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Artistic Cast Iron

Sunday, May 19th, 2024

It would seem – cast iron … Which immediately raises the notion of objects made of iron? Cast iron or cast-iron pot – a metal pot, cooking utensils, has nothing in common with the work of art in metal, cast-iron sewer pipes. But a half century ago at the World Exhibition in Paris, art products made of cast iron was surprised by its elegance and beauty – watch-chain, weighing only 20 grams of something, bracelet, consisting of 100 units, a miniature sculpture, cast-iron lace dishes … Cast Iron – is smelted iron from ore mixed with carbon, more fragile and less malleable than steel. Sandra Akmansoy is actively involved in the matter. However, it would seem rude material can be cast real aesthetic masterpieces. Artistic cast iron – too versatile work. This lot is not only the master of casting. Little cast on some models of the product.

Without ownership chased art caster is not a work of art. Cast iron sculpture, or other product will be dead without touching the check, without decoration. In general, production technology art objects made of cast iron is almost similar to the creation of products from other metals and alloys – from the same bronze, brass, silumin, silver and gold. Master of Arts must have the ability to cast molding embossing and decoration, as founder – and that's coiner, and decorator. To implement his plan, to elect the appropriate form for any foundry work. Shaping – also great art. Since forming, in fact, started the whole complicated process of product development.

Investment ring is made in the same way as with other types of casting (metal square or rectangle with the walls of the necessary height.) Wax or bronze zaformovyvayut model in sand-clay mixture in the flask with the sprue and riser. Next to the already known technology. If the sculpture is of complex shape, then it is collected from several flasks. The complexity of molding is to Plural model surface with protrusions and recesses may split into fewer parts zaformovki – this largely depends on the quality of casting products. Multi-figure compositions are cast parts, and then compose the group. As already mentioned, the casting needs prochekanivanii. Prochekanivanie smooths the surface, removing unnecessary protrusions and depressions, and forming a relief products, giving precise details, the general outline. It is the harmony of detail and the solution composition as a whole do foundry work expressive. Of a complete product gives it color. Certain color is organically connected with the peculiarities of material, its plastic and color features. The perfect color – a fine art. In short, the master art of casting – and it moulder and caster, and engraver, and a specialist in color, and even a sculptor. All these specialization combines real masters – the artists on the metal. Today is being developed and this kind of cast iron, as iron architectural moldings – Landscaping products. This is a cast-iron garden furniture fences for houses, trellises, columns, bowline and other attributes of landscape architecture. These items are cast parts, which allows an individual to produce their own master.


Thursday, February 8th, 2024

Gate – an important element of any interior surrounded by a fence construction. Connect with other leaders such as here. This, if you want a business card holder of the building. Click Bobby Sharma Bluestone to learn more. You really do not care what it looks like your business card? Therefore, choosing a brand (Producer) automation for gates of your business, office, cottage, garage, first of all pay attention to the proposals of large companies that produce the entire series of drives (sliding, swing, tilt-up and sectional doors), and several models of drives for one type of gate. With this approach, you end up with one transmitter and be able to open garage and entrance gates, and even include coverage of the yard of his suburban home. The gate entrance gate are sliding (sliding) and swing. For a country house the most convenient sliding doors. Their advantages are: – First, they open the fence and therefore do not take up much space – and secondly, in some models is a function of "pedestrian stop", when for pedestrians simply do not fully close the gate – and thirdly, more impact-resistant sliding doors, swing than (With direct blow).

Disadvantages sliding gate – the gate and the high cost of installation – specific requirements for the positioning of the gate, especially in winter – the high cost of repairs. The high cost is due to the gate direct high rigidity and high-quality components (the carriage with rollers, guide rails, traps, etc.). The cost of quality components can be up to $ 1,000 and above. The high cost of construction works associated mainly with the quality and depth concreting bearing pillars and solid mount components.

Motovario Group

Thursday, January 10th, 2019

However, he retained the post of Chairman of the Board and personally involved in the discussion of all important issues. In 1996, the company began expansion abroad. In just two years, a network of branches, some of which later became separate entities. Today, child or dependent companies Motovario Group is represented in Austria, Britain, Germany, Denmark, France, Spain, Sweden and, of course, in the U.S. and China. Four subsidiaries of the company opened in Italy. In other countries Motovario operates through a network authorized regional dealers. In 1998 Motovario absorbs its indirect competitors – Spaggiari Trassmissioni, one of the largest manufacturers of CVTs and other components of the drive train in northern Italy, and became the second largest national manufacturer of gearbox technology after Bonfiglioli.

