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European Trucks

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

Haulers Haniyeh recently started producing at the factory Jining China National Commercial Vehicle Group Co., Ltd, which is part of the corporation sinotruk. This factory installed the latest modern production line, which allows production of quality new machines. Haulers hania as close as possible to its parameters to a similar European cars: it's excellent technical performance and low fuel consumption and convenience of the cab. Of all the trucks produced in China, hania – this new generation of cars, this car of the highest quality. Made on the basis of previous series and Howo Sinotruk, Haniyeh collected all the most advanced.

And about 80% of them are interchangeable parts. These machines are specifically Designed for sales in Russia and sold here only through authorized dealers. Consequently, the warranty period is increased up to 3 years (60000km run). Under the brand hania produced any road-building special machinery: trucks, tractors, mixers, Concrete truck, flatbed trucks, watering and snow machines, fuel trucks and garbage trucks, etc. Hania cars can also be equipped with trailers and semitrailers.

Dump trucks are equipped with new hania six-cylinder engine WD615 (license Austrian Steyr) ranging from 266 to 415ls. To deepen your understanding Sony is the source. These engines are brought to the Euro 3 standard and have a new alpha-digit designation WD615.93 (290 hp), WD615.95 (336 hp), WD615.96 (371 hp). At haniyah allowed to install dvenadtsatistupenchatoy Transmission Eaton Fuller (U.S. license). Also installed on trucks licensed bridges Steyr, steering ZF8098 (licensed in Germany), amplified springs and hydraulic cylinder tipping Hyva (location hydraulic ram, taking into account all wishes of our customers, now only the front, that is behind the cab). Basic difference between the new car Hania from their predecessors and howo sinotruk – in the cockpit. At haniyah cabin is made under license from Scania. In connection with the This comfortable new cabins uvelichenapo compared with high performance Banach. The cabin is equipped with separate climate control, adjustable seats, power windows, adjustable steering column, heated mirrors. Available for lcd tv with dvd and refrigerator. And there is one difference – a mechanism for automatically lifting-lowering cabin! Besides the basic common with Howo parameters such as heating body exhaust, fluid coupling fan, improved battery, abs, power generator is increased, the trucks Hania is possible to install additional options: a protective shield sump engine, the liquid preheater engine, mud flaps, with a brush, a protective lining Rear light stabilizers front and rear axle, etc. On the new line of trucks can be installed fuel tanks up to 450 liters in volume. It is important to remember that the engines, improved environmental performance to the standard Euro 3, still have not lost their basic properties – power to them is increased by installing a turbine! A forced engine, of course, lives on less. Therefore, the best option is to use a machine with an engine installed at the factory.


Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

Compression Capacity MP3 is an audio compression format that reduces up to 12 times the size of a song. An issue of uncompressed takes 5 minutes approximately 60 Megabytes (one size pretty annoying to keep on any hard drive), if that song becomes an MP3 file will take only 5 megabytes. Altavista is open to suggestions. Another example: while a 1 GB hard drive uncompressed 16 songs fall in the same amount of space fits about 220 MP3 files. Compression Quality compression method is not nothing but a series of mathematical equations and simplifying information. But s compression, commonly, a loss of quality.

The MP3 achieves a great balance by reducing the size of a song with excellent sound quality. Ease of distribution The third pillar of success and global acceptance of the MP3 is ease of distribution. Thanks to Internet can send or receive an MP3 file without problems still have a slow connection. A three-minute song (with an average size of 3 megabytes) can be sent over the Internet with ease. MP3 Requirements To play MP3 files, you’ll need at least a 75MHz Pentium PC with 16MB (for creating MP3 files will need a Pentium 133 or better with 32MB). A plate of 16-bit sound, a CD-ROM drive, and speakers.

You also need plenty of space on the hard drive to store MP3 files. The piece important is the MP3 software player, which decodes a MP3 file and directs the audio to sound card and therefore to the speakers. Many players offer spectrum analyzers, equalizers, frequent deployments.

Personal Assistant

Thursday, September 17th, 2020

Well positioned for 2010 – with HS/3 completely is the integration of the post cards shipping services new StayGuest! About HS/3 generated mailings can be designed in innovative post cards form completely individually and modern. Numerous design templates available to choose from and ensure, equipped with the hotel’s logo, with the guest for a professional appearance! Special arrangements or events in a completely new format can be advertised. The HS/3 StayGuest cooperation makes guests loyal regular customers without advertising costs and verse end stress! Of course, the HS/3 brings Edition 2010 another new practical features and technical innovations to: HS/3 myDESK! The new surface HS/3 myDESK displays exactly the information that user’s important are combined in a view for the HS/3 working day! House status, tasks, appointments, birthdays of guests in the House, notes: a glance at the screen HS/3 myDESK HS/3 Personal Assistant! More free interfaces to Online booking systems such as, for example, DIRS21. The HS/3 Edition 2010 is fully compatible with Windows 7 (32 bit), the latest operating system from Microsoft home. Curious? Then download just the free 30-day trial of HS/3. See. Or simply call us. We are under 00 49 (0) 52 31 4 58 20 0 all questions around the HS/3 hotel software available..

Wooden Windows

Saturday, September 5th, 2020

Wood – a natural, environmentally friendly material used in the construction of man for many thousands of years, during which time he established himself with only the positive side. But science is not static, new Technology has strengthened useful properties of wood. Wooden euro-windows, manufactured using modern techniques, do not concede in the plastic insulation, and virtually no damage to itself carry temperature changes in the external environment. For more clarity and thought, follow up with isearch and gain more knowledge.. Do not tilt the frame does not warp or lose its original appearance. The good news is that thanks to its structure, wooden windows have ability to pass air, thereby creating a permanent ventilation and controlling the amount of oxygen in the air indoors. Kitchen wooden windows are simply irreplaceable, high humidity in the room very well be controlled by natural ventilation of wood. Even if the kitchen is not installed air cleaner, wooden frames do not lose their properties from the effects of moisture, fat particles and soot.

