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Debt Collection Software

Monday, August 10th, 2015

The elunic media GmbH, full service performance Web Agency, published collection software as a Web application. Many small and medium-sized enterprises are often on the brink of ruin, if your debtor do not pay the claim the service work, because you can not pay, want or do so in a timely manner. “In large companies there are whole departments, which is demand management” deal. Often, this part, or certain claims on debt collection companies is outsourced. The collection of elunic media GmbH software makes it easier, to manage the demands quickly and effectively, and to recover even in the best case, accounting and even for people with smaller or medium-sized companies for debt collection. The developers of elunic have all legal requirements of Dunning being taken into account and incorporated these into your new Web-based software. The software is modular and suitable for companies and debt collection companies.

In other words the collection staff also your Commission automated review can, partial payment can entered mobile via smart-phone, see the editing booths of claims in real time can and much more. This software for all companies makes the modular, flexible extensibility and the perfect fit vote on existing processes, requiring customers to have and want to have these like to automate, more time for your important work. You can gain an initial overview and references under collection If you have any questions, you can reach a personal contact directly at 089 / 99829913 7 further information.

Center Extensive

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

The first one, cattle the intensive one, estmuito gift in the developed countries. It if it carries through with the job detcnicas modern and have reached raised incomes for hectare, of meat, milk and its derivatives. This activity is well visible in the Center-South of the country, sendoque in the Amaznia and north-eastern the predominance of the extensive one happens. Dasexplicaes for this can be the land availability and the price of them. NoCentro-south, which had not to have available lands and the price for hectare to be muitoalto, in comparison with the remaining portion of the country, if invests more in technology for intent aproduo of animals.

Already in the north-eastern Amaznia and, relative adisponibilidade of lands cause the reduction in the price for hectare, thus making possible, the cattle predominance of the extensive one. The investments emtecnologias for the increase of the production are low in these regions. Although these profits, the national flock of bovines vemaumentando considerably in recent years, therefore new socriadas 3 borders, mainly in the Amaznia. Another factor that concurs for this aumentodo flock national it is the genetic improvement of some species, as Nelore 4, for example. This improvement beyond aiming at a bigger yield, made possible a significant increase in the number of heads of this race, quepassa of 118 million in 1990, for little more than 159 million bovines em1996. It is important to stand out that this growth that was not the same for asoutras species that composes the Brazilian flock. In what they are mentioned to cattle the extensive one, the untied socriados animals and receive few cares. Therefore, a granderea for few animals is necessary, therefore they depend only on the natural vegetation for the seusustento. Of this form, cattle intensive and extensive temcontribudo for the increase of the Brazilian flock, mainly later daexpanso of this activity in direction the regions not yet inclusas in this modeloprodutivo.