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What Language Is Your Company?

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

Foreign language skills are the key to the success of the company whether German, English or French, internationally oriented companies speak many languages. “” That a customer on the export Department “or the sales department” can contact, says that the company employees with good language skills and active support to the international sales. To convey the right image of the company, you should pay attention to a correct presentation of the company. So how in the German sales texts are written by copywriters, required for the translation also a professional. This work should not just be passed to an employee of the sales department. Translation: the right word, the right tone of various company speaking different languages.

It is above all the sound. If a more youthful, fun style is used in advertising copy, no strict form text should be used when a range or in response to a complaint. The customer says the company would not recognize and would have doubts about the identity, the image of the company. What is hard in German, is even more complicated in foreign languages. So a customer from Austria in a friendly tone feels at home, perhaps it could alienate a French client, but who is accustomed to very strict form and letter phrases in French. A specialist is required for the correct appearance in another language: a translator.

The right sound at the right time and in the right document, such a task may be applied only by a translator. To find a professional translator for writing advertising copy, you should contact a translation service as all languages. Here are three experts working on the text: a translator, an editor, and an editor. The guaranteed sale lyrics with the right cut. Help for Employeees another important aspect in the commissioning of external translators is the staff. The employees of the export or sales departments can put on professional sales documents and can fully concentrate on their actual task: the service and sales. “The translation Office a professional international” presence is essential at the present time for the success of a business. Translation agency supports all languages GmbH since 1991 very successful domestic and foreign customers. The services of the company includes translations from all languages into all languages. In addition, but also oral language broadcasts and editing / proofreading are offered. The all languages GmbH was the first Austrian translation agency with an ISO 9001:2008 as a DIN of the oNORM EN 15038 certification. On the official website you will find more information related to the company’s strict quality assurance. Submitted by Alexander RUS

German Book Trade

Monday, April 28th, 2014

What are the demands of the digital change to IT by publishers? 1 IT Summit managing IT and E-business strategies, tools, and solutions for the digital publishing house of the Academy of the German book trade on 21 November 2013 at the Literaturhaus Munich. In keynotes, lectures and case studies, executives and CIOs present which IT trends and developments of the software publisher should prepare and what opportunities they offer from publishers and digital company. IT and business decision makers facing challenges by the digitalisation and increasingly complex workflows in publishing: innovative technologies to alter the structure and functioning of publishers. It is to respond to change and to adapt the information and data management to the new business requirements. This applies to such as editorial and content management systems, customer and address management, as well as cloud – and paid-content tools. But what kind of requirements facing IT so specifically? And what skills will have to be rebuilt in the company or which sourcing strategies have been proven in practice? “With these and other questions, the 1st Summit of IT managing IT and E-business deals strategies, tools, and solutions for the digital Publisher” of the Academy of the German book trade on 21 November 2013 at the Literaturhaus Munich. In keynotes, lectures and case studies, executives and CIOs present which IT trends and developments of the software publisher should prepare and what opportunities they offer from publishers and digital company. Special focus:-challenge of digital change for IT and business decision makers – digitisation strategies of publishers and media companies – current technology trends and their impact – growing portfolios new sales routes & co.

success factor customer relationship management are speakers of the Conference include Dr. Johann Kempe (Georg von Holtzbrinck publishing group), Markus Ilka (motor Presse Stuttgart), Stefan Hill (IDG business media), Olaf Flothmann (arvato systems technologies), Prof. Dr. Thomas Hess (Institute for Business Informatics and new media, LMU Munich), Dr. Benedikt Kohler (d.core), Christian Kohl (Verlag Walter de Gruyter), Peter Kraus (Vogel business media), Renate lane must (Franz Cornelsen corporate services), Silke Nixdorf (MSP media system partner). The moderator of the Conference assumes Peter Kirchner (Kirchner + Robrecht management consultants). The event is aimed at Managing Director, CIOs, IT and business decision makers, users and IT professionals from publishers and media companies as well as specialists and managers, especially from the areas of editorial, marketing & sales, manufacturing and E-publishing, as well as IT companies and IT service providers.

