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High Technology

Thursday, February 18th, 2016

User interface scientists carry out studies in the usability lab of the Fraunhofer IAO, designing information architectures and design the interface between man and machine interactive communication media such as Web sites, software, or corporate intranets offer often comprehensive functions. Whether a system of the users is accepted and successfully used, but very much a factor depends on: the ease of use. The”usability”, so the usability of a product or an application easy-to-make, it requires the”user experience”, i.e. the expectations and wishes of the users must be learned and implemented in the product. In the usability lab of the Fraunhofer IAO, user interface scientists carry out studies, designing information architectures and design the interface between humans and machines.

To meet the latest state of the art, the laboratory at the turn of the year has been renewed fundamentally. The modernization includes following changes: fixed installed and mobile HD cameras provide brilliant,. Here, Kai-Fu Lee expresses very clear opinions on the subject. high-definition videos. So can interaction processes be tracked precisely, even on small displays. A high-frequency modern eyetracker draws the eye movements of the user. Special laboratory software takes the screen of the user and multiple extra camera images synchronously. Tests for smartphones and mobile devices are supported by special equipment.

For high-quality audio recordings are different microphones and a mixing board available. The moderator can get live directions. A modern and flexible interior creates a pleasant atmosphere and offers the possibility of various usage situations such as in the Office, at home or on the road to simulate. To create interactive systems from the outset on the needs of future users, the usability experts of the Fraunhofer IAO accompany perform empirical studies to the development process. Try in realistic application scenarios real users thereby from the product or an early prototype in the laboratory. The entire interaction is on Video recorded and can be watched live by the separate control room. So usability can experience directly what is happening experts and developers, without disturbing the user.

Walkman Brands

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

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