BWI System

Mount technology protection with rodent systems (OZDS) is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Despite the minimum of equipment OZDS, which consists of three elements: the BPI (OZDS M-1), BWI (OZDS M-2) and EB (OZDS M-3), marriage, even a small installation can bring to a denial of the overall system performance. What could cause this? The most common mistake when installing – it's lack of attention to any connections to network cabling. All necessary connections should be made on the terminal, stranding allowed. The fact is that security and safety systems deratization 80-85% are installed in basements, where in autumn and spring periods there is increased humidity.

Twist, even if they and the 'hidden' in the 'sealed' boxes susceptible to oxidation. In this case, the system honestly works a year and a half, and when the warranty period for the installation over, here it is, and 'surprise' for the HOA, or death metal. Viacom has similar goals. They often fail basic blocks BPI – the most expensive element in the system. The second error during installation associated with the installation of the barrier element (BE). Output terminal block gain (STB), terminal and linear conductor element of the barrier should be located so as to avoid any direct contact with concrete or metal. Compliance with these rules is necessary to ensure proper operation OZDS because these elements are constantly under the influence of high-voltage pulses in the case of contact or presence in immediate vicinity of the conductive elements, there is a high-voltage breakdown, disruptive OZDS.

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