LetMeShip As Exhibitor On The B2B Measure North Fair

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

On 28 November, the B2B finds North exhibition in Hamburg-Schnelsen instead of Hamburg, 12 November 2013 – LetMeShip will attend fair as an exhibitor of the B2B North on November 28 in Hamburg-Schnelsen. The B2B North is the largest regional economic trade fair in Germany and was already over 200 exhibitors and 3000 visitors at its kick-off event in April 2013. The B2B North exhibition promises a business dialogue for business leaders, entrepreneurs and decision makers from the Hamburg metropolitan region”. Also LetMeShip, price comparison, and delivery platform for express shipments by business customers, contributes to this dialogue. LetMeShip will participate not only as an exhibitor at the fair, but quickly, easily and affordably send also a presentation on the topic of packages -“contribute. LetMeShip allows business customers a simple, fast and cheap shipping via the online platform there is bundled a variety of express and parcel services, customers can price and services compare easily, fast bookings in Order and archive shipments and invoices on a single platform.

The concept is: more than 10,000 business customers registered on the platform. Although we operate Germany wide, a large part of our client base is located in the Hamburg metropolitan region. So it not only interesting is at the Northern trade fair B2B to make new contacts, but to use the day to invite our existing customers from the region”says Mr Christian Stangenberg, head of sales at LetMeShip. Win 2 tickets for the musical Rocky”in Hamburg visiting the LetMeShip to make especially tempting stand, there will be a raffle. Attract visitors to the booth can 2 tickets for the musical Rocky”in Hamburg.

The joining of the B2B North fair is free of charge. You can here download your ticket by LetMeShip: cms/file we are pleased about your visit. When: Thursday 28.11.2013 09:00 18:00 where: upper level, booth No. 5 MesseHalle Schnelsen fashion ring 1a 22457 Hamburg Hamburg via LetMeShip LetMeShip ( is a price comparison and shipping platform express and parcel services for business customers. Price bundling, save costs, all bookings run to a customer number and an invoice. Thereby, each customer is supervised by a personal advisor. LetMeShip cooperates with service providers such as DHL, UPS, TNT, GO! and DerKurier. Over 10,000 companies already take advantage of LetMeShip. The platform based in Hamburg was founded in the year 2000.

LCD Samsung

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

LCD monitors have been created to make life simpler, dramatically improving our experience in computer and space saving. But what disgust when we check our monitor is not working properly. But today we can count on a service SAMSUNG in Mendoza that will leave those bright colors and those crisp images, as it should be. We can not amaze us, especially those who have worked at some time with old CRT monitors, is it possible that LCD monitors manage to be so thin, and at the same time can provide similar image quality, with sensitivity to many millions of colors. It is also surprising how this technology has cheaper as it is now possible to have monitors of large size at very convenient prices.

But to understand this is necessary to understand how an LCD screen. LCD are the first letters of LCD (liquid crystal display) display. Next, it attracts our attention as it is possible to conceive of a liquid crystal. Precisely, this is the genius of these devices. A liquid is characterized as such when it takes on the shape of the container that contains it. But some substances in nature can exist in very strange States, with solid glass shaped molecules but that act as if were liquids. Conclucion liquid crystals aren’t neither solid nor liquid. Quartz is one of these substances.

This element is extremely sensitive to temperature, which pressed him to change his status immediately. The electric current also affects the State of these crystals, and this quality is that is used in the manufacture of LCD screens. LCD screens have thousands of small cells of colour, which are visible if we apply a magnifying glass on the screen. Each one of the cells is responsible for lighting on the basis of three basic colors: red, green and blue. With this combination of primary colors, a LCD may form millions of different shades. The reality is that LCD screens are very complex in their structure, being much more than two sheets of plastic material with a component in the middle. The repair of this kind of electronic devices need a technical knowledge higher than only trained personnel may grant. Therefore, is great news for residents of whose now a service SAMSUNG in Mendoza who knows how to do is there charge properly for all the inconveniences that may arise with LCD screens. Repair of LCD Samsung monitors / ViewSonic / LG / Philips

