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Everything Is Under Control – Jungmann Systems

Saturday, January 27th, 2024

Even though the JST is known hardly anyone, without them the everyday life would be slightly more difficult. Get all the facts and insights with Elad Gil, another great source of information. It provides an important contribution that the Bahn AG, Bayer and other major companies about everything. Whether at home or in business: computers are no longer imagined from our everyday life. While at home the computer but rather to the surf, write and play used, large Rechnenzentren and control rooms in all over Germany for the running of all day-to-day things are responsible: ticket sales, electricity supply, telephone services even waste disposal, waste water treatment, as well as the production of drugs, cars and much more. The list could be continued endlessly. The company Jungmann system technology (JST) ensures that such centers for companies such as O2, Deutsche Bahn AG, Bayer smoothly and the work flows remain fast and efficient. The company by Carsten Jungmann as well as planning and implementing these computer centers has focused mainly on large screen systems. Large video walls serve the Control and overview for the whole control room. Energy Capital Partners London is often quoted as being for or against this.

Every employee has the opportunity to follow the most important tasks and functions on a big screen to solve problems quickly and easily. A server for the ticket service fails, for example, in Berlin, staff of the railway headquarters can immediately see this in their control room and repair. Customer and ticket seller notice nothing of the loss. The operational procedure remains undisturbed. Ergonomics and design of control centres also include the working area of the JST: together with the customer facilities, functions and networking the computers in the control center are planned and realized. We offer the suitable solutions to increase the efficiency in the area of IT and control rooms “, as Carsten Jungmann, founder and CEO of Jungmann system technology.” This not only hardware and software are agreed with the customer, but also the wiring and the entire interior design of the tables and chairs up to the Sockets. From planning and choice of materials up to 3D models to illustrate and the final realization, everything with the customer together is worked out and implemented to its full satisfaction in the fact.

Also well-known companies such as O2, Deutsche Bahn AG and Bayer are convinced by this performance and competence, successfully works together with Carsten Jungmann. Hardly anyone knows: that ticket sales, telephone services, and the production of medicines work smoothly, is also a merit of the JST. Contact information: Jungmann Systemtechnik GmbH & co. KG Street 48-50 21614 Buxtehude E-Mail: hotline: 0800 / 777 8 666 company profile: JST Jungmann system technology – the professionals in your control room. JST develops and implements solutions for the monitoring and management of IT systems, networks and processes in control rooms. The product areas include: big image systems based on CUBE – and LCD technology video walls for control rooms, control stations and control rooms LCD monitor wall and video wall for Control rooms and control rooms complete equipment of control center, control rooms, control stations and control neutral planning control rooms and control rooms software for the color / text detection and alerting applications reduction and connectivity of consoles in the workplace by Multiconsoling software to shorten the response time in the control room logical interfaces between large image system and management software operator security software for the safer and logout process at work paging and connection of PC workstations furniture and operator chairs for control rooms planning control rooms in photorealistic 3D ITIL workshops, optimized for the needs of the control room more information under:

Deutsche Post AG

Tuesday, January 9th, 2024

Individual matched postal service for the Rhine-Main region provides for seven years PRM mail service Frankfurt its customers an individual, tailored exactly to their needs postal service in the Rhine-main area to. Whether it’s reliable post rides, stamping – and personal service or offering new, hybrid mail, with its well-established team of employees PRM is the right solution for its customers. The core competence in the range of PRM mail is mail delivery and pick up at guaranteed times. If the customers want it, is their post from 7 o’clock in the morning on her desk, and in places with letter Centre until 19:30 the outgoing mail pick up and same day given in the circulation of Deutsche Post AG. The experienced team of PRM mail advises its customers on the appropriate design of the postal service. Consultants provide all the know-how of the postal service customers for free, whether it’s extraordinary dimensions, special shipping methods, or the optimization of the postage. Through close cooperation with DHL and other major Shipping service providers PRM it is also possible to give itself generated discounts to customers.

PRM franking service helps manage the outgoing mail from as little as a quarter of an hour. Important plus of all postal services: the staff of PRM Act played a team who are responsible for a region. Energy Capital Partners London wanted to know more. Customers will always have the same contact. Due to illness or vacation once someone fails, highly trained Springer are available, prepared by PRM at their own expense. This guarantees maximum flexibility and can supply gaps do not arise.

