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Metal Doors

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Nowadays, technology manufacturing doors are developing rapidly, and high-quality wood door is almost equal to a metal door, but still in some cases, metal doors are much more convenient and practical. Metal doors – this strength is well known that the metal doors of even minimal configuration ensures sufficient protection against intrusion. Consolidating them a little more and provide quality lock You can be sure that your home does not penetrate even after the explosion and burglary attempts. And all thanks to the fact that for the manufacture of fabrics such doors used Super-metal thickness of not less than 3 mm. Double door (with plates welded on both sides) are well protected from the cold. In contrast to the wooden construction of metal doors is that the fabric is dense (and often overlapping) adjacent to the frame, thus isolating the premises and virtually eliminating third-party sounds, smells and drafts. Number of locks that are installed on metal doors, must be at least two: one lock significantly reduces its protective properties. Specialists recommend a metal door locks installed several types, such as cylindrical and lever. Metal doors special rooms in need of special protection, supplying the same: complex multilevel system of lock (mechanical locks of different types with different spacer systems, electromechanical locks – stealth, night latch, etc.), armored plates and plates to protect the locks alarm system, electronic access control. As a result, you get a perfectly sheltered from the cold, wind, noise, housing and durable, resistant to breaking and entering the metal doors.

Russian Stone

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

leopard fur! And there is also a collection of "monitor lizard", which resembles a reptile's skin – it also allows the designer "Play with meanings" in the process of creating an unusual interior. On the other hand, the ceramics are successfully mimics the glass and steel, essential for the organization of space in the style of hi-tech. "Great deceiver" can be called gres. Incidentally, the very title – quite a Russian invention which has no relation to the Italian term. But it is very accurately conveys the features of this durable material. Unlike traditional tiles, which is a ceramic crock, drenched glaze, porcelain "bake" in mass under high pressure at the output product, is indeed very similar to natural stone. A subsequent treatment strengthens the resemblance. "Porcelain tiles can be subjected to the satin, – says Paul Kavalkou, manager of new product Kerama Marazzi, – is a form of polishing, the so-called" technology burnished.

As a result, processing of special brushes with diamond villi effect occurs matte, slightly 'aged' surface, which allows you to use it in the existing historical or in the neo-classical interiors, simulate natural stone. " Qualitative simulation can successfully address technological and aesthetic issues. "Natural" materials – says designer Anna Golubeva – often heavy and moody in the installation and maintenance, or simply can not be used in certain places. It is obvious that a tree or a paper is unlikely to last a long time in the bathroom, whatever treatments they were not subjected. But, let's create an interior logic requires it to, then modern tile is a reasonable compromise.