In the segment variator and motor-variator Motovario over 50% of the Italian market. The effect of the transaction exceeded the most optimistic forecasts, and allowed company to complete the modernization of production facilities. Learn more on the subject from technology investor. Motovario plant in Formidzhine can serve as a model of modern engineering enterprise – production is fully automated and operated minimum number of personnel. This not only significantly reduce labor costs, and improve product quality at the expense of computer diagnosis of process operations. For example, two fully automated production line of worm gear units with a capacity of 7000 gearboxes a day are served by only two interchangeable engineers, with rejection rate of less than 0.001%.

Other means Automation can be attributed robotic assembly line for production of electric motors, gear-cutting completely automated systems, grinding and grinding machines, integrated line of coloring and drying finished products, the laser scan control movements of individual components within and across technology areas, two fully-automated warehouse for finished products. A special pride of managers Motovario – system Delivery just-in-time, when the supply of components on an assembly line going on "with wheels", bypassing the warehouse of spare parts. All products are subject to mandatory testing Motovario at all stages of production. In service performed warranty, post warranty and scheduled maintenance of equipment and components. The works are performed by qualified personnel using modern equipment and spare parts. The product line includes a variable speed Motovario, helical gearboxes, bevel and worm gears and electric motors in various versions and configuration. The company's engineers can develop, if necessary, and manufacture gear mechanism for an individual project in accordance with customers' specifications. "Equipment: Market, supply, prices November 11, 2006

Hammer Control

Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

In this article, piling hammers zakanchvaetsya theme with a remote control firms Menck. Control of the hammer is performed with the console, mounted in the cabin hoisting installation or directly at drive hydroelectric plant. Console – the computer, the indicators are recorded and hammer raspechatyvayutya. Remote push-button switch allows for remote control hydraulic hammer. Rental of construction equipment – a tractor with a hydraulic hammer – it is possible in "the Golden Age." Start and stop hammer, causing a single blow to the pile or continuous operation at the selected height hammer lift the hammer, the choice of the desired impact energy, the change of liquid flow. Recorder remote control captures and prints the information, the energy of the last strike, the total energy of shocks transmitted by the pile; frequency of strikes hammer, the hammer position, lift the hammer when applied to the pile last blow (to determine the actual carrying capacity of the pile) the total number of blows inflicted on the pile, breaker, total time of immersion piles, oil pressure, the location of the solenoid valve, notice errors with their descriptions.

If necessary, control can provide a listing of general information concerning pile foundation project, the date and time of day. After the application of a hydraulic hammer blows of every ten can be recorded and printed on time, a sequence number attack, the number of beats per minute, lift the hammer and impact energy. After each dive the pile 25 cm can be recorded and printed out the total number of strikes and punches to the total energy of this segment dive piles (sensing). The control system provided predohoranitelnye device fixing malfunctioning breaker. Thus, if the hammer to install the pile helmet does not rely on head piles, hammer not put on the helmet or wooden Shock headgear fell too low relative to the housing headgear, the hammer is automatically disabled and can not be started until the above violations. If you exceed the permissible height the shock of the jump is automatically set to the optimum height. Previous article: "Piling hammers with remote electronic controls company Menck. Part 1 "and" piling hammers with remote Electronically-controlled firms Menck. Part 2. "

BWI System

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

Mount technology protection with rodent systems (OZDS) is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Despite the minimum of equipment OZDS, which consists of three elements: the BPI (OZDS M-1), BWI (OZDS M-2) and EB (OZDS M-3), marriage, even a small installation can bring to a denial of the overall system performance. What could cause this? The most common mistake when installing – it's lack of attention to any connections to network cabling. All necessary connections should be made on the terminal, stranding allowed. The fact is that security and safety systems deratization 80-85% are installed in basements, where in autumn and spring periods there is increased humidity.

Twist, even if they and the 'hidden' in the 'sealed' boxes susceptible to oxidation. In this case, the system honestly works a year and a half, and when the warranty period for the installation over, here it is, and 'surprise' for the HOA, or death metal. Viacom has similar goals. They often fail basic blocks BPI – the most expensive element in the system. The second error during installation associated with the installation of the barrier element (BE). Output terminal block gain (STB), terminal and linear conductor element of the barrier should be located so as to avoid any direct contact with concrete or metal. Compliance with these rules is necessary to ensure proper operation OZDS because these elements are constantly under the influence of high-voltage pulses in the case of contact or presence in immediate vicinity of the conductive elements, there is a high-voltage breakdown, disruptive OZDS.