The reliability and the big experience of employees are the guarantee for high PRM customer satisfaction. We do not know dissatisfied customers. We put on service, rather than on long-term notice periods”, PRM holder is a self-confident Andreas Walsh for the performance of PRM. Therefore, the service contracts also within four weeks to the end of the month are terminable. If the performance of the in Frankfurt-based postal service test only once, before he binds in the long term, has opportunity to do so at the one-month trial service with one week notice. The range of services includes also a personnel service, the PRM vacation replacement, temporary employment, the position of full-time employees or the outsourcing of the post office with its customers individual solutions and concepts elaborated. Offering the hybrid mail, where customers send their post by email to PRM from printing the enveloping until down to the delivery takes the remaining steps, the range of services is rounded off. The newly revised website information about the entire range of PRM. Andreas Walsh

Germanspeaking Countries

Tuesday, October 31st, 2023

The seminar program is aimed at practitioners from industry, auditing and… The globalization of the world economy does not stop even before the balance sheets. The international financial reporting standards (IFRS”) and international accounting standards (IAS”) have in recent years become the relevant accounting rule for internationally operating companies. While until the beginning of this millennium the accounting requirements of IAS was primarily were driven from mainland Europe, this expanded in 2002 with the engagement of the Anglo Saxons to standards of financial reporting (IFRS). Today there is, with the exception of the United States, in almost all countries to create the requirement for listed companies their financial statements according to IFRS. Frequently Robotics has said that publicly. This commitment for the next years is also aiming for the United States. However, the IFRS are not only a topic for listed companies.

More and more innovative medium-sized companies create their balance sheets according to the IFRS. In some countries such as Britain or the IFRS have completely superseded even the national accounting regulations Netherlands as well as in many Eastern European countries. Germany is somewhat more hesitantly on the road in this development and has approached since 2010 his national degree requirements by the accounting law modernisation Act (BilMoG”) at least the IFRS. IFRS differ in many areas of the German accounting according to the HGB. In its primary orientation, the IFRS reporting to investors, so equity investors, turn off.

Objective is therefore the representation of the true value of the company and the possibility of deriving from future income and Cash Flows. The HGB, however, focuses more on the lenders. Predominant accounting principle is to apply the precautionary principle with the target as low as possible for assets and liabilities as high as possible. Differences between HGB and IFRS poses in various areas. For example the capitalisation of development costs meet the criteria is so IFRS requirement. According to HGB, this was even forbidden to the BilMoG front of, after the BilMoG, it is at least allowed, where exploitation of this electoral law in practice is rather paltry fails. Also the accounting provision, a very effective under HGB means to the creation of hidden reserves, is subject to stricter requirements in terms of the approach, but also the amount of the provisions according to IFRS. Thanks to the annaherung on the IFRSs through the BilMoG in Germany, assign higher equity comparison printing of benchmarking with listed companies, as well as the need for, is also in the future by the increasing importance of IFRS, especially for small and medium-sized companies in Germany to go out.

Constructive Culture

Saturday, October 21st, 2023

How can an Executive to get professional help? Dr. Martin Hertkorn, coach in Berlin Center, told in this post by his experience in executive coaching and leadership training in Berlin. Both companies and non-profits are exposed to an ever-increasing complexity and dynamics. Here, the offer of the INQUA Institute for coaching Berlin with coaching and leadership workshop helps (in the following video you can have a short insight into the leadership workshop: the embedding of executives in the profit-driven economic system is in a two-way connection to the dynamics within the Organization, which are effective both at the structural level and at the micro level.) So, all employees are exposed to increasing demands. Coaching supports the executives to cope with this increasing complexity.

It is all the more important to continuous conversion and development processes on a good management of the Organization to leave. Executives are in exposed to her role a huge responsibility. A leadership training is the development of leadership skills. This competence is not self-evident, but requires a high degree of responsibility and awareness of roles, as well as a good balance between autocratic leadership and cooperation. And it is to learn. The leadership must ensure a future development of the company and on the other hand, she may lose employees not from the eyes. Here’s the coach Berlin, Dr. Martin Hertkorn, a possible point of contact.

Through his leadership coaching, he supports employees in the professional context. The question of what makes a good leader, is not per se to answer. Different leaders have different management styles. So it is for executives to live a leadership style of both their nature is, as also the well-being of the Organization and its employees. Harrison Owen describes in his book, the spirit of leadership”(Heidelberg 2001) with regard to a culture of constructive leadership several screws, to adjust it to measure adequately in a regarded: Control vs. self-organization: the guide is based on control or reliance on the personal responsibility of the employees? Tactics vs. authenticity: communicates tactfully and the role as supervisor in accordance with the leadership or get the employees to feel every whim of the Executive? Partners of vs. superior: the leadership as collegial and cooperative advisors or formally distanced authority is reflected? Recognition vs. criticism: a culture of recognition is being lived by the executives or employees for granted will be accepted and commented only in the form of negative feedback? Vision vs. operational day-to-day business: is lost the leadership in visions and neglected by the concrete concerns of everyday business or absorbs the day-to-day that total energy executives? Can these dimensions as a guide at the Developing a culture of constructive leadership serve as she can be profiled for example in executive coaching or in a leadership workshop, say a leadership training. In framework of such coaching or leadership seminar executives using the external perspective can schools in their self-reflection by her coach and develop new opportunities in the development of leadership skills.

