Cardboard Packaging

Lamination in the manufacture of cardboard packaging The term "masking" or "kashirovka" is derived from the German word 'kaschieren' – paste, duplicate, laminate. The process of laminating or bonding is stamping paper or cardboard coated with a picture of them to a more dense manner. Scope laminated cardboard Laminating widely used in the manufacture of hard thick cardboard. Infliction Images on this basis is carried out by flexographic or screen printing, but its quality leaves much to be desired. In the case where it is necessary to produce products with high quality printing image, resort to lamination, which provides superior print quality on heavy cardboard. It is generally used for production of POS-materials, children's educational games and books and, of course, various packaging, including gift. Beautiful laminated cardboard boxes are needed in various industries.

It is used for packing cosmetics, electrical appliances, clothes, shoes, dishes, as well as food and medicine. A separate say about a gift box, which was widely spread in modern life and allow you arrange any souvenir or mark of attention. Laminated packaging has a much more attractive appearance that positive effect on selling products in it. Companies and firms for which it is important to not only the quality of their products, but its design is already widely used in laminated packaging corrugated cardboard and. The ability to beautifully submit product is valued not only buyers of products, but companies and partners, and even their competitors. The process of laminating Lamination is carried out on an ad hoc laminating lines are usually equipped with electronic systems, process control.

This is a remote control and display, allowing control over the process at any stage. Depending on the size and specifications, the line allows the production of laminated cardboard in different sizes and thicknesses. Laminating technology includes six main stages or phases:-preparation materials – laying foundations and face layer (liner) in the section for submission of materials – combination (fitting) layers – the application of the adhesive composition on the basis of – pressing – will eat the finished product. If you use good-quality adhesives and equipment finished products obtained homogeneous coating with excellent adhesion to the substrate. Sometimes before lamination liner made of paper or varnished laminate is exposed – to protect the image from external influences. Laminating Laminating cardboard cardboard by the method described above, the surface turns out the most even and attractive. However, in the manufacture of packaging should be remembered that dampening properties of this material is significantly lower than corrugated cardboard. Therefore, in the manufacture of boxes for fragile items – dishes, appliances, gifts from glass and ceramics, alcoholic beverage production – necessary to use additional inserts, preserving items from external influences. Lamination in the manufacture of cardboard packaging – so far the only method of applying a full-color high-quality images on a tight basis. "Price-quality 'finished product is quite acceptable for most major manufacturers of various products. And if you remember a wise saying, "By their looks meet … ", for goods an important element in attracting visitors' attention, it is usually packed. And the most striking looks that masked packages.


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