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Cardboard Packaging

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Lamination in the manufacture of cardboard packaging The term "masking" or "kashirovka" is derived from the German word 'kaschieren' – paste, duplicate, laminate. The process of laminating or bonding is stamping paper or cardboard coated with a picture of them to a more dense manner. Scope laminated cardboard Laminating widely used in the manufacture of hard thick cardboard. Infliction Images on this basis is carried out by flexographic or screen printing, but its quality leaves much to be desired. In the case where it is necessary to produce products with high quality printing image, resort to lamination, which provides superior print quality on heavy cardboard. It is generally used for production of POS-materials, children's educational games and books and, of course, various packaging, including gift. Beautiful laminated cardboard boxes are needed in various industries.

It is used for packing cosmetics, electrical appliances, clothes, shoes, dishes, as well as food and medicine. A separate say about a gift box, which was widely spread in modern life and allow you arrange any souvenir or mark of attention. Laminated packaging has a much more attractive appearance that positive effect on selling products in it. Companies and firms for which it is important to not only the quality of their products, but its design is already widely used in laminated packaging corrugated cardboard and. The ability to beautifully submit product is valued not only buyers of products, but companies and partners, and even their competitors. The process of laminating Lamination is carried out on an ad hoc laminating lines are usually equipped with electronic systems, process control.

This is a remote control and display, allowing control over the process at any stage. Depending on the size and specifications, the line allows the production of laminated cardboard in different sizes and thicknesses. Laminating technology includes six main stages or phases:-preparation materials – laying foundations and face layer (liner) in the section for submission of materials – combination (fitting) layers – the application of the adhesive composition on the basis of – pressing – will eat the finished product. If you use good-quality adhesives and equipment finished products obtained homogeneous coating with excellent adhesion to the substrate. Sometimes before lamination liner made of paper or varnished laminate is exposed – to protect the image from external influences. Laminating Laminating cardboard cardboard by the method described above, the surface turns out the most even and attractive. However, in the manufacture of packaging should be remembered that dampening properties of this material is significantly lower than corrugated cardboard. Therefore, in the manufacture of boxes for fragile items – dishes, appliances, gifts from glass and ceramics, alcoholic beverage production – necessary to use additional inserts, preserving items from external influences. Lamination in the manufacture of cardboard packaging – so far the only method of applying a full-color high-quality images on a tight basis. "Price-quality 'finished product is quite acceptable for most major manufacturers of various products. And if you remember a wise saying, "By their looks meet … ", for goods an important element in attracting visitors' attention, it is usually packed. And the most striking looks that masked packages.

Multiple Pages

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

These are complex programs by reading other people's sms, eavesdropping conversations penetration of e-mail account or your neighbor. This is a great achievement of new technologies in medicine, for example, programs to cure diseases or selling a miracle technology, which, in defiance of all science and logic, is capable of cure all ailments, even those that may happen in the distant future. Then just save any inclination to think critically and analytics. And a search engine and the memories of the knowledge gained in school in the area various educational disciplines. There are less offensive ways of obtaining money, an abundance of the way the user – sms pay for their own stupidity or carelessness. Multiple Pages convince us that pass the tests, buy something, get valuable information for sms.

Payment by mobile phone is very common, although a large percentage. Here are just a sly show in the window of the modest pay price within ten rubles, and then we discover that flew from the account of a few hundred. The bottom line is that we show only digits, but do not see the carrier, if the open window, gaze astonished user abolished huge list of operators, and the price will be about our time as the one that went into oblivion. Incidentally, in another embodiment of you, in writing, indicate a modest fee per day or week that suits you, but then quietly slipped by code payment for a month of service insidious resource. We should also mention viruses, abundant flooded the Internet. Pornoinformery, Windows blockers and other vermin, which requires us to send sms. They pretend to be antivirus software, show a bunch of mythical infections, who settled in the computer and asked to send money urgently, threatening the destruction of the system.

This is pure bluff. They are very good anti-virus software, and the main sites of antivirus companies can find the code and destroy the enemy. Sending sms is often a blank shot, and in addition to resetting the account on the phone, nothing. Despite the fact that con artists take different approaches in their work, depending on the intellectual level of the victims, support and reliability they are the same weakness: greed, exhibitionism, infantile, and trust illiteracy. Journal of context. Context-tips

Russian Stone

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

leopard fur! And there is also a collection of "monitor lizard", which resembles a reptile's skin – it also allows the designer "Play with meanings" in the process of creating an unusual interior. On the other hand, the ceramics are successfully mimics the glass and steel, essential for the organization of space in the style of hi-tech. "Great deceiver" can be called gres. Incidentally, the very title – quite a Russian invention which has no relation to the Italian term. But it is very accurately conveys the features of this durable material. Unlike traditional tiles, which is a ceramic crock, drenched glaze, porcelain "bake" in mass under high pressure at the output product, is indeed very similar to natural stone. A subsequent treatment strengthens the resemblance. "Porcelain tiles can be subjected to the satin, – says Paul Kavalkou, manager of new product Kerama Marazzi, – is a form of polishing, the so-called" technology burnished.

As a result, processing of special brushes with diamond villi effect occurs matte, slightly 'aged' surface, which allows you to use it in the existing historical or in the neo-classical interiors, simulate natural stone. " Qualitative simulation can successfully address technological and aesthetic issues. "Natural" materials – says designer Anna Golubeva – often heavy and moody in the installation and maintenance, or simply can not be used in certain places. It is obvious that a tree or a paper is unlikely to last a long time in the bathroom, whatever treatments they were not subjected. But, let's create an interior logic requires it to, then modern tile is a reasonable compromise.