Current deployments

In the United Kingdom, the company British Telecom (BT) introduced the popular acronym 21CN (21 st Century Networks) as directly related to NGN and finish that really shows the initiative by the company to establish and operarar with new switches and networks for the period 2006-2008 (the target for the year 2008 will only switch to all-IP in their networks).
On the other hand, the first company in the United Kingdom which had been practiced NGN THUS plc in these fields whose beginnings date back to 1999. THUS’NGN comprises 10,600 km of optical fiber with more than 190 points of presence throughout the region. The core of the optical network uses DWDM technology (Dense Wave of the English Division Multiplexing) to provide scalability to hundreds of gigabits per second of bandwidth, in line with growing demand. Above this, the network uses MPLS technology responsible for traffic distribution. Services based on IP / MPLS traffic carrying voice, video and data over a converged infrastructure, enabling organizations to cost-savings and greater flexibility and functionality. Traffic can be prioritized with the so-called classes of service. The company THUS NGN Service accommodates seven classes, four of which are currently offered with MPLS IP VPN.
In the Netherlands, the telephone company KPN is developing in an NGN network transformation program called “all-IP.” This is another loose end to NGN potentially being used. Next Generation Networks will also extend into areas of messaging and Ireland, the company openminded Networks has designed, built and implemented a traffic control to address the demands and requirements of all IP networks.
In Bulgaria, the company BTC (Bulgarian Telecommunications Company) implement its NGN infrastructure for telecommunications services in a large scale project in 2004. The inherent flexibility and stability of the new network development resulted in an increase in services such as classic POTS / ISDN, Centrex, ADSL, VPN, as well as the implementation of better bandwidth for Internet metropolitan and long distance services VPN for data traffic, and to implement WebTV / IPTV.

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