Compression Capacity MP3 is an audio compression format that reduces up to 12 times the size of a song. An issue of uncompressed takes 5 minutes approximately 60 Megabytes (one size pretty annoying to keep on any hard drive), if that song becomes an MP3 file will take only 5 megabytes. Altavista is open to suggestions. Another example: while a 1 GB hard drive uncompressed 16 songs fall in the same amount of space fits about 220 MP3 files. Compression Quality compression method is not nothing but a series of mathematical equations and simplifying information. But s compression, commonly, a loss of quality.

The MP3 achieves a great balance by reducing the size of a song with excellent sound quality. Ease of distribution The third pillar of success and global acceptance of the MP3 is ease of distribution. Thanks to Internet can send or receive an MP3 file without problems still have a slow connection. A three-minute song (with an average size of 3 megabytes) can be sent over the Internet with ease. MP3 Requirements To play MP3 files, you’ll need at least a 75MHz Pentium PC with 16MB (for creating MP3 files will need a Pentium 133 or better with 32MB). A plate of 16-bit sound, a CD-ROM drive, and speakers.

You also need plenty of space on the hard drive to store MP3 files. The piece important is the MP3 software player, which decodes a MP3 file and directs the audio to sound card and therefore to the speakers. Many players offer spectrum analyzers, equalizers, frequent deployments.


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