Enterprise Products

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

Our cement plant mainly contains cement mill, cement rotary kiln and etc, which are the key equipments to assemble large-scale cement production line, they mainly used in the mass production of building materials like cement, concrete, and etc. Concrete, the general term of integral engineering material composition, formado por aggregate glue. Generally speaking, by proportionally mixing with cement as cementing material, sand, stone as aggregate and water (with or without admixtures and additive), after mixing, molding, and conserving, it can get the concrete, also known as ordinary concrete, which is widely used in civil engineering. Rotary kiln is also called rotary calcining kiln, it belongs to building material equipment, and can be divided into cement kiln, metallurgy chemical kiln and lime rotary kiln according to different materials. According to the exterior, rotary kiln can be pided into altered diameter rotary kiln and drift diameter rotary kiln; According to the usage, it can be pided into cement rotary kiln, clay-grain rotary kiln, rotary kiln kaoline, lime rotary kiln; According to energy supply, it can be pided into rotary kiln gas, Coal-fired rotary kiln and Mixed fuel rotary kiln. 1 The technical performance and running situation of rotary kiln, to a great extent, decides the quality, quantity and cost of Enterprise Products.

If there is big kiln turning, there is a million. This folk rhyme is a vivid description of the importance of rotary kiln in production process. Connect with other leaders such as Pete Cashmore here. 2 As to the application of rotary kiln, the cement industry owns the most numerous rotary kilns in production. The whole cement process flow can be generalized as Two Whet A Burn. To burn refers to the process flow that calcining grinded raw materials to under the high temperature of rotary kiln clinker.

So, rotary kiln is the host machine in cement production, it usually called as the heart of cement plant. 3 In building material industry, besides cement clinker, rotary kiln is also used to calcined clay, limestone, and drying slag; in the producing of Jose materials, raw materials by rotary kiln calcined has the features of stable size, strength, and easy to reshaping increaser. 4 In chemical industry, rotary kiln is used to produce soda, calcine phosphatic fertilizer and barium sulphide. In the 1960 s, the American Lapple invented the new technology to produce phosphoric acid with rotary kiln. This new technology has the advantages of low energy consumption, low electric power consumption, none sulfuric acid and can use low grade phosphorite. Rotary dryer is used to remove moisture from material using hot gas to heat the feed material and to evaporate the water. Rotary Dryers are suitable for drying a wide range of materials continuously because of its ability to process material having considerable variation in size and composition. Rotary dryer is mainly for dealing with material in large quantities. As reliable operation, operating flexibility, adaptability and large capacity, this dryer is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, food, light industry, chemical industry, coal, medicine and mining industries. It plays a significant and non-substitutable role in these industries.


Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

You may use the computer capabilities focusing on specific terms, using different fonts headset (italic, size, fat content). The quality of printed text, illustrations and tables should satisfy the requirement of a clear reproduction. Necessary to comply with a uniform density, contrast and clarity of text, charts, tables and figures throughout the paper. Lines, letters, numbers and symbols must be clear. Typos, typos and inaccuracies graphics found when the report is allowed to correct erasures or brushing white paint, with drawing in the same place the corrected text (graphic) typed way or ink, paste or ink – handwritten method. Damage to the sheets of text, blots and traces are not completely delete previous text (graphics) are not allowed. Pete Cashmore: the source for more info. The number of patches on one sheet – no more than three. The names, names of institutions, organizations, and other proper nouns in the text are given in the original language.

Allowed to transliterate their own names and put them in the Russian translation with the addition of brackets (first occurrence) of the original text. Pages of the numbers should be Arabic numerals, numbered consecutively observing the full text. Putting a page number at the bottom center of the sheet without a point. The title page is included in the unnumbered pages of work. Page number on the front page are not listed.

Illustrations and tables on separate sheets, included in the unnumbered pages of work. Sheets A3 include unnumbered pages of work counted as a sheet and placed in an appendix. Illustrations and tables on sheets of A4 less glued to a sheet of A4. Every structural part of the thesis (Abstract, contents, introduction, conclusion, a list of references and applications) should be separated from subsequent text by the two single-spaced, and the names of structural elements – the writing center, and capital letters. The bulk of the work should be divided into sections, subsections and paragraphs.

