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However, he retained the post of Chairman of the Board and personally involved in the discussion of all important issues. In 1996, the company began expansion abroad. In just two years, a network of branches, some of which later became separate entities. Today, child or dependent companies Motovario Group is represented in Austria, Britain, Germany, Denmark, France, Spain, Sweden and, of course, in the U.S. and China. Four subsidiaries of the company opened in Italy. In other countries Motovario operates through a network authorized regional dealers. In 1998 Motovario absorbs its indirect competitors – Spaggiari Trassmissioni, one of the largest manufacturers of CVTs and other components of the drive train in northern Italy, and became the second largest national manufacturer of gearbox technology after Bonfiglioli.

In the segment variator and motor-variator Motovario over 50% of the Italian market. The effect of the transaction exceeded the most optimistic forecasts, and allowed company to complete the modernization of production facilities. Learn more on the subject from technology investor. Motovario plant in Formidzhine can serve as a model of modern engineering enterprise – production is fully automated and operated minimum number of personnel. This not only significantly reduce labor costs, and improve product quality at the expense of computer diagnosis of process operations. For example, two fully automated production line of worm gear units with a capacity of 7000 gearboxes a day are served by only two interchangeable engineers, with rejection rate of less than 0.001%.

Other means Automation can be attributed robotic assembly line for production of electric motors, gear-cutting completely automated systems, grinding and grinding machines, integrated line of coloring and drying finished products, the laser scan control movements of individual components within and across technology areas, two fully-automated warehouse for finished products. A special pride of managers Motovario – system Delivery just-in-time, when the supply of components on an assembly line going on "with wheels", bypassing the warehouse of spare parts. All products are subject to mandatory testing Motovario at all stages of production. In service performed warranty, post warranty and scheduled maintenance of equipment and components. The works are performed by qualified personnel using modern equipment and spare parts. The product line includes a variable speed Motovario, helical gearboxes, bevel and worm gears and electric motors in various versions and configuration. The company's engineers can develop, if necessary, and manufacture gear mechanism for an individual project in accordance with customers' specifications. "Equipment: Market, supply, prices November 11, 2006

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