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Crisis Management

Sunday, June 29th, 2014

We have spoken before an advertising campaign is not necessarily a solution to a crisis management. One of the communication tools could be used in any lobbying or advocacy, which is the ability to achieve a specific change in a government program or project. By: Oscar Rossignoli Director of We spoke before an advertising campaign is not necessarily a solution to a crisis management. One of the communication tools could be used in any lobbying or advocacy, which is the ability to achieve a specific change in a government program or project. Once I had to meet a crisis situation where the legislature of a country is preparing to issue a law that would affect production costs of a particular company (my client) had worked for many years with great success and generated a important source of direct and indirect jobs, besides the foreign exchange their exports leaving the public purse. Officials of the company fell into a panic as mentioned, the passage of this law, it would be practically giving the final blow to their operations, with the usual multimillion-dollar losses in various sectors of the enterprise itself and the national economy. When we analyze in depth the situation we conclude that the deputies did not act in bad faith, just do not have complete information about the scope of the issuance of this law. We also agreed that the communication tools used in our crisis-management strategy would be only two: 1.

News reporting the real scope of the situation and 2. A lobbying campaign or lobbying within sectors decision-makers within the government and the legislature. To carry out the lobbying campaign or lobbying success likely to follow the following criteria: 1. Type of problem (political, social, economic, administrative or legal). 2. Institutions that were related to the subject matter, and 3.

Working Agenda legislative periods, the hearings and tours of staff for a schedule. We maintain a full week of news in the media reporting the most influential of the advantages and disadvantages of the issuance of this law, with views very well supported by various opinion leaders that gave strength and credibility to information. On the other hand, we hired someone who became a lobbyist, who undertook to inform state officials and, in this way, seek to influence several actors with great power of decision. The company produced, in this way, valuable and credible information that will support their decisions. Groups interested in getting the issue of the law also worked in their positions, we seek to set the agenda of public debate and the result was that the law was not issued as planned but through the actions we perform softened so that did not affect the operations of my client. The lobbying activity is widely used to influence congresses and parliaments, governments in the approval, issuance, repeal or amendment of laws. To receive fortnightly articles and resources in your email about crisis management, subscribe for free from this link, or copy and paste it into your browser, subscribe to and start getting our newsletter today.

Computer Cable TV

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

Today? It is very easy for anyone to watch free TV from your PC or Laptop. All you really need is a type of software together with a good quality internet broadband connection. Once you have this then you will see more than 2, 000 different channels of satellite TV from around the world in a few minutes. No doubt there are many advantages for people who want to watch satellite TV on your PC. 1. In the first place is totally free and once you have purchased the program you will never have another fee to pay such as monthly bills or hidden fees that some companies can hide. 2. You don’t buy any additional hardware and equipment for your laptop or PC.

All you have to do is have a connection to the internet. You also need to download satellite TV software and install it. 3. Once this software installed on your PC, then has the option of watching TV through a satellite. You have to choose between 2, 000-3000 channels.

You can view different series, sports, news, cartoons, music and listen through the program radio stations. 4. Instead of buying their children a new television for your bedroom or game room, you can save that money just purchase and install satellite TV software on your computer. Once you have downloaded and installed the software on your computer, you can access TV programs wherever you are. Outside House for business or vacation. So if the children are bored while waiting the flight, and you can find an internet connection point in the airport, you will then see something while waiting. 5. This is another advantage of watch TV in your computer for free. If there are channels in particular that you want to view, the software allows to save them to a list of favorites. Then all you need to do is go to Favorites and select the channel which you want to view.

Repair Washing Machines

Friday, June 6th, 2014

The benefits of civilization have become commonplace in our everyday lives. The sharper we perceive the breakdown of home appliances and related inconveniences. One of the essential things of our everyday life – a refrigerator. Experts argue that when properly handled refrigerator can last 15-20 years. But this term does not exclude that during this time will have to consult specialists to carry out repairs refrigerators. Refrigerator – rather undemanding technique, and efficiency of its use does not diminish even his ignorance of the user's machine. A majority of the damage occurs it is the fault of the user.

Failure of the device can be a serious problem for the modern citizen. And in the summer, when the products are very perishable – a disaster. Calling on all-day telephone service "Rus" (646-68-55), you can make repairs washing machines, repair dishwashers and refrigerators at home, and ordered the necessary parts. If not a serious breakdown, the specialist will repair refrigerator for 2 -3 hours. And the cost of its services will be much smaller amount than the purchase of new equipment.

For example, such a service as a replacement thermostat costs around 800 rubles. But there are times when you need 2-3 days of work in the studio, to eliminate the damage (eg, replacing the cabinet). Of course, you can try to solve the problem themselves, but safer to use by, or at least consult the master. He rightly tells you whether to do repairs or do better to buy a new device. K example, if in an old refrigerator replaced the evaporator, it will probably need to be replaced and the motor. Therefore, more rational and more enjoyable to buy a new one. Repair of refrigerators manufacturers such as Electrolux or Ariston, which produce expensive and complex products, will be slightly more expensive than the repair of domestic appliances. Refrigerators these brands, no doubt, the quality, but because of the diversity of modes of operation are more complex and require competent treatment. Today, in reigning everywhere century technology, constantly appear increasingly sophisticated and compact devices. For example, cool boxes. But with no special level of training, it is better not to risk it in case of malfunction. You always will give practical help and our certified specialists.