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Gray Powell

Monday, November 30th, 2015

And they found a lot of interesting: the front camera, three Apple logo in different places, tightly sealed in a metal motherboard, which have not been able to open, about 50 screws, which were skrupleny numerous details Smartphone fitted to each other more abruptly than sprats in the bank:), as well as the battery takes up most of the inside of the gadget. That’s what was possible to learn about the new iPhone: * The screen resolution is much greater than that of 3GS, approximately 960 460. * There was front camera for video chats. Camera 5Mpx or steeper. * Flash. * Micro-sim instead of a sim-card. * Socket for external microphone. * Separate volume control buttons. * The buttons start, stop and adjust the microphone * volume made of metal. * Also changed the design a smartphone. * The back cover is now flat and not arched, butt phone is made of aluminum, the battery is more voluminous (19% more than 3GS), but the dimensions of the case were approximately the same as the previous model iPhone.

Installing Ubuntu

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

Now let’s put the linux cd and restart the computer. Attention: The PC must be configured to boot cd-rom first before the hard disk. If all goes well the computer boots from the Live-CD and displays the presentation. They must choose the option “Start or Install Ubuntu”. Take a moment to load the system from the CD and magically appear Ubuntu desktop. Once loaded you can use the system as installed estubiece, with some limitations of course. Also has to take into account that it is likely to feel sluggish, and not installed and reads from the CD, which once installed on disk is very fast. Enough? Well …

find the icon that says “Install” double click and begin the installation. 1. The first step is to choose the language. If the welcome screen chose Spanish, simply press forward (“forward”). Otherwise select “Spanish” in the list, and follow. 2.

The next thing is to choose the time zone. Just click on your area, and then the city. In the case of Argentina: Argentina and then click on over Buenos Aires. Easy! 😉 3. The next step is to choose the type of keyboard. If all goes well, and has a weird keyboard, you should already be selected. Make sure that this is so written in the text box that is in the bottom. Press some specific keys such as A ‘, and some symbols to make sure everything is where it should be. 4. Who are you? In the next step will ask you to install your data.

Time Factory

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

Why are profitable to buy a crossbow than make yourself. At this allowable to say so: the factory cold throwing weapons safe, reliable, practical and more effective. Secondly the material and manufacturing technology, far superior, and means to fairly durable orders of handicrafts. And if you have found equipment for working with metals, wood, etc, all the same, to hold a high-tech precision in the home conditions will not be real, plus material costs, plus we spent the time to turn you into a weighty striking penny than buying. All types of crossbows and bows are in the form of sports, and the means to evaluate the registration of police they did not fail, in this and more in the quietness of its strong dominance in front of a firearm. Why do you need this cold, throwing weapons. If you just shoot at targets near the lying, then yes, homemade well you will fit. But if you're a hunter and want to hunt hares, grouse, and another is not a big game, then crossbows modern hi-tech production will be you just needed..