Repair Washing Machines

The benefits of civilization have become commonplace in our everyday lives. The sharper we perceive the breakdown of home appliances and related inconveniences. One of the essential things of our everyday life – a refrigerator. Experts argue that when properly handled refrigerator can last 15-20 years. But this term does not exclude that during this time will have to consult specialists to carry out repairs refrigerators. Refrigerator – rather undemanding technique, and efficiency of its use does not diminish even his ignorance of the user's machine. A majority of the damage occurs it is the fault of the user.

Failure of the device can be a serious problem for the modern citizen. And in the summer, when the products are very perishable – a disaster. Calling on all-day telephone service "Rus" (646-68-55), you can make repairs washing machines, repair dishwashers and refrigerators at home, and ordered the necessary parts. If not a serious breakdown, the specialist will repair refrigerator for 2 -3 hours. And the cost of its services will be much smaller amount than the purchase of new equipment.

For example, such a service as a replacement thermostat costs around 800 rubles. But there are times when you need 2-3 days of work in the studio, to eliminate the damage (eg, replacing the cabinet). Of course, you can try to solve the problem themselves, but safer to use by, or at least consult the master. He rightly tells you whether to do repairs or do better to buy a new device. K example, if in an old refrigerator replaced the evaporator, it will probably need to be replaced and the motor. Therefore, more rational and more enjoyable to buy a new one. Repair of refrigerators manufacturers such as Electrolux or Ariston, which produce expensive and complex products, will be slightly more expensive than the repair of domestic appliances. Refrigerators these brands, no doubt, the quality, but because of the diversity of modes of operation are more complex and require competent treatment. Today, in reigning everywhere century technology, constantly appear increasingly sophisticated and compact devices. For example, cool boxes. But with no special level of training, it is better not to risk it in case of malfunction. You always will give practical help and our certified specialists.


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