever more fundamental and essential to ‘be’ connected with the world today. The revolution has brought the Internet and the digital network for world has been comparable to the invention of television or radio at the time. I sincerely believe that many of the journalists who attended the graduate level, we think we know much of the Internet and digital world, but the truth is that we use an extremely partisan and limited the real possibilities that we offer. We are the present and future of the profession, and we need to strengthen all the options for transfer of information around us. To begin to say that the concept refers to an Internet provider and a client communication is where we connect the PC to the Internet. Curious real ‘phone number of the Internet server is an IP address and port used to link one to another, to transmit information through packets. It is solely and exclusively on a computer. is apparently an internet address, but it implies much more. The com (commercial) is the top level domain, and gives reference to what kind of website is. Gov refers to a government organization, net technology, a thousand military education to education, etc.. If we refer to the name or brand of the company (brand) is called second level domain. Content Management System is a tool that uses a company to upgrade all websites to which they are interested, without having to go to all the websites on an individual basis. Save space and time. As a curiosity to say the Internet is not an invention created by the American military, but Robert Taylor bag the idea of the Department of Defense United States, but put it into action for the purpose of communication between people, not for ‘marines’. .