The Search

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

If you’re writing a topic about weight loss, your article based on how to lose weight, take the keywords that your chose in the title, and in the following paragraphs of content in a way strategic and orderly without abusing it, already that if repeat too one or several keywords, the search engines could consider that practice as SPAM. But recalls that work on a group of 4 keywords keyword #1 keyword #2 keyword #3 keyword #4 (this is a group) then here you explained what HARAS: Escibiras an article to try on your keyword #1 (of your first group of 4 keywords) title: (placed strategically keyword #1: trafficking of being an attractive title) first paragraph: Within this paragraph add content having to do with the because: and strategically puts 1 time in that paragraph the #1 keyword and 1 time the keyword # 2 second paragraph: within this paragraph add content having to do with that: and strategically puts Solamante 1 time keyword #1. THIRD paragraph: Within this paragraph add content having to do with the as: and strategically puts the keyword #1 1 time and 1 time the keyword # 3. FOURTH paragraph: Within this paragraph add content have to do with action: and strategically You puts the keyword #1 1 time and 1 time the keyword # 4. Important note: If look at Word key #1 qu is the relevant, this in the title and in all paragraphs and other 3 keywords these distributed only once in other paragraphs because they are secondary keywords, this hara your article too important and relevant for losbuscadores, so it is very likely that your article appears in the first positions when people look for something that has to do with this first group of 4 KEY WORDS. FOR this to function well: * remembers that you also you’ll have to do an article for the keyword #2, another for the keyword #3 and another for the the keyword #4 = * obviously following the same procedure.


Monday, April 7th, 2014

The people who they suffer a selfishness of this nature, there is no love, only love themselves. The couple is a reflection of his ego overdeveloped, for their lack of personal identity and the need to have another confirming them his greatness. The narcissistic egoism is subtle. It comes slowly. We do not perceive it. We do not realize that so us will be invalidating, discounting to end without a referent staff. Couples living under the influence of this kind of self-worship, always enter in game situations and feelings as: ingratitude.

Insulation. Codici a. envy. Those aspects that underlie a couple are in imbalance. The attention and importance are only for the selfish, else lacks specific value. Solidarity is drained between the sheets and does not appear anywhere, and in intimacy much less. The generosity only denotes when daffodils calculating that they may receive something or much to change, otherwise, ever, can understand what your partner lives, suffers, or want to. There is only one space and that has to cover so the narcissistic, and there is where your selfishness comes with Grand gala and this kind of selfish links seizes all the space from the relationship, why live so deeply painful and destructive. If you are interested in knowing more about these loves, I invite you to visit the site where you will find in our editorial material electronic envelope: our Editorial is available at this address Amores narcissistic, how to recover trust in love and when the love couple turns into pain thanks for reading, my mission is the quality of emotional life original author and source of the article

The Mail

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

A strategy I have used is to send a sequence of messages to those prospects by offering a bonus or a discount special. You can send information to customers who are using a limited version of the product. In the form of follow-up mailings, which can be sent during the following month. You can then add single bonds in the mail that is sent, eventually offering an economic discount. It is also interesting to be creating the urgency of the offer ends on a particular day. 3. Subscribers also their clients, customers and prospects, you can start building a list of subscribers.

They can join your list in exchange for getting something for free. It is a highly recommended by all the promoters online that you put a form to fill out for your newsletter or newsletter on every page of your site … If you do not, visitors do not buy is likely to never return. Think of it this way. The average conversion rate for a product below the fifty dollars is around 2%.

This means that 98% of your visitors leave your site without buying. This is a colossal amount of potential prospects you is letting go. There is a simple way to capture some of those 98% who leave your site … For example, put a form on your Web site or email a link directed to your auto responder, offering visitors to subscribe to your list mail. In return, offer something for free. It could be a free report, a newsletter, an electronic journal, a special discount, a coupon, a course, etc …