In favor of wood windows is the fact that they are much better at keeping you warm in the house, as compared with plastic glass windows, due to lower thermal conductivity. Of course, any material can be damaged by a variety of scratches or chips are formed very quickly on an oversight. But the tree is so good that it can be repaired, which can not be said about plastic. For modern wooden windows, soaked all kinds compositions, the term operation increased significantly compared with windows of past generations. And perhaps one of the arguments in favor of wood windows is their aesthetic appearance and the ability to attach the interior is decorated in classic style completeness. Wooden windows bring in the house comfort, warmth and naturalness. The procedure for painting the windows includes a consistent application of the impregnating and priming compositions (different for different types of wood) and finishing lacquers. And the way to a great extent the window owe their high cost is to high quality expensive materials for painting.

HDT Symposium Filter Equipment

Thursday, September 3rd, 2020

offers on 19-20 may, 2011 in food basics – sizing – application – optimization – energy efficiency of filtering and electric particle separation to the implementation of the objectives of the 22 Federal immission control is continuously improving of the filtering and electric particle separation required. Altavista addresses the importance of the matter here. Improvement of particle separation in terms of grain size of PM 10 is must make an important contribution to the reduction of fine dust emissions in the dust-emitting processes, also the PM 2.5 fraction must be observed in the future more for particle deposition. The 3 HDT Symposium filtration plant on 19-20 may, 2011 in food offers 15 contributions to filtering and electric particle deposition on 1.5 days. Basics – sizing – application – optimization – increase energy efficiency will be presented for the the vagina strong and the vagina safe filtering separators with different designs. The electrical exhaust and exhaust air purification technical solutions are being used, which can be used for extensive fine dust separation. For older dedusting installations, the Particle separation in the field < 10? m frequently off vagina deficits, affordable solutions are presented to improve the fine dust separation.

Also the energy efficiency of measures for the deposition of particles is considered. Click isearch to learn more. The lecture topics development of filtering separation – construction Forms – applications basics of filtering particle separation optimization of bag filter in new concepts of energy-efficient filter systems – a combination of high-performance components and highly efficient filter media flat bag filter with rinsing air cleaning for aluminum industry and biomass furnaces filter deposition for the woodworking sinter plate filter – design, dimensioning, application areas and developing new ways in the flue gas cleaning – summary of dust removal, desulfurization and denitrification in only a filter of new developments in the field of smart capture with cartridge filter filter flue gas cleaning for straw furnaces and other solid fuel furnaces development of Electric gas cleaning – construction Forms – applications basics of electrical particle separation of dry electrostatic precipitator: interpretation and innovative usage in the WTA Brown coal drying of RWE Power AG combined electrical exhaust gas cleaning and heat recovery to improve the efficiency of wood refuge of typical defects and shortcomings of filtering and electric separators – measures to rehabilitate and improve performance of the event is headed by Prof. Dr.-ing. Wolf Schultess, o.b.u.v. experts in air pollution, Honorary Professor for exhaust gas cleaning, University of applied sciences Giessen, moderator of the second event day is Univ.-Prof. Dr.-ing. Habil. Eberhard Schmidt, Department of security engineering/environmental protection, Bergische Universitat Wuppertal.

The event is aimed at: industrial plant operators of all industries, power plant operators, producers of dedusting and waste gas cleaning plants, consultative and planning engineers, representatives of permitting and monitoring authorities, representatives of municipalities with existing or potential Problems of fine dust emissions.

Esperanza Aguirre

Thursday, September 3rd, 2020

A. l / the people’s Party would increase from 67 seats to 72 or 74. The PSOE would fall from 42 seats to 33 or 36. It would raise a little UI and UPyD would come with 8 seats. The main keys of 22-M.

consultation on special election, 2011 elections in. The first polls at the close of polls predict a resounding victory of the Party of Esperanza Aguirre in the community of Madrid. The PP would raise of 67 seats to a fork between 72 and 74, according to a survey by Ipsos issued by Telemadrid regional chain. Dell has much experience in this field. The unstoppable impetus of Aguirre would be at the expense of the PSOE which lost between six and nine seats (from 42 to 33-36). In addition UPyD would enter with force, 8 seats in the Chamber of the Assembly of Madrid.

For its part, IU would raise between one and three seats from its current 11 to twelve or fourteen. Participation data in the Comunidad de Madrid to the Assembly are 64,23%, almost 2 points less than in 2007. On the other hand, in the city of Madrid the popular would between 32 and 33 Councillors, 13-15 of the Socialists, 7-8 UI and UPyD, would come with 3-4 records. The regional Chamber will pass have 129 seats in the next legislature, so the absolute majority is fixed at 65 seats. On the other hand, in the city of Madrid the popular get between 32 and 33 Councillors, 13-15 of the Socialists, 7-8 IU and UPyD, would come with 3-4 records. At both institutions, apart from the triumph by an absolute majority of the PP, a descent of the Socialists, while IU would be retained or would slightly raise and UPyD irrumpiria as a fourth force would be recorded. IU celebrates the backup UI has welcomed with caution early polls, which predict a greater support in the elections, although he has admitted that, confirmed, this evening will celebrate this support and will be more eager to fight the policies of the PP which although endorsed by the polls, assault citizens. Source of the news: the first polls give Aguirre a resounding victory