HDT Symposium Filter Equipment

offers on 19-20 may, 2011 in food basics – sizing – application – optimization – energy efficiency of filtering and electric particle separation to the implementation of the objectives of the 22 Federal immission control is continuously improving of the filtering and electric particle separation required. Altavista addresses the importance of the matter here. Improvement of particle separation in terms of grain size of PM 10 is must make an important contribution to the reduction of fine dust emissions in the dust-emitting processes, also the PM 2.5 fraction must be observed in the future more for particle deposition. The 3 HDT Symposium filtration plant on 19-20 may, 2011 in food offers 15 contributions to filtering and electric particle deposition on 1.5 days. Basics – sizing – application – optimization – increase energy efficiency will be presented for the the vagina strong and the vagina safe filtering separators with different designs. The electrical exhaust and exhaust air purification technical solutions are being used, which can be used for extensive fine dust separation. For older dedusting installations, the Particle separation in the field < 10? m frequently off vagina deficits, affordable solutions are presented to improve the fine dust separation.

Also the energy efficiency of measures for the deposition of particles is considered. Click isearch to learn more. The lecture topics development of filtering separation – construction Forms – applications basics of filtering particle separation optimization of bag filter in new concepts of energy-efficient filter systems – a combination of high-performance components and highly efficient filter media flat bag filter with rinsing air cleaning for aluminum industry and biomass furnaces filter deposition for the woodworking sinter plate filter – design, dimensioning, application areas and developing new ways in the flue gas cleaning – summary of dust removal, desulfurization and denitrification in only a filter of new developments in the field of smart capture with cartridge filter filter flue gas cleaning for straw furnaces and other solid fuel furnaces development of Electric gas cleaning – construction Forms – applications basics of electrical particle separation of dry electrostatic precipitator: interpretation and innovative usage in the WTA Brown coal drying of RWE Power AG combined electrical exhaust gas cleaning and heat recovery to improve the efficiency of wood refuge of typical defects and shortcomings of filtering and electric separators – measures to rehabilitate and improve performance of the event is headed by Prof. Dr.-ing. Wolf Schultess, o.b.u.v. experts in air pollution, Honorary Professor for exhaust gas cleaning, University of applied sciences Giessen, moderator of the second event day is Univ.-Prof. Dr.-ing. Habil. Eberhard Schmidt, Department of security engineering/environmental protection, Bergische Universitat Wuppertal.

The event is aimed at: industrial plant operators of all industries, power plant operators, producers of dedusting and waste gas cleaning plants, consultative and planning engineers, representatives of permitting and monitoring authorities, representatives of municipalities with existing or potential Problems of fine dust emissions.


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