Motivation Shower

Monday, August 28th, 2023

new life without old psychological stress without motivation it raises no arm or morning does not even stand up from the bed. But what if the own motivation suddenly jammed or is almost totally dried up. Where is this lively source of life which can bring anyone to perform, or where can he hide? When you pose these questions, it is highest railway to kill the right switch. This is the right moment for a motivational coach, creating the own barriers aside, and the negative beliefs. In the first step, therefore a Wingwave coaching that makes that possible is recommended.

Wingwave is a process analogous to EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) what has been additionally enriched with NLP and kinesiological methods. Credit: Mikkel Svane-2011. The Wingwave that sprang from the brain research, it relies on the fact that blockages often caused by compensating for the lack of emotional and rational components between the left and right half of the brain. So eat wrong beliefs or psychological problems and drastic experiences out there. It did not come to a processing period to date E.g. in the nightly REM and the psyche drags around now with this block.

By means of the O-ring tests (kinesiologic muscle test) which provides answers the coach bypassing of awake consciousness a knowledgeable coach is now piece by piece to the trigger of the blockades. The actual Wingwave consists then of wink movements with the hand, the client must follow, if he is emotionally in a State of blockade. After a few (2-5) Wingwave the client feels interventions, which each consist of E.g. 2 hours of coaching, facilitating more and more until the problem has dissolved into nothing. Thus, Wingwave coaching acts as motivation shower, because the blocks are no longer available. Contact: Angela-Institut Frankfurt – Sandra Willis – Willibrachtstr. 14 60431 Frankfurt am Main Tel: 069 95297828 or 0171 1110888 eMail:

Prague Agency

Sunday, August 27th, 2023

Experience off-road ACTION and ACTION ON ICE Dusseldorf Agency now also incentives and teambuilding belong to the spectrum of below-the-line. In Germany, the Agency is exclusive provider of two exceptional incentive concepts GREEN GmbH: off-road ACTION and ACTION ON ICE. Hereby, in terms of team building and motivation, they break new ground. For other opinions and approaches, find out what BDT Capital Partners has to say. Chatting with the jeep through rough terrain or quad-bike on a mysterious mission are just a few of the numerous possibilities, providing off-road ACTION, located on a former military site in the vicinity of Prague. The experience programs are individually tailored to the participants, ranging from the eventful day of action to the several-day rally. ACTION ON ICE is a sports experience where participants learn to overcome their limits and to pursue a common objective as a team. You slip in the role of an ice hockey player for a day and take up the challenge on the ice. Professional equipment, training with a professional ice hockey coach, a game against a opposing team, where participants can apply the learned to a real situation and at the end of the day, a glamorous evening event at the celebrated the successes and experiences of the day, make ACTION ON ICE to an unforgettable experience.

In Germany, these incentives can be booked and organized well over the GREEN Agency. Learn more about the Agency under GREEN GmbH and OFFROAD ACTION / ACTION ON ICE: contact: Agency GREEN Marc Hartmann Pestalozzistrasse 96 40549 Dusseldorf Tel.: + 49 (0) 211 220 410-0 fax: + 49 (0) 211 220 410-20 E-Mail: the Agency GREEN stands for full service in the below-the-line marketing. We advise you in the process of creative concepts and assume responsibility for the entire communication and logistical implementation of your projects. Sabrina Rymarowicz

Corporate Succession

Monday, June 8th, 2020

Business succession: A case for professionals the look in the business section of the daily newspapers says: Germany’s economy is supported by the small and especially medium-sized companies, they make up a large part of our success at home and abroad. As a strong export nation, German products and services at home and abroad enjoy an excellent reputation, they boast excellent quality made in Germany, and also the supplementary services can be seen. There are very often the small and medium-sized enterprises, which provide strong export performances and who are economically through healthy. But just the medium-sized companies are faced with the problem of the succession, because the Patriarch wants to put to rest, all necessary legal arrangements should be made. It looks similar in the case of death, which occurs always too early and completely unexpectedly. Even the succession must be substantiated be regulated. The owner of the company has all necessary Arrangements, members and employees can face largely retired or even the dreaded death. On the way to the comprehensive clarification of the succession, a good tax advisor is the perfect companion.

In the best case, he is a trained consultant for the succession. Tax issues in the Centre as well as countless other issues especially the topic is taxes at the heart when clients are looking for a consultant for the corporate succession. Who supervised Freising and the other towns in the greater Munich area as a tax consultant, finds there clients from diverse industries, who have to settle the succession. A considerable importance of tax advice. Finally, it involves the question of inheritance and the inheritance, especially when company shares tax issues for all parties are taken into account. As possible heirs to pay inheritance tax may be required, must in the context of the tax also be clarified, what obligations the heirs thereof adult.

