Doors: Types & Manufacturers

There are five bases for the classification of the door: the style, materials used, method of opening, number of valves, the design canvas. Today you can buy interior doors made in any style: classical, modern, oriental, country, ethnic, high-tech, pop art, etc. The enumeration is endless. For doors used by a variety of materials: wood (array, veneer, plywood, etc.), metal – in sheets or profiles, wood-based panels (particleboard, fiberboard, MDF), glass, etc. The most common one design combines several kinds of materials. By way of opening doors are divided into folding, sliding and folding.

The first most common, but not always convenient, because they require space to open the canvas. Separate species hinged doors – swing. They open in any direction. On the number of leaflets distinguish one-, two-and mnogostvorchatye door., the classification of design canvases are two basic types of internal doors. It is framed and panel models. Manufacturers of doors in the Russian market, in addition to domestic, presented a lot of foreign, primarily European factories for the manufacture of doors. In the models from different countries have their own peculiarities. In Italy, produce doors in all styles and from almost all the available materials.

But the cost of their always high, as factories to engage the famous designers, invest in upgrading technology. Some Italian doors are made with hand labor. From Spain our country is usually driven by the door in the classic style – from solid wood and veneer (often precious breeds). These models are richly decorated and luxurious look, while their cost is not too high. From the Finnish and Swedish products by our buyers demand door mid-and economy classes. They are characterized by so beloved by many Scandinavian style – simple and functional. Domestic door can be any – as a very cheap and superexpensive. It all depends on what factory or workshop engaged in their manufacture.

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