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Newcomers Portal

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Many artists know the problem: You have put together a band, recorded songs, made a record, but it will be bought by anyone … Why? Because no one knows that this band exists! Here comes a into play. Here, any band to send an application to the NB-editors in order to qualify for the following things ": 1 Each band gets its own page on the user and the other bands, a description, facts, pictures and MP3's of each group can be found for download. 2nd The forum is for any band opened a thread in which all users can discuss the newcomers. Thus, the bands at the same time receive feedback from the people, of whom it matters most: your potential customers / fans 3rd This service is for bands and users completely free and will remain so! Log in to the soloists and groups easily directly to the page in the "Contact", or you send an email with the subject "New Bands Contact" to the address. In addition, Reviews of the NL teams to the latest albums available from the charts. Course can be discussed about this in the forum. Furthermore, the site contains information on upcoming contest and a shop for the full music needs.

Through an RSS feed, as well as a newsletter to stay up-to-date. The whole project went online on 06.01.2007 to beta-base. Which means: You want to check what the response on the Internet for this page. We hope that many bands will use this opportunity and we soon make a large number of newcomers to a broad audience widely available.

Venezuelan Society

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

I could and immediately dressed in civilian clothes, which, coupled with my card teacher, helped me to escape the concentration camps … And World War II broke out. All of a sudden, everything is complicated. My wife pregnant. My parents-Oviedo banished after confiscating their property, “abandoned in Barcelona. Seeing the letter of my father discovered that I had told her days. There was no alternative.

After agonizing weeks in the field of concentration of Deusto, arrived just in time to bury my father, avoiding the common grave, and pick up my mother. “Qualified” pinko “, suffered a bitter internal exile. was devoted to private education, a work of translation Some publishers and literary published articles using pseudonyms. “On January 30, 1949, we had the Granell, I held the” chapels “of logic-book that was my hope to jump to America. Much sooner than expected, just the first of October, I arrived in Madrid a cable from the Universidad Central de Venezuela, spontaneously offering, for reasons his own and without any influence-one teaching position. “Since January 1950 a visiting professor pursues Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the Universidad Central de Venezuela, which would be a full professor.

In 1959 acquired Venezuelan nationality, and in 1964 earned a doctorate in Philosophy with his thesis The human neighborhood. He was cofounder of the Venezuelan Society of Philosophy and director of the Institute of Philosophy Faculty of Humanities, from 1972 until his retirement in 1977. Among the works of the profile of the philosopher Manuel Granell, in addition to the above, include: a woman Philosophical Letters (1946), Aesthetics of Azorin (1949), Ortega and his philosophy (1959), Del think Venezuela (1967) Ethologia yexistencia (1977) and Integral Humanism (1983). As a poet he published two collections of poems, under the pseudonym Manuel Cristobal, Threshold (1941) and Anthology of Silence (1981). And, as the poet and philosopher Oviedo: “The genuine philosopher should not bow to another voice than his pillow.” Francisco Arias Solis Where liberty dwells, there is my homeland. Of Internet Portal for Peace and Freedom and Free Forum.