Quilting Complit

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

First of all it is worth noting that 2325 is intended for quilting, and all of his 60 operations, has minimal sewing. Ergonomics machines let us down … Here, to be honest, QS separates “the abyss” of the other two participants. Illumination as incandescent bulbs, the inability to sew without the foot pedals, the absence of light-weight bobbin, weakly informative display, similar to the ancient cash register – it’s certainly clear cons of this unit. The choice of operation is generally enough, by pressing a button, for example, 15 times, if you want 15 line. Mark is necessary and that all functionality is divided into 4 groups, respectively, and 4 buttons that do not greatly facilitates the choice of operation. Read additional details here: Ali Partovi.

In fairness, it is necessary to note that the device has a good adviser and an automatic sewing thread tension, which at first glance looks comfortable. Also included is an upper conveyor to feed the best ‘materials of concern. ” Well, let’s continue the comparison is on the range! Draw a couple of tests: Test number 1: “In direct line,” Condition: straight line on the same thread tension, materials and the length of the stitch. We put the tension to “4”, stitch length to “2.5” and take the jersey material. Results: Bernina right, but not much noticeable ‘Christmas tree’. Interweaving the upper and lower thread – where necessary.

Chetverochka “interference fit”. Brother has done a good line, good interplay within the material. I say nothing. That’s five! Dzhanome gave barely visible ‘Christmas tree’, but disaster struck with the tension. Let’s try an automatic tension, since we have it. Outcome: not the best option, frankly, not very useful thing. This “three points”, should work with natyazheniem.Test number 2: “tasseling loop with a peephole” Terms: tasseling identical loops. Results: Bernina did not bad on the geometry, but weak loop, it just started buttonhole “zigzagged”. Well, so to speak – a strong “middling”. Brother has done a beautiful and strong loop, due to the fact that initially paved the machine straight stitch, and then they obmetala. Explicit “fad NV. Dzhanome. Frankly, the geometry is not very, not the best eye, and on the strength of it is the same as that of Burnett. The result was not impressed. Conclusion: Bernina and Brother struggled hard, Dzhanome obviously fell out of the tight competition, but this have an excuse, still, it’s more expensive option. But with the championship not the most light-hearted give Brother, even though it loses in functionality, but the quality of lines “outplayed” by Bernini.

International Conference

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Moreover, in the early stages the most promising application of a 40% solution as an additive in polystyrene mixture in an amount up to 2% by weight of polystyrene, thus achieving a reduction in consumption of liquid glass in 2 times, increase the strength of the mixture in dried state at 8-10. But in this case we find that the positive effect that These mixtures are legkovybivaemymi, upon heating above 300 C, they can easily spill out of the cavities of the casting, sand cores made. Thus, by adjusting in the range of 1-2% of this additive, engineer-founder gets gamut legkovybivaemyh mixtures for various conditions of casting (mass casting a rod, a kind of alloy), the competitive strength of resin. A design for recycling polystyrene foam technology by dissolving the gum in turpentine obtained data show a very wonderful opportunity to compaction. According to the table in one unit (46 cm3) of 40% solution is placed 19.14 volume units (880.5 cm3) of waste polystyrene foam, and with respect to source 30 cm3 of solvent that the volume of waste more time in 29.35. Questions or References 1.

O. Shinskij, V. Doroshenko, A. Striuczenko, J. Ladarieva. Recykling polistyrenu piankowego / / Recykling. (Miesiecznik ogolnopolski. Poznan) – 2008 .- 1 – P.28-29 2.

IV International Conference "Replast 2007. Recycling of plastics. " Moscow. 3. Bedrik BG, Chulov PV, Kalashnikov, SI Solvents and cleaning compounds for machinery: A Handbook. – Moscow: Khimiya, 1989.-176 with. 4. Shinsky O.Y., Terlkovsky .V., Stryuchenko AA, that n. Dekle. U.S. Pat. Ukraine 9003 vd 15.09.2005. Zastosuvannya gum turpentine for yak rozchinnika vdhodv pnopolstirolu. Bull. 9. 5. Shinsky O.Y., Naydek VL Stryuchenko AA, that n. U.S. Pat. Ukraine 77 338. Polstirolne zv'yazuyuche for vigotovlennya livarnih forms that sterzhnv – publ. 15.11.2006, Bull. 11. 6. Shinsky OI Doroshenko, VS, AA Stryuchenko Sand mixture, based on polystyrene for molds and cores with higher crude compressive strength. Casting the 2008 Abstracts. Reports .- K. editors of "casting process", 2008. – S.193 – 194.