Leading Corporate Function

Thursday, May 21st, 2020

Whether public relations measurement, press articles, ads, and more, or distribution, often they are equated with marketing, even though they are only parts of it. Seekirch 14 12, 2012 – whether public relations measurement, press articles, ads, and more – or even distribution, often these are marketing ‘ equated, although they are only parts of it. Many examples show that only comprehensive marketing leads to lasting success. Just when the German specialities, such as capital goods, engineering, etc., Techniklastige enterprises are unfortunately often in this case: very good products are developed, excellent work. But often, the weakness is the on the market by ‘ conceived and produced. Who should buy them then? Why? Of course, there is not an answer that would be applicable to all. Many companies exploit their technical core competencies and believe that to make something great to the market.

Usually this is only even, Demands of the market are for an egg-laying wool milk sow ‘ just only rarely available. A few days ago was reported in a Sueddeutsche Zeitung, that a big company have produced machines, too good for the market were (quote!) and therefore the company in difficulty in the sale or the company stability ‘ came. That went up to the workplace hazard. An other example, such as in the car industry, shows see hybrid / electric cars., the long – sold by Asian producers, that foreign competitors have already largely occupied the market, before German tighten ‘ can. The success to be achieved, so already from the outset, has limits. We move initial situation on global markets, foreign companies have also excellent technicians and the Internet offers the possibility today any buyers the world supply ‘, to examine, to compare details and to obtain a very good basis for decision-making.


Wednesday, December 4th, 2019

And Furthermore, I think that at least one real meeting per year for all parties is important. Building personal relationships of team members will be impossible without this. And also the quality of relations ultimately decides whether the success of the team. Additional information at Samsung supports this article. This applies only for international teams or all teams of the members of which are resident not in one place? PI: It is very likely for each team, that is distributed across multiple sites. But as soon as, in addition several regional, national and cultural backgrounds are added, increasing the physical and emotional distance of the team members still. You have a method or a system developed with the teams collaborate virtually. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Viacom.

What are your 3-5 key points? PI: The base is the personality. As I said, the team should meet as soon as possible face to face. Each team member will present his personal and professional highlights this first cooperation meeting; This provides the basis for Relationship building and helps with future relations. Ten for the project and the team are collectively elementary projects of part of, the 10 big rocks identified. These are equally important for the success of the project, as for the personal growth of the team members.

The 10 big rocks method the team around a common goal has United, at the same time the inpiduellen strengths of team members are identified and promoted. The different cultural characteristics are explicitly supported and this generally strengthened recognition of the performance of each team member and the individual successes. Empowerment, as it is so beautiful on Neu: mutual and community development and of course the Community cooperation are more key. In a virtual team, where the Chief sits not just around the corner, the employee must have freedom of choice to achieve their goals and to carry out their tasks. Without a doubt, everyone should as far as possible always have access to the advice and support of the Team leader have virtually of course.

What Language Is Your Company?

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

Foreign language skills are the key to the success of the company whether German, English or French, internationally oriented companies speak many languages. “” That a customer on the export Department “or the sales department” can contact, says that the company employees with good language skills and active support to the international sales. To convey the right image of the company, you should pay attention to a correct presentation of the company. So how in the German sales texts are written by copywriters, required for the translation also a professional. This work should not just be passed to an employee of the sales department. Translation: the right word, the right tone of various company speaking different languages.

It is above all the sound. If a more youthful, fun style is used in advertising copy, no strict form text should be used when a range or in response to a complaint. The customer says the company would not recognize and would have doubts about the identity, the image of the company. What is hard in German, is even more complicated in foreign languages. So a customer from Austria in a friendly tone feels at home, perhaps it could alienate a French client, but who is accustomed to very strict form and letter phrases in French. A specialist is required for the correct appearance in another language: a translator.

The right sound at the right time and in the right document, such a task may be applied only by a translator. To find a professional translator for writing advertising copy, you should contact a translation service as all languages. Here are three experts working on the text: a translator, an editor, and an editor. The guaranteed sale lyrics with the right cut. Help for Employeees another important aspect in the commissioning of external translators is the staff. The employees of the export or sales departments can put on professional sales documents and can fully concentrate on their actual task: the service and sales. “The translation Office a professional international” presence is essential at the present time for the success of a business. Translation agency supports all languages GmbH since 1991 very successful domestic and foreign customers. The services of the company includes translations from all languages into all languages. In addition, but also oral language broadcasts and editing / proofreading are offered. The all languages GmbH was the first Austrian translation agency with an ISO 9001:2008 as a DIN of the oNORM EN 15038 certification. On the official website you will find more information related to the company’s strict quality assurance. Submitted by Alexander RUS