Personal Assistant

Well positioned for 2010 – with HS/3 completely is the integration of the post cards shipping services new StayGuest! About HS/3 generated mailings can be designed in innovative post cards form completely individually and modern. Numerous design templates available to choose from and ensure, equipped with the hotel’s logo, with the guest for a professional appearance! Special arrangements or events in a completely new format can be advertised. The HS/3 StayGuest cooperation makes guests loyal regular customers without advertising costs and verse end stress! Of course, the HS/3 brings Edition 2010 another new practical features and technical innovations to: HS/3 myDESK! The new surface HS/3 myDESK displays exactly the information that user’s important are combined in a view for the HS/3 working day! House status, tasks, appointments, birthdays of guests in the House, notes: a glance at the screen HS/3 myDESK HS/3 Personal Assistant! More free interfaces to Online booking systems such as, for example, DIRS21. The HS/3 Edition 2010 is fully compatible with Windows 7 (32 bit), the latest operating system from Microsoft home. Curious? Then download just the free 30-day trial of HS/3. See. Or simply call us. We are under 00 49 (0) 52 31 4 58 20 0 all questions around the HS/3 